They happen EVERYWHERE (even in rural areas where home invaders know that there’s no one around to hear your screams).
You look out and notice that you don’t see any little girl, but you DO notice one man standing on your porch you catch a glimpse of another one running to your back door for a sneak attack from the rear.
But a home invasion requires tactical thinking BEYOND just the point and shoot reaction many gun owners have instilled in themselves from typical range training. First, you don’t know what these guys are going to do or even how many of them there are. You know you have an attacker at the front and at the back and in your adrenalized state, your peripheral vision goes to hell in a handbasket. You have family in diffent areas of the house and no time to take a firing position AND coral them to safety. Assuming you have those you love with you, don’t be one of the idiots who puts on his cape and decides to go take the fight to the guys invading your home. Hunker down in a corner to the opposite side of the opening of the door so you have maximum time to make a shooting decision and are the last thing the home invaders see when busting in.
This new home invasion training package is taking the self defense and weapons industry by storm! CRIME IS REAL and YOU COULD BE A TARGET.Understand this, crime is in your community, you may be able to see it, or you may not. In your home, do you have a drop safe, video surveillance, friends and family that come over at any time? By definition, burglary is the crime of entering into a building for the purposes of committing an offense, usually theft. By definition, robbery is the crime of taking property by use of violence and intimidation.
If they are a burglar, they will take their time to go through the house to find the locations of all of your valuables. You need to develop a code word that will tell your entire fam­ily that its time to spring into action.
Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.  Home invasions and burglaries are traumatic, terrible, and we hope that you will never have to experience one.
Call 911 and request and ambulance.  Some injuries are internal, such as heart attacks and shock, and these must be addressed. After police arrived, and you have given detailed descriptions, and statements, you will be allowed back into your home.
Discuss the events with your family, and ensure everyone understands what happened, what everyone did correctly, and discuss what improvements can be made to your plans. Get together with your neighbors…this means, go knock on the door, introduce yourself and family, and get to know them. Post a sign, let criminals know that crime is not welcome in your neighborhood or in your home. Either purchase a generic security sign from the internet…or INVEST IN YOUR HOME’S EQUITY AND BUY AN ALARM. Put security company stickers in windows, both on the ground levels, and on the second and third stories if there is reasonable access.
While burglars are looking for quick access to your valuables while you are away, home invaders attack while you and your family are at home. If you fail when it comes to home invasion survival, you fail your family… and you may not live to regret it. In other words, good locks and alarms help give you time in which to react to the home invasion. Second, many people make the mistake of letting neighbors and other people know that they have valuables.
Whether it is your gun collection, a coin collection, or some other store of value, it is poor home defense tactics to let people know about it.
Sooner or later, word will get to someone you don’t know, or a neighbor (or even a family member) whom you trust will betray you because of the temptation to make an easy buck.
Before you know it, you could be facing a home invasion survival scenario as violent thugs bust down your door, looking for what you have that they can use or sell.
When there are sharks in the water, you don’t want to spread blood around to get their interest.
There’s no excuse these days to not have some sort of technology that will help you avoid letting a dangerous home invader just barge right in through the door that YOU opened for them. For example… there was time when only the wealthy could afford intercom systems by the door. Using an intercom can help you with home invasion survival because it can prevent what’s called a push-in robbery.
This is where you open the door on its chain, but the invaders hit the door full power with their shoulders and push it in. If you have a family, and especially if they don’t share your awareness of home defense tactics, you cannot afford to make these mistakes.
A prominent doctor with a lovely wife and two young daughters, he lived in your typical suburban town in Connecticut.
Joshua Komisarjevsky, 26, of Cheshire, and Steven Hayes, 44, of Winsted, were arraigned Tuesday on charges of assault, sexual assault, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, arson, larceny and risk of injury to children.
The state medical examiner confirmed that Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48, was strangled and that her daughters, 17-year-old Hayley and 11-year-old Michaela, died of smoke inhalation. All three women were raped, sources familiar with the investigation told both the Waterbury Republican-American and Hartford Courant.
The girls, sources told the Courant, were tied to their beds and raped repeatedly, then left to burn after gasoline was poured around their beds and ignited. Sources familiar with the investigation tell the Republican-American that Hawke-Petit and Michaela were followed home from a supermarket Sunday by the suspects. My name is Jeff Anderson and I'm President of the member-based organization, the International Society of Close Quarter Combatants. My wife and my three kids mean the world to me and their safety is my responsibility just as your responsibility is to protect those you love from harm. If scaring the hell out of you is what it takes to get you to open your eyes to the fact that violent home invasions are on the rise and they can happen ANYWHERE, then I've done my job. 6 hours of blood-curdling screaming as his wife and children were sexually assaulted – pleading for him to help. Unfortunately guns, alarm systems and "hoping" nothing bad will happen isn't enough to protect you when it comes to the criminal mind you're dealing with in a home invasion. The home invader knows that once he puts a knife to your spouse's or child's throat, you'll do anything he tells you to.

And the unfortunate fact is, no matter how "prepared" you think you are, it's actually quite EASY to enter someone's home with just a little bit of creativity. It doesn't prepare you for what to do once a predator is IN your home, has taken you by suprise, and handcuffs you to a railing right before he takes your family into the next room!
In fact, your very mental fiber is about to be challenged as you're forced to consider the very real possibility of your own family being subjected to the most vicious acts of deprived criminals. That's not easy for ANYONE to think of..but it must be done NOW because the time to "learn" how to defeat multiple attackers who have broken into your home is NOT when your spouse or children are tied up and taken hostage! In those first few critical seconds, it's easy to overwhelm you regardless of how well armed you are or how handy you are with your hands and feet. That's why you absolutely MUST have a game plan for every single worst case scenario you could confront! Discover 5 sneaky "escape tricks" beginning on page 62 that would make Harry Houdini look like a high school talent show hack!
A cheap addition to you key chain (criminals hide it in their belts!) that can bust the lock of most handcuffs in a split second! Why you must know your home inside and out before ever choosing which weapon, caliber, and ammo to use. The absolute WORST MISTAKE every "real man" makes after being taken hostage that actually works AGAINST your odds of escaping with your family alive. I'll reveal your "must have" safe room equipment plus the single most overlooked room on page 24 that's ideal for when you're forced to take a stand and "survive in place"! Make these 2 simple (and cheap) adjustments to your safe room door (1 on the left side – 1 on the right side) and any criminal trying to enter will need an M1-Abrams tank to get through!
The inexpensive "savior" you can pick up at any local hardware store that instantly defeats a "final blow" commonly used by home invaders to finish you off for good! Unfortunately, almost all gun owners master their so called "tactical shooting skills" from what they see on TV and in the movies – the exact opposite of how you need to react in a real life armed confrontation in your home! 4 surprising ways to ambush your attackers and regain the tactical advantage to take them out quick!
In "Home Defense Tactics" you"ll evaluate the pro's and con's of each as well as the biggest mistake all the "heavy artillery" guys make (on page 29) when choosing "terminator ammo"! Now comes the moment of truth – the question I always hear from people as soon as they read this page or the harrowing story of Dr.
No Amount Of Money In The World Can Grant You The Instant Knowledge Needed To Know EXACTLY What To Do When Your Wife Is Dragged Off Kicking And Screaming Into The Next Room!
But I do want you to have the knowledge that defending your home, your property and your family is your right and your duty.
So I'm ready to ship the entire "Home Defense Tactics" manual straight to your door step for about the cost of a few of boxes of ammo. Once your package arrives (please allow 10-12 days for shipping), you'll be armed with the most advanced home invasion survival strategies to transform you into a complete warrior – fully prepared to protect your home and those who depend on you for their safety! Go ahead and click on the button below NOW and let my team know where to send your package. And just to make sure I haven't left anything out – I'm also going to include in your pacakge these two "MUST HAVE" bonuses – just for taking that one important step toward safeguarding your loved ones. Fortunately, Louis also spilled his guts in over one hour of non-stop survival secrets straight from his personal home invasion defense arsenal! A small, inexpensive "toy" to attach to your keys acts as your silent "communication tool" with local law enforcement! And he's easy to spot when he's out in broad daylight with his family – which means he's a marked man with a price on his head. How to creat an invisible force field of protection around those you love when danger can rear its ugly head from behind any parked car or street corner! Your manual and two companion CD's will be sent straight to your doorstep via US postal service anywhere in the world.
I really believe that this information could mean the differenc between life and death in the event of an invasion of your home. So if you Sign Up Right Now using my secure order form, I'm going to give you INSTANT ACCESS to a special downloadable bonus package you can begin using right away!
We're talking a step-by-step, fully illustrated "how-to guide" that has the power to literally transform you from "good to great" in practically the blink of an eye!
How to prepare your family to take FAST ACTION should you be the victim of a surprise attack in your home!
My personal "gang crippler" that I used against a group of 18th Streeters who hovered outside my rural home! The Tactical Safe Room: How one citizen fortified his bedroom to surprise the hell out of a midnight sneak attack! This guide shows you not only the right locks and security systems to invest in, but also how to make your home so unappealing to burglars, they wouldn't dream of breaking in unless they were up for a painful challenge!
Simple Steps to Improve Home Security We'll discuss everything from tactics for lighting your home, to some of the most easily missed safe-havens for burglars. As much as I hope you never, ever have to put these methods and techniques into practice, I want you to feel safe knowing that your order is completely guaranteed. If you don't start preparing for these things today (NOW) — both mentally and physically — then you're not taking your role as protector serious enough!
This means the front door (either forcing it open or posing as a delivery or repair man); side doors, sliding glass doors, and garage entrances. Each year, about 15% of American households experience a property crime.   Have you prepared?  Will you be ready? This room should be stocked with sev­eral spe­cific items that will help you sur­vive the upcom­ing fight. If you have your fam­ily in the room with you, resist the urge to put on your cape and fight the invaders sin­gle handedly. If you are using a gun for home defense, posi­tion your­self in a cor­ner of the safe room that is on the oppo­site side of the door.
Even if you are pretty sure the home inva­sion is fin­ished and the intrud­ers have left, do not leave the safe room.
Carry out the plan in which you feel is the best way to handle the specific situation at hand. At this point in time its best not to get mad or be over critical of someone didn’t do what they were supposed to.
Discuss work schedules, vacations, and let one another know when you will be away from the home. Most packages are affordable, easy to set up and monitor, and offer a sense of security for everyone in the home, and as I mentioned before, the monthly cost will most likely be offset by the saving on your homeowner’s insurance.

DON’T just open the door for the doorbell or a knock…especially if it’s a knock at the back door…this is not normal, and dangerous. Use your cell phone camera to take a picture of vehicles that are driving circles around your subdivision or street. But his typical life was about to be turned upside down in a way that's almost too horrific to even share with you. Petit was beaten with a baseball bat, thrown down the basement stairs, and then tied up in the cellar.
The men then went to a Wal-Mart to buy an air rifle and a rope, and then waited about a mile-and-a-half away [before forcibly entering the home and brutalizing the family for 6 hours].
I'll show you how to create the perfect "safe room" that will act as a powerful force field between you and any madman trying to claw his way to your family.
Responding to an armed home invasion is one of the most dangerous situations police have to react to. Make sure your spouse and children know EXACTLY what to do so they don't get injured while you fight off a violent attacker!
Wait until you hear our Colorodo caller who has a nasty little surprise waiting for the criminal stupid enough to attack his home! You might be surprised to find out which door locks burglars love to see on a door. Home invasion thugs are betting you'll be too scared to act and too frozen to do anything when they bust down your door and attack your family. Read below on HOME DEFENSE to educate yourself, understand why home invasions occur, and how to make yourself and your home into a hard-target.
They look for neighborhoods, people, cars, and targets that are known to have money and valuables.
This will give you the max­i­mum amount of time decide if you’re going to shoot because you’ll be the last thing the intrud­ers see when they burst through the door.
You can’t be sure that the attack­ers aren’t lying in wait to take your family by force to hold as hostages or cause harm. It’s very easy to put the address of the mailbox to the numbers on the home…This is a tell-tale sign that the owner is away. Why not leave the TV on to make it look as though someone’s home, watching some late night TV?
The longer screw length will ensure that the door jamb is attached securely to the frame studs, which provides more resistance to external impact. Just make sure that you are safe before doing this as you might encounter a hostile person.
I'll explain why on page 31 and reveal the real-world urban story of when they were used effectively to defend life and property!
I'll show you how to train every family member to make the right moves when they all need to be on their game. Louis spells out exactly what to do so you're an ally, and not an obstacle, to their rescue!
They look at the victim’s employment, and may even go through trash to get more information on a victim. This plan should include all of your children.  If your plan has an escape plan determined, make sure your children know how they can safely get out, and what neighbor they can run to for help. The one thing that you must have in this room is a phone that can be used to call the police. In this instance, you have the advan­tage because they will have to make an assess­ment of the room before they make a move.
Stay in the room until the police have cleared the house and tell you to come out before you decide the home inva­sion is over. On pages 74-80, I'll arm you with my the very best alternative defense weapons you've probably never thought of!
Present day statistics show that criminals are targeting houses with more frequency because commercial targets such as convenience and liquor stores, gas stations, and fast food chains all have various security features. Robbers may even pose as delivery persons, repair companies, someone who is looking for a lost pet or someone that may be looking for directions. Make sure and tell that specific neighbor they are included on the plan.Report any and suspicious activity to the police or sheriff’s dept. There is no “best, right, or exact science” in regards to home invasions.First off, it’s not going to be fun, exciting or an adrenaline rush. Most of the time they already know their target and what items of value they are interested in. You will know that its either the police com­ing to your res­cue or the bad guys com­ing to harm you.
I will be “at the ready”, weapon on safe, round in the chamber, finger straight and off of the trigger, and I will look for 100% positive identification before I even think about firing my home defense pistol. They prefer residences to be unoccupied and choose the time when people and pets are away from the residence. If they are not notified by a victim or witness to a crime as it’s happening they can’t prevent it. Burglars are calculating and choose the time that offers the most profit, with the most time available and with the least amount of chance they will be caught.
Trashy criminals are going to try and get your cash, jewelry, PIN numbers, and anything they think holds value. Although escape is always a better option, sometimes you are left with no other choice except to defend yourself and others.
His bark is what will alert me when things go bump in the night, and will also alert the intruder as well if the alarm system doesn’t.When calling 911, make sure you speak clear and concise. Stay on the phone, or put your cell on speaker phone, so the dispatcher can listen to what is happening.If you do not own a dog or alarm, once an intruder has made entry, be very quiet and listen. I guarantee you will learn from 234 years of Marine Corps Experience.If fighting and confronting the intruder is not an option, remain calm, and speak to the intruder in a low, calm voice. While your wife or significant other calls 911, try to figure out how many intruders there are. Explain to them that the police have been notified, and that you will cooperate fully.  DO NOT make sudden moves.

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