Long story short, I made the gold veil, which this tutorial is based off of, but when it came down to it, it was too much gold all together with the dress, so I made an identical one using ivory netting for the actual day. Another note on veil netting — the material is completely up to your and your tastes. I measured how long to make the netting by gently wrapping it all the way around my face to the back of my head, then cut where the two edges would begin to overlap. Once your cuts are complete and you have the above netting shape, it's time to start sewing.
Start at one corner, closest to the longest finished edge and secure the thread to the netting by tying a small a knot.
Secure the bunched ends by tying a knot of thread to the final corner of the netting, making sure not to bunch all the way — you want enough length about the width of the comb for sewing.
You can do so by wrapping lace ribbon or strips of tulle around the top edge of the comb to make sewing the bunched netting easier — the fabric wrapping gives the thread a little something to grab onto. At this point, you can call your veil complete or you can add embellishments like silk flowers, feathers, or even meaningful jewelry to hide the area of the veil where the netting meets the comb. For those trying to figure out the perfect styling for your veil, I found the following youtube video super helpful and never realized there were so many different ways to pull one of these veils off.
I hope I've helped you learn how to make a birdcage veil of your very own and maybe saved you a little money in the process. I attached some feathers to the back of the flower, sewing through their stalks to secure them. Cut the wire once you get all the way around, then double it up where it overlaps and zigzag it all down.
Begin hand-gathering at the remaining corner and go all the way along the edge of your 1 yard, putting the needle through each little tightly woven joint. Don't pull the thread as tight as possible; leave several inches of gathering thread to play around with.

Arrange the gathers pretty evenly around the base piece and tack them down by hand, sewing around the gathering threads you used. When you get to the other end of the headband with the ribbon, add another drop of glue to the bottom and secure the ribbon, cutting the end. Using a thread and needle, gently loop the thread over and under the top edge of your netting until you get to the other side.
Not a spammer promise- ever thought about getting one commissioned for you? My friend Mairi Brunning Millinery makes hard, fascinations and wedding stuff- google her and see what you think? You could put the veil and headpiece onto a headband which is wrapped in ribbon to blend with your hair colour. I really wanted to wait to publish the tutorial for making it here on the blog until I had a good final shot from wearing it. At first I just knew I wanted to make a metallic gold veil — my dress was going to be gold, so I thought it would make a nice compliment, and would be something a little different. This will hopefully explain why this entire tutorial uses gold netting but the pics from the wedding show me in the ivory version — it was fun to make both though and now I have some really fun hair accessories for my nieces to play dress-up in when they come to visit.
Choose the width you want based on how far you want your veil to hang from where you pin it in your hair. It's completely a matter of preference, so just keep in mind, the longer your width, the more coverage options you'll have to work and play with. I went with a Russian veil netting since it's got a little more structure to it (while I didn't want it to cover my face, I did want it to stand out as a bold accessory).
This was roughly 27 inches and I have a head on the larger side (I'm one of those people that likes to make sure my big head is slightly further back than other people in photos to make it look more proportional, tell me I'm not alone on this). You can use the leftover netting to embellish the veil comb with later on or use in other projects.
Then weave your needle and thread over and under through the diamond shapes, working your way all the the way around the 3 outside edges (outlined in blue above) to the other corner where your finished edge meets.

Since I used a nylon invisible thread, I used a lighter to very gently burnish the ends of the knots in place.
This would be the perfect area to use a swatch of sentimental fabric, for instance, if you have a piece of meaningful fabric or a piece of tulle from a family member's wedding gown or veil.
You could even use the leftover netting we cut in the beginning to create a little drama around the base of the comb.
It definitely turned out to be one of my favorite pieces from the day since I was able to make it myself!
With just a little bit of tulle and a rhinestone or faux diamond applique, you will be strutting down the aisle in style.
Place the wrong side of the end of the ribbon on top of the glue and then start wrapping the ribbon around the headband.
If you look under commissions you can see some pics of her past stuff? She did me a gorgeous purple and ivory fascinator for a wedding- she's reasonable? Or someone else? Well that day has come and passed — so today we're talking all about how to make your own birdcage veil! French netting is usually more delicate and subtle, and I'd also love a chance to play around with an almost transparent tulle, or even layer a couple different nettings together. There are so many different types of millinery fabrics and tulles out there to play with — the options are limitless. If you find it's too big for what you like, you could always cut some material off the very top edge, since this will all be sewn to the comb and not visible.

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