Four ferret owners share their secrets to crafting creative habitats for their pet ferrets. Click image to enlargeCourtesy of KristaCarpeted shelves add to the play area of Krista's ferrets.
Well, I then thought, why not cover them in carpet so the ferrets can have extra room? Click images to enlargeTwo cages and lots of tunnels form the basis of this "Ferret Hilton" created by Crystal and her father for their ferrets.
The litter box is in a plastic container between the two cages that is spray-painted blue to be dark.
Click images to enlargeTodd LaFaille modified the shelving in his ferrets's cage and also connected it to a system of exercise tunnels. I felt I had to improve on the cage shelving, so I bought some extra shelves and divided the cage into three sections, a sleeping area on top, an eating area in the middle and a potty area on the bottom tray. I then cut two lengths and zip-tied them to the cage walls as I spiraled them up and zip-tied them to the holes in the shelves. With the cage done, I could finally work on the dream ferret run I had always imagined to go with it. I wanted the tube run to be attached to the cage so they could use it at their leisure while still not taking up floor space or getting in the way of their bottom potty level, which I clean out twice a week. The ferrets live in my office, which is a 10 by 12 foot room with a sloped ceiling going from 5.5 feet to 12 feet. The costs added up quickly but, like any ferret owner, I believe the joy they bring into our lives is priceless. I cut out enough wire from the top level of the cage to slide the dust hood through from the inside and zip-tie it so that the cut metal was on the outside of the cage away from little paws. When friends and family see the tube run, some think it’s great and others just look at me strangely. My dad and I took apart the old cages and took a trip to our local home improvement store where we bought white plastic picket fencing and a large sheet of plastic. News, articles, must-have info, contests and more for owners of all exotic, small mammal pets.
I think the cage turned out awesome and the upgraded doors are something I am smacking myself for not doing.

2) If you’ve got bare wire on the inside of the cage, gotta go overboard with stapling or they can, with wear, end up scratching animals or humans. Use the form below to delete this Homemade Ferret Cages Of Home Built image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Ferret Cages With Tunnels A Run Made From image from our index.
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Use the form below to delete this Diy Ferret Cages Related Pictures Cage image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Heres A Large Wooden Guinea Pig Cage With Storage image from our index. So my dad and I put up mounts and stapled some scraps of leftover carpet onto some boards that we had sized up.
I have the Super Pet Ferret Kingdom cage, which I like because it’s big and has easy-to-clean plastic shelves.
I then removed all of the plastic cage connectors that the ferrets liked to chew and I zip-tied all of the sides together. The slope worked out perfectly, giving the ferrets an 11-foot sloped tube going up the main 5.5 by 12 foot tube run. I then screwed all of the elbows into the corners of the room and drilled a hole in each of the 4-inch hose clamps so I could screw them to the ceiling and walls to hold up and support the hose sections, using threaded drywall anchors where there was no framing.
The sloped tube was then attached to another elbow near the cage, which has a short tube going to the hood attached to the cage.

Each day I wake up and go to sleep hearing little paws running and dooking sounds in the tubes.
Every time the ferrets finish in the run and decide to go back down to their cage, they enter the top of the sloped tube and flip over onto their backs to slide all the way down the tube, gaining quite a bit of speed in the process.
I saw this as an opportunity for a woodworking project so I built a pretty large cage for them. There are two different sizes so they can hop onto the higher or lower boards easily, but they still need to work those muscles!
After hooking up all of the clamps that I had screwed to the wall to the tube sections, I drilled a few small air holes in each plastic elbow. It has two shelves with two ramps leading up to them, three litter boxes, an eating section, hammocks, and tons of T-shirts to cuddle in. After seeing it posted on my Facebook page, Melisa Roberts decided to make one for her ferrets.
I love this cage because there are three doors for easy access to all corners to make for easy cleaning.
Tips on making a convenient ferret cage that I can draw up my final plan and get the materials. Anyone have plans for a large Our own homemade cage design was inspired by the arrival of Specky, who lived in a large dog crate for a couple of days. I also love the fact that it is 6 feet tall so there is no bending and hurting your back while cleaning it out or filling food dishes and water bottles. The striped tubing I chose lets me see the ferrets while still giving them the darker tube they enjoy.
He nailed the pipes to the side if the cage so that it would remain motionless when they are are climbing in. He also drilled holes about two to three inches apart in the top of each pipe so that it wouldnt be too dark.
My two ferrets (Didget and Bandit) will chase each other for hours up and down those pipes and they also love sleeping in them.

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