I produced this design because I’d got a load of lightweight mesh that I wanted to use up, but which wasn’t strong enough to make a cage on its own. 4 x 1 meter lengths of 4mm cold drawn steel rod – I bought mine from B&Q for about ?1 each. Position it so the narrow side is uppermost and mark the midpoint of the line you’ve drawn. Turn the piece over on its side and mark a point on the line about ? inch in from the narrow side you didn’t drill through. Screw them in tight, but they need to end up ‘in line’ so that the axle can pass through them both. This time slide the screw eyes of the plywood door over once of the rods before you add the second post. The door is slightly too long and will not pass between the post – make sure that it’s on the same side as the four remaining holes. Push the door from the outside and check that it swings in freely up to the inside of the trap roof.
Using a spare piece of wood as an edge, fold up a 2 inch strip of mesh along one of the short sides of the sheet.
Place the frame on top of the mesh with one of the long rods positioned into the corner you’ve made. Roll the frame over across the mesh so that the side that was facing you is now on the top.
Use cable ties and the staple gun or small galvanised wire staples to fix the mesh to the rods and wooden posts all the way round at either end. Take care when fixing to the rail holding the door – don’t restrict the ‘swing’ and try to position ties to hold the door roughly central on the bar. Finally seal the end of the trap by either folding the overhanging wire over or by use a fresh square.

Trigger MechanismTake the plywood treadle and drill three 8mm diameter holes along on of the long edges. Push the un-looped end of the wire through the screweye – this will now hold the door open. Take the string attached to the treadle and thread the end straight up through the mesh on the top of the trap. Prop the door open using the trigger mechanism and place the trap where the rabbits are active.
The door cannot be pushed open from the inside but will open if the trap is turned upside down. We have too many large jack rabbits (hares) here.The Province of Alberta website says that the solid box traps are good for rabbits but not hares. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
First I did what I could to protect the electronics by reattaching a flimsy black cover that came with the car (Pic 1). Yes, plate triggers work just fine if you're not concerned about what walks into the trap.
I've recently published a book of projects, many of which are rooted in my Instructables! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Square netting held together by 4 steel rods which stand 19 inches high. WHERE TO USE IT: Ponds, rivers, streams, lakes and basically any body of water which harbors a lot of crayfish which you want to remove, harvest or relocate. Drill a hole 4mm in diameter at this point – again not all the way through and as upright as possible.
Screw in the last screw eye as near to the corner as possible but in the centre of a mesh hole.

Position it about six inches from the end and with the single hole on the same side as the screweye holding the door open. Ensure that you use the same ‘row’ of the mesh for all three ties and don’t tighten fully – the treadle needs to be able to move and this is the hinge. Take it along the top of the trap and thread the end through the loop of the wire holding the door open. I searched for two weeks and didn't find one, so I bought one at Target that was on sale, and it came with a 10% discount for having absolutely useless drive wheels. Tie it off so that when the treadle is pushed down, the wire is pulled out and the door drops shut. In this case, an RC trap allows you to wait while all of the kitten file into the trap before closing the door. To set, just place the trap out in a pond, river or lake where crayfish are present and place some dead fish bait in the middle of the net. Connect a monofilament or twine lead to the top loop of the trap which will serve as both a trap anchor and retriever. I think i'd much rather have a normal trip mechanism if i were trying to trap something though. My chickens are a little less stressed as well, which means more eggy-goodness for the family and the neighbors. Inspect the trap daily by pulling up the trap at which time any crayfish feeding will be caught.

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