Ensure that you will have access to quality medical facilities near your babymoon destination should the need arise. If you're thinking of babymooning in the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda or The Bahamas, be sure to check out the Top Deals Of The Week for great vacation values at fabulous resorts.
If you don't have time to research all your babymoon options, Submit a free trip request through TripAtlas and have a travel expert find you the best deals on the babymoon of your dream. Undercover Mama functions as an undershirt, keeping your back, sides and belly covered as you nurse. I really only used 10-15% of what I brought with me and will definitely pack lighter if we have another baby. Packing your hospital bag ready for the big day is yet another thing that is good to get ticked off the baby list as early as possible. Nappy changing: It is recommended that babies are cleaned using cooled boiled water and cotton wool as their skin is very delicate. Toiletries, including wash things, face wipes, moisturiser, Hair brush and hair bands, makeup. Since we both have tiny babies at home we decided it was high time we share this hospital bag checklist that we both used to get prepared to go deliver!
Something I didn’t have but wished I did was change and small bills for the vending machines! Consider the following when evaluating babymoon ideas and choosing your babymoon destination.
Bring your family and loved ones to the shoot also - cherishing every moment of your early mommy days. Definitely a smart idea to print out the check list for yourself so you don’t forget anything. I never pack my bag beforehand since I’m practically using all the things I will bring.
I’m a chronic over-packer, so who knows what I’ll end up with in our hospital bags!

You are one organized lady and that little precious bundle is so going to be in awe of their gorgeous mama!!!
I used bright orange (cheap) ones that I found at Target that I didn’t mind getting nasty. They have the awesome industrial ones there if you need to use one, but I didn’t need to use one because my milk was REALLY slow coming in. They should provide the little hospital one for you, and that works perfectly for the time you’re there. As well as being one less thing to worry about, it really does start to make having a baby all the more real.
Whilst it is great to be well prepared for your hospital stay, do try not to get too carried away. I know a lot of people prepare gifts for their nurses, or you could bring a journal and a pen if you want to write down your thoughts or your birth story.
My husband ran out to the bank to get some for us the day after the baby came, but it would have been great to have that night. I hope this list helps you get some of your nesting taken care of and maybe you’ll get a little bit more sleep knowing that your bag is packed and ready to go whenever baby decides to make his or her debut. I also brought face wash WIPES so you could feel a little refreshed without having to get out of bed! Or, if contractions start first, they’re usually spaced out and the shower will feel good!
You are about to meet the greatest thing in your entire life and that is a day I would do a million times over!
Here is our handy hospital bag checklist to ensure you have everything you need to see you through your birthing experience. The cafeteria had closed by the time I delivered and the only thing they could offer me to eat was a ham and cheese sandwich. Speaking of which, you’re going to want to make some of these padsicles for afterward, too.

It’s always better to have more, even if you feel like you’re moving in for a week! If you are going in for a planned C-Section and know you will be in hospital for longer, pack larger quantities than stated above. If you plan to nurse¬†you’ll probably want one with easy access – I bought this set and love it! I know I’m spoiled, but that was the last thing I wanted to eat after being in labor for like 10 hours. Feel free to leave your questions in the comment area and visit our Korean-American Mommies fan page on Facebook. I also have illusions of taking a leisurely shower, shaving my legs and using my Clarisonic before heading in to the hospital. Try not to over pack, if you were to run out of anything you can always send your family or friends out to restock for you.
Crackers and fruit held us over when Chad didn’t feel like walking to the vending machine!
For those who are planning one and for those who have already gone on a babymoon, congratulations!! So, for my own need to know, I've researched it online and found a Babymoon 101 guide for us. Click here to see her collection.Leave your thoughts on Heidi taking on a designers role or what you think about her clothes.

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