In that desperate moment, when your existence on this earth hangs by a thread, cornered in dark alley with all hope ripped from your very being, the zombie horde shuffling toward you with its relentless undead zeal, a moaning rabble of flesh and bone hungry for every inch of your depleted and exhausted body, know this: You probably would have survived had you been able to cruise around in Hyundai’s Zombie Survival Machine. Designed by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, the menacing coupe sports dangerously delicious, zombie-killin’ features including a spiked-out, custom-made front-end zombie plow, armored window coverings (you’ll need to keep an eye out for strapped survivors just as much those pesky walkers), a conveniently placed roof hatch, and a trunk full of electric and pneumatic weaponry. The car marks the release of the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic and fans of the series, and gearheads alike, will surely get a kick out of it. We’ve all imagined ourselves in the zombie apocalypse, surrounded by a horde of zombies. A prerequisite to using a melee weapon is that the zombie has to be within a dangerously close proximity to you. Anyways, choosing the right melee weapon for you, given your comfort level with the weapon and skill level to wield it, is the variable that will be the determining factor in giving you that fighting chance. Below are the top 10 best melee weapons for surviving killing zombies and surviving the zombie apocalypse. Note: We do not recommend that you go into any zombie combat scenario unless absolutely necessary.
History: A weapon used in the BloodRayne and BloodRayne II video games, this replica is a full-tang arm blade sword.
Description: Ranging in length (up to two feet), we recommend choosing one of the longer blades. History: One of the oldest man-made weapons, the axe is built for everything from everyday survival (including chopping firewood and making your way into a potential safe-house) to combat. History: The most basic energy transfer melee bludgeoning weapon, the baseball bat has evolved over the years, as well as its name.
Description: You may think choosing a baseball bat would be simple enough; just pick one up and swing, right? History: Used in World War One, the trench knife was designed for hand-to-hand combat in the trenches of the Western Front. Description: The most known trench knife design, the Mark I, is a full-tang design with a double-edged blade and brass hilt incorporating a guard shaped as a knuckle duster (may also be used as brass knuckles). History: Designed as means of separating two objects, this tool was first forged around 1400, known as crows or iron crows. Description: Usually made of medium-carbon steel, crowbars or pry-bars can also be made using titanium – having the advantage of being lighter in weight and nonmagnetic.
History: Used in tropical and subtropical countries, the machete is used to cut through rainforest undergrowth, agricultural purposes and household tasks as a large kitchen knife (cutting large food items, using the tool as a meat cleaver, and other odd jobs around the house). History: In old China, the monk’s spade,(also called a Shaolin Spade) was carried by Buddhist monks during their travels.
History: Designed for destruction, this weapon was originally built for breaking through drywall or masonry walls. HONORABLE MENTION: AS SEEN ON THE WALKING DEAD, THIS NEW ZOMBIE MELEE WEAPON PREPAREDNESS KIT FROM GERBER. This beautiful collection of zombie skull crushing, neck slicing glory comes complete in a portable, durable canvas case.
1: this weapon might be good if a lttle longer the fact is that itll dig into ur arm as ur attempting to cut heads and such. 2: this blade is made for cutting through body parts its top heavy rather than handle heavy, giving this weapon more hitting power. For melee weapons, I would most definitely choose a machete or bowie, perhaps keep both on your person.

Explanation on 2: As you have seen on The Walking Dead type zombies, they are slow, stupid and decaying. Bear Mase (this is technically not considered a melee weapon but ill put it in here anyways because its even furthur from a firearm.
Pellet rifles (Used for increasing the abilitys to fire a real gun, this is not a standard BB gun.
NOTE: As the zombie apocalypse progresses into the latter stages, the splatter factor mentioned above may not be as much of an issue as most of the zombies will have no bodily fluids to speak of.
While I would agree with you, the chainsaw makes a sh* ton of noise, not exactly convenient when there are plenty of zoms. It would seem to me that melee weapons that work well on people that are alive, would work well on those that are undead. The apocalypse-ready coupe is even outfitted with spiked all-terrain tires, front and back end floodlights, and CB radio for those lonely nights when you’re desperately searching for any remnants of humanity. Through this visual tension, however, we remain calm…our katana reflecting the light of the setting sun as we raise the blade in confidence.
Though we can’t downplay the importance of mental preparation, most of us will never even pick up a katana, let alone see one in person. That said, the list below may not necessarily apply to you, as personal preference should be the first variable considered in your deciding what weapon to wield. Used in ceremonies and religious rites, the kukri has many practical applications as well (clearing brush, chopping down small trees, splitting small logs, etc.). The kukri blade’s distinctive forward drop acts as a weighting mechanism on the end of the blade, allowing for a more forceful swing and harder hit. Used by the Japanese samurai as their primary weapon, the katana’s curved blade was designed to slice clean through its target. The pommel included a ‘skull-crusher’, which extended beyond the grip, increasing the weapons lethal capabilities and versatility. The crowbar or pry-bar allows the zombie survivalist access to most of the apocalyptic world. The spade served two purposes: if the monk came across a corpse on the road, they could properly dispose (bury) the body with Buddhist rites, and it also served as a weapon of defense.
Though useful for fracturing stone or concrete as well, the sledgehammer had a significant building role in the history of the railroad. Tight quarters or spaces will limit the longer melee weapons that require an extended arm for optimal impact and use of the weapon.
Personally, I have my doubts about using the machete as a go-to…rather go with a long kukri, as the weighted end will assist in slicing off those pesky zombie heads. You could simply whistle them to follow you and lead them off a cliff, or a hole in the ground to then kill. That said, by that time, factor #1 will be even more a influential on your choice of melee weapon.
Romanian AK, the rounds are cheap and are very common, they are also the most reliable weapons ever made… 2. The Korean automaker recently showed off its Elantra-based Zombie Survival Machine at this year’s Comic-Con and needless to say it’s quite the impressive piece.
This weapon was designed to be an extension of your own body; lightweight, functional and flawless. The best axes for the zombie apocalypse are the fire-axe, the brush-axe, and lastly, the pick-axe due to weight and versatility.

There are several materials used for making bats: wood (the most traditional) can break over a short period of time, aluminum (becoming more and more common-place) are lighter than wood and are not at risk of cracking or breaking (use over time can lead to warping, however).
Designed as a slashing tool and weapon, the machete is versatile enough to assist with daily zombie apocalyptic scenarios. The monk’s spade has a role in the practice of martial arts to this day, in the arts of wushu, gongfu and Shaolin kung fu. Being that it is very long, its effectiveness is limited to wide open spaces, but in the right hands the monk spade is a designed-for-decapitating ally in the fight against the undead. That said, sledgehammers can be far heavier than axes and therefore less receptive to any alteration in swing. It is VERY simple to create your own bow from materials found in nature (long, time-consuming but simple). If they are Dawn of the Dead type zombies, able to run, climb and make very simple judgements, then by all means keep your distance no matter what.
I saw they also sell a brooklyn crusher and smasher that is a bat that is supposedly unbreakable.
The spatter factor involved with a chainsaw may not only put yourself at risk, but your entire team. That’s the only way you could trust it to get you out of a tough zombie infested situation. I know because I have it and it’s lightweight and fast, but still has GREAT chopping and piercing power with the head and spike. Cut some zombie heads clean off or go to the core of infection with a clean plunge through the jaw, straight to the brain. However, a misplaced swing can leave you committed and defenseless, as the swing cannot easily change course or be stopped.
Where sheep and war come together, we’re not sure, but the baseball bat can trace it’s origins back the the Oina “bata”.
Composite fiber bats, although more expensive, can be the victim of cracking and even shattering in cold weather.
Ironically, the Mark I was introduced too late in World War I to actually service in the trenches, but was adopted by U.S.
It’s safe to theorize that the Buddhist monks were among the first to predict that a zombie apocalypse was inevitable, that man’s only chance of surviving the plague would be to prepare hundreds of years in advance. Find a foot long cutlery sharpener, as they are usually made of fine steel, and grind the tip to a 45 degree angled point, even if you have to scrape it on concrete. I have been researching forging my own blades but am too early in it to have actually done anything but research so far. The Spade is good if you only use it as a thrusting weapon, same as the forearm brace, but in a cluster you might as well be caught in a web. The trench knife is decent since it wont slip in your hands because of gore but with such a thick blade makes it hard for weaker people to drive it through the skull. The Ninja-to is a great sword but falls into the same catagorie as the Katana and Machete. Guns make noise, bows and crossbows require you to dedicate either your hands to holding them or you risk entanglement by strapping them to your back.

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