We are located on the I-10 West access road, across from the TexSan Heart Hospital, just south of the I-10 West intersection with Northwest Loop 410. We are a collection point for a number of community projects and causes throughout the year, including the S.A. Two competing freestanding emergency rooms are under construction on opposite corners just off Loop 375 in Far East El Paso.
They have sidled up next to each other at the busy intersection of Edgemere and Joe Battle – like a Walgreens and CVS or a McDonalds and Burger King. Freestanding ERs have sprung up in El Paso, as they have across Texas, since they were made legal in the state five years ago. After a long wait, dozens of new buildings will be coming to university campuses across Texas.
The bill's approval is a relief to higher education leaders, who listed the bonds as one of their top priorities this session.
In 2013, the bonds had bipartisan support, but the bill authorizing them never made it out of conference committee. The bonds are for specific projects, and most of those projects are designed and ready to be built. The Fort Bliss Blood Donor Center has moved into a newly renovated building on main post, and the new facility offers a more comfortable experience for donors, is easier to find and is more efficient for staff, officials and donors said.
The Blood Donor Center opened at 2489 Ricker Road, near the Army Community Service building, on April 23. The new center, which cost about $710,000 to renovate, is cleaner, more modern, more comfortable and a better facility all the way around, said Capt. The new facility features three private interview rooms where donors can give their medical history and have their vital signs measured. The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) El Paso Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing (GGHSON) officially opened on February 3, 2015 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, the Rotary Club of El Paso has opened RotaCare, a health clinic that offers free medical care. For now the clinic is open one Saturday per month, but organizers hope to extend the hours soon. The El Paso Times reported recently that the El Paso LGBT community has a new space called the OUTright Center. These latest renderings dipict both the main hospital and the complementary medical office building.
The groundbreaking for a new teaching hospital and medical office building in Northwest El Paso will take place August 14. Last week, Memorial Medical Center of Las Cruces (MMC) broke ground for a new Wound Care Center and has signed an agreement with Healogics, Inc., the largest provider of wound care and related disease management in the country, to open the first freestanding Wound Care clinic locally. In creating the center, Memorial Medical Center will join the HealogicsTM network of care which includes academic medical centers, hospitals and thousands of professionals that employ a rigorous scientific approach to explore, test, find and develop the clinically proven methods and technologies which reintroduce the body's innate ability to heal.
Healogics provides sustainable clinical excellence which, in 2011, healed 91 percent of chronic longtime wounds with a median heal time of 31 days. Sierra Providence East Medical Center on Friday showcased its new $67 million expansion four-story tower in East El Paso. The growth and expansion of health care services in El Paso is making the city more equipped to service its residents.
Meanwhile, east El Paso has a larger emergency department at Sierra Providence East Medical Center.
Sierra Providence Health Network (SPHN) has opened its first urgent care center in Northeast El Paso. The FEMAP Foundation launched a $15 million capital campaign at its 8th Annual FEMAP Gala, which took place Sept.
The Las Cruces Planning and Zoning Commission on June 25 voted to rezone the former Las Cruces Country Club property.
It is very rare that we need to remove tonsils as most cases respond to antibiotics and rest. One of our clients was driving by, and picked her up and brought her straight to the surgery.
We packed the wound with a special cream for burn victims (Flamazine) and bandaged it for 3 days. We placed Bully on an IV drip and anesthetised him with IV Alfaxan, and then placed him on Isoflurane gas.
The bandage was changed every 4-5 days, and it did not take long for some nice healthy granulation tissue to fill in the gaps to give us a smooth surface for the surrounding skin to run along and close the gap.
Granulation tissue is the cherry ripe looking tissue in the middle of the wound that you can see in the post op photos. Once it is laid down, the skin edges naturally creep along the top of it and new skin is formed. By 30 days, the wound had completely closed over with fresh skin and Bully was a much happier dog. On examination, her vitals were all normal- good gum colour, heart and lungs ok, temperature normal and she was reasonably bright and alert. We suspected a nasty tumour in the abdomen and offered exploratory surgery just in case it was benign. Some cephalexin antibiotic powder was placed in the abdomen and we closed the wound using normal sutures.
On cutting the mass in half, we found large chunks of food in the middle mixed with lots of inflammatory scar tissue. Over the weekend, she had to be force fed and given anti vomiting injections (Cerenia) and continued pain relief and antibiotic cover. We thought she may have developed fatty liver necrosis (damage to the liver) as a result of the major surgery. On Sunday morning, she looked a bit stronger and she even ate a tiny amount of cooked chicken brought in by her Mum. She was given a nice low voltage heat mat to sleep on and her Mum kept up the nutrition, antibiotics and pain relief. This was one of our trickiest cases and just goes to show that even though I have been in practice since 1981, I still have not seen all the different possible medical and surgical cases that present themselves to vets.
In early December, late in the afternoon, we were presented with a 6 year old female kelpie, Molly who was slightly off colour and had a mild left head tilt and a throaty gag. All the symptoms suggest an issue with the nerves that supplied the left head and neck area. Well, after several extensive tick searches and an after hours clip, we had not found a tick or crater. We immediately setup two IV drips with a bottle of snake anti-venom in one and fluids in the other.
While the fluids and anti venom were running in, we drew up some bloods and ran them on our in-house laboratory. At 11.00pm, I came in to check on Molly, and lo and behold, she was sitting up and wagging her tail. On examination, his gums were nice and pink and filled up with blood quickly when pressed by a finger (capillary refill time). Mac was very uncomfortable when palpating his abdomen, even with a heavy pain killer sedation.
X-rays showed a lot of gas building up in his intestines but no real evidence of a solid foreign body.
The fact that he had severe vomiting and marked pain in his abdomen and gas building up in his intestines was enough to warrant us having a look inside straight away. Mac was placed on an IV drip and anaesthetised with IV Alfaxan before being placed on Isoflurane gas. We removed the dead piece of small intestine and then joined (anastomosed) the 2 fresh edges together. The whole area was flushed several tines with saline and then Cephalexin antibiotic was sprayed over the operating site.
Chloe was placed on an IV fluid drip and anaesthetised with IV Alfaxan followed by Isoflurane gas. The tumour was sent for pathology testing and came back as a soft tissue sarcoma which was more likely to regrow in the same area rather than spread to other parts of the body. The plan is to monitor the area regularly and give Chloe regular health checks to pick up any signs of regrowth or spread of the tumour. Victor, a 14 year old cat, was having a nice sleep on the front verandah when 2 stray dogs came along and tried to kill him. After 72 hours, we were not getting much fluid or air from the chest drain so it was removed. On palpating his middle abdomen, a thick firm irreglaur shaped swelling approx the size of a plum, could be felt.
Xrays showed a lot of gas building up in his small intestines and some faeces in his colon and an indistinct swelling in the mid-abdomen. The fact he was in sudden discomfort from being a healthy happy cat, it was suspected he may have an acute intestinal blockage, intestinal thrombus or a tumour causing an acute abdomen.

Chester was placed on a IV drip and anaesthetised with IV Alfaxan followed by Isoflurane gas. Surgery was scheduled using a new technique to deepen the groove in which the patella slides up and down. The patella is attached to the big group of muscles at the top front of the leg- the quadriceps. In Hazmat's case, he had been born with a tibial crest that was off centre and was positioned too far medial (inside) which gave an unnatural "pull" on the patella tendon attached to it above. Using a small bone saw, 2 parallel cuts were made in this groove running form top to bottom.
The next part of the operation was to move the tibial crest to a more outward (lateral) position in order to straighten up the pull of the quadriceps muscles on the patella. The final part of the operation was to overlap the tissues (lateral fascia lata) on the outside of the stifle thereby pulling the patella laterally and away from its tendency to want to dislocate medially. The stifle was irrigated with sterile saline and a soluble antibiotic was placed in the joint.
Food Bank, Elf Louise, the Women's and Children's Shelter, Wildlife Refuge and the Humane Society. Competition tends to bring out the best in people,” said Sally Hurt-Deitch, who is market CEO of the Hospitals of Providence, which operates the hospital. But with two under construction on opposite corners, the competition for market share in El Paso has reached new heights. And experts say the concept is so new it’s hard to say exactly what the impact of freestanding ERs will be on health care costs since they bill similarly to regular ERs. In most cases, the schools will have to contribute some of their own money to pay for the buildings.
For the past dozen years, it had been located in about a 100-year-old building in Lower Beaumont along Lazear Road.
It also has a recovery room where donors can relax after giving blood, platelets or plasma. Patterned after free Rotary clinics on the West Coast, the El Paso Rotacare clinic is the first in Texas. 14 of the new multimillion-dollar teaching hospital at the corner of Trans Mountain Road and Resler Drive. About 250 are expected to attend the ceremony for the project, which is expected to be completed in 2016. Sierra Providence Health Network (SPHN) and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) at El Paso announced May 6th they are collaborating on the hospital, which will have capacity up to 140 beds. Foster School of Medicine and vice president for health affairs for TTUHSC at El Paso, said providing students experiences at multiple hospital settings is on par with how other great medical schools operate.
Valenti, CEO and president of University Medical Center (UMC), issued a statement May 9, following the announcement that a new teaching hospital was being developed in far West El Paso. State-of-the-art treatment and protocols which will be offered include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, negative pressure therapies, bioengineered tissues and biosynthetics. In addition to the additional 60 adult patient hospital beds, the medical center will also have a new education space and a new telemetry unit. According to The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care, a national research project, the standard for hospital beds is 45.8 beds per 1,000 patients. The expansion, which is part of the $67 million construction process at the 5-year-old hospital, increases the number of treatment rooms from 20 to 38.
The hospital would also serve as an additional teaching hospital for medical students and faculty from Texas Tech University’s Paul L.
The decision will enable a new 42-bed full service, high end Park Ridge Medical Center to develop.
8 featuring plans by the Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) Foundation to build a $25 million research building and biomedical company incubator on the MCA campus in Central El Paso. It contains a tetracycline which is renowned for its effectiveness in respiratory tract infections. X-rays showed she had fractured 5 ribs on the right side, and her right lungs had filled up with blood (pulmonary contusion).
A needle biopsy of the lump failed to show any malignant cells so we decided to have a go at removing the tumour from the toes. At the first bandage change, the wound was a bit messy so we cleaned it up with sterile saline and repacked it with Flamazine. It been slowly growing for 2-3 years, but had reached the point where it was uncomfortable. We made a 1cm margin cut around the base of the tumour and, using blunt dissection, slowly peeled it away from the underlying tendons and bones.
The wound was packed with Flamazine ointment (used for treating burn victims), covered with sterile gauze then bandaged.
It is unusual to need skin grafts in dogs and cats as they are pretty good at this type of healing. Priscilla had some bloods taken and all the biochemistry and haematology results came back normal. She is eating 7-8 times a day, running around following her Mum everywhere she goes and demanding to be allowed on her lap at every opportunity.
It was a great result and one where we just had to go with the flow and get on with the surgery and intensive care. On my final tick search, I was running my fingers very tightly down the edges of Molly’s left ear flap and felt a tiny area of swelling and heat approx. We ran the anti-venom in over 60 minutes and had adrenaline drawn up and ready to inject IV in case of an anaphylactic allergic reaction to it. The owners mentioned they had found some piles of vomit in the yard which I suspect was the dog’s initial response to the snake bite.
We were concerned he may have a foreign body in his stomach or intestines or had some kind of blockage in his intestines. Upon opening the abdomen, there was fresh blood lying around and a very nasty looking section of bleeding and dying small intestine. 50cm of his small intestine had slipped through a naturally occurring small hole in some tissue called the mesentery, and then twisted around and cut its own blood supply off.
Luckily, there was 1.5cm of normal small intestine to work with before the junction of small and large intestines was involved (where the appendix is).
We then wrapped the anastomosis in some tissue called omentum which has great at healing powers and is good at sealing any small leaks.
Each breath he took would result in air from outside his chest being sucked in then pushed out as the lungs inside his chest collapsed and expanded.
Other drains that had been placed under the skin where the torn muscles were were removed on day 4. On examining his intestines,  we found a 10cm section of small intestine which was very inflamed, thickened and swollen. On examination, he had a dislocating kneecap (patella) which continually locked itself in an abnormal position on the inside (medial aspect) of his knee (stifle). In Hazmat's case, the inside (medial) ridge of this groove had flattened out due to the patella continually dislocating medially and wearing the ridge out. The patella is attached by a tendon on its lower edge to the tibial crest ( a ridge of bone on the top front of the tibia).This is the same tendon the doctors tap on to test your reflexes. The rectangular block was then replaced into the deepened groove giving a nice ridge to stop the patella from slipping out of the groove.
It is also about 60 percent larger than its previous location at more than 7,000 square feet.
The unit will be used as an Intermediate Intensive Care Unit; however, initially it will enable UMC to relocate patients from the fifth, sixth and seventh floors while those floors are gutted and re-built. Of note, the hyperbaric chambers at the new center, which provide high concentrations of oxygen to expedite healing, gives patients a comfortable setting that includes TV watching, music listening, and nap taking. The two-story space will allow the agency to expand its services into the healthcare realm. The new hospital will be the fourth acute care hospital in the Sierra Providence Health Network (SPHN), and it will be a training ground for medical students, nursing students, resident physicians and faculty from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) El Paso. The hospital will have up to 140 beds and will operate as part of the Sierra Providence Health Network (SPHN).
It will operate as part of SPHN, and as a teaching hospital for TTUHSC students, resident physicians and faculty. The new tower, which opened to patients June 4, includes a 12-bed cardiovascular intensive care unit. It will provide a more convenient and cost effective alternative to the emergency room and an option to waiting for appointments. Cintron said Del Sol administrators are evaluating possible locations and quantities for urgent care centers and freestanding emergency departments. Discussed in the article are the new 17-story, 862-bed Parkland Memorial Hospital; the $800 million, 460-bed William P. Construction on the four-story, 80,000-square-foot building is slated to start next year along Interstate 10, near Colfax Street.

This had happened due to the whiplash effect of internal organs from direct blunt trauma to the body. The oxygen was continued, but the rate of IV fluids was lowered in case it had started to leak out of the damaged lungs.
It looked pretty nasty and we were worried it was malignant and may have spread to other parts of her body.
At the second bandage change, it looked a lot healthier and the skin defect had filled in with granulation tissue. There were several tough adhesions that had to be cut, and numerous blood vessels had to be clamped and tied off to prevent bleeding. Being a Friday evening, we decided to open her up just to check there were no adhesions or leaking for the stomach wall surgery site.
However, when we spun the blood down in our centrifuge, the serum (the watery part of the blood) was tinged red rather than being clear. It looks like she got just a small amount of venom when bitten and it only affected the local nerves near the bite wound, but the discoloured serum was a warning to more serious things on the way. Using blunt dissection and tying off blood vessels attached to the tumour, it was eventually removed after approx.
We placed some sterile saline over the closure to check for leaks which would show up as bubbles.
There was a lot of free clear watery fluid in the abdomen, possibly leaking from the swollen intestinal surface. If you feel that tendon, you can see how it is attached to the ridge of bone below your knee- the tibial crest. The constant "pulling" made the patella slide out of its groove and flatten the inside ridge. The chisel was then placed at the top and bottom of the block and the whole section was gently lifted ff the bone. It was moved approx 3-4mm laterally before it was pinned in its new position using 2 thin orthopaedic pins (K wires). It will serve as a teaching hospital for medical students, nursing students, resident physicians and faculty from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TUHSC) Paul L. Foster School of Medicine and with Tenet, parent company of the Sierra Providence Health Network, Valenti wrote in his weekly Friday Letter. El Paso is about 600 beds short, this includes the beds that would be added if the West hospital is built. The unit is intended to divert people in crisis from having to be placed in jail or a hospital emergency room, which previously had been the only solutions.
The building will be the first to go up on the 13-acre MCA research park, nicknamed MCA Tech Park. As a precaution, we gave an IV injection of a diuretic to try and shift some of the bloody fluids inside her lungs. We flushed the abdomen with sterile saline several ties, and placed more antibiotics inside. On shaving the area very closely, we found 2 tiny snake bite marks surrounded by some bruising. This was due to the snake toxin damaging red blood cells and causing them to leak their contents into the blood stream.
Once it slips through, the intestine twists around on itself and cuts its own blood supply off. At stitches out 10 days post-op, he was bouncing up our stairs eager to get his special treat before having his stitches removed. There was also a smaller soft mobile lump just in front of the bigger one, which on examination of a needle biopsy turned out to be fatty in content (lipoma). We opened up the skin wound on his chest to find a large hole looking straight in at his lungs and beating heart. The incision was closed using a soluble suture in an inverting continuos pattern (Connell Cushing). In other words, the whole patella apparatus was out of alignment with a natural tendency to pull the patella out of its groove in a medial direction. The GGHSON, a $14.5 million project, was established through a generous donation from the Hunt Family Foundation in 2010. The center will also have a fitness room, an LGBT library and social activities geared toward gay youth. Foster School of Medicine, eventually offering training for approximately 75 medical residents across multi-year programs. The 12-bed unit was designed with the input of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department. Pictured left is Eric Evans, CEO of Sierra Medical Center, in front of the new free-standing emergency room.
The 630,000-square-foot replacement hospital building and the clinic facilities will be built to withstand the effects of seismic activity. 1, 2012]William Beaumont Army Medical Center in Central El Paso is planning to open an off-site, primary care clinic in February 2013, according to an article that ran Oct. March 21st was the deadline for companies to submit proposals for building design and other architectural and engineering services for the project.Edward Escudero, chairman of the MCA Tech Park Inc. An incision was made in the stomach wall around the attachment’s base and the hole that was left was closed using a double layer of inverting dissolving Monosyn 3-0 sutures. This is very painful, and it is not long before the intestine dies and leaks all the food and bacteria it contains into the abdomen causing sudden death. One of the nurses did his breathing for him by filling and gently squeezing his breathing bag on the anesthetic machine in time with his own breathing.
The area was washed in sterile saline several times then a soluble antibiotic (Cephalexin) was applied to the area. It offers up to 48 hours of observation by medical professionals, supported by emergency telemedicine technology and an in-house pharmacy.
He graduated from medical school in Egypt and then completed post-doctoral research at Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard.
Each of the new buildings' curtain wall systems will be equipped with sunshade devices and feature natural stone and metal façade panels combined with a terra-cotta rain screen system.
The incision was covered by omentum (fatty tissue in the abdomen), which provided an extra seal to the wound.
Kristi Daugherty, CEO of Emergency Health Network, unveiled the unit on March 27 to an audience of about 200 people, including elected officials, health care professionals, and prominent law enforcement figures. Foster School of Medicine, University Medical Center of El Paso, the Paso del Norte Health Foundation and the Texas Department of Health.
The project is expected to be completed in 2016.The Fort Bliss healthcare campus aims to achieve LEED Silver certification, and the hospital and clinic buildings are designed to achieve LEED for Healthcare certification. The clinic will be called Rio Bravo Medical Home and will be at 10460 Vista Del Sol in part of the Del Sol Medical Center complex. The MCA Foundation and its not-for-profit subsidiary, MCA Tech Park Inc., are still pursuing financing for the building, which will include fund raising and grant writing.
It will serve retired military and family members of both retired and active-duty service members. It was the first of its kind in Latin America and modeled after the El Paso Baby Café, which is currently located inside the TTUHSC Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing, 415 E.
The sculpture speaks to the heroic nature of the fire fighting and bravery of fire fighters.
He is the Medical Director of the Respiratory Care Department at University Medical Center of El Paso.
The project involved extensive infrastructure and site development work for the new William Beaumont Army Medical Center.
More than half of the project’s heavy civil, concrete and masonry work was performed by Sundt crews. Also helping are med students from Texas Tech and pre-med students from UTEP, while other medical staffers, including RNs, social workers and a nutritionist, come from Texas Tech.
They are provided with one-on-one help from health professionals, time to chat with other mothers, and access to books, brochures and DVDs. Commissioner Carlos Leon represented the "swing" vote that allowed UMC to obtain the money. Las Palmas Medical Center has been awarded the Texas Ten Step designation by the Department of State Health Services and the Texas Hospital Association.
Already, more than $43 million of the $946 million construction cost has been contracted for roads, utilities, a water tower, and other infrastructure. The certificates are a measure that still must be approved by the El Paso County Commissioners Court later this spring. The money, which would raise taxes on a $100,000 house by $20 a year, would be used to build three 50,000-square-foot, full-service clinics to be located on the West Side, in the far East and Central El Paso.

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