Click here to view the original post.Preppers often think in terms of extra supplies or equipment to survive an extended SHTF situation or even TEOTWAWKI.
The Protector: If you have serious military, police, or security experience, you might be valuable to people who need to be organized to protect themselves. The above is just an overview sample of skill sets that would be valuable in an extended SHTF or even TEOTWAWKI situation. This entry was tagged Azweaponcraftprepper, Beggining preppers, New preppers, Skills for TEOTWAWKI, Survival and Prepping, Survivsl skills. Features: hidden storage compartment - wayfair, Shop wayfair for coffee tables - hidden storage compartment. Night stand locking secret hidden drawer, Intro: night stand locking secret hidden drawer.

If you have any serious training or skills in the medical professions, you are going to be extremely valuable.
Are you a car mechanic, a blacksmith, a gunsmith, a plumber?  Can you repair small appliances and small engines?
And even if you chose the Lone Wolf prepper mode, at some point you are going to have to interact with other people. Can you organize a bunch of former shopkeepers, Wallmart workers, factory workers, stock brokers,  etc.
Start working now on learning natural healing herbs and ways to provide medical help without the luxury of a staffed emergency room. Electronic repair (yes, some electronics will still work and people will figure out how to harness water power for electricity again).

The point here is that if you survive the initial chaos and live to see people coming together again, you had better have some useful skills to contribute to the group, or to barter with. The scrounger can look at a pile of scrap metal and see 14 usable tools where everyone else only sees scrap metal.

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