For her doctoral thesis, Zandonadi used unripe, green bananas to develop an alternative for individuals, such as those with the autoimmune condition celiac disease, who are allergic to the gluten normally found in pasta. Unripe fruit might not sound like the most appetizing of ingredients, but the experimental pasta actually proved quite tasty. Through their new recipe, the research team has turned a commonly overlooked fruit into a key ingredient for feeding an underserved section of the world’s population.
Green banana flour has already contributed to a more diverse diet for the Brazilian research team. The Safety Zone covers chemical safety issues in academic and industrial research labs and in manufacturing.
This is a paper t-rex optical illusion that appears to follow you with its head as you walk around it. Keep going for a two minute video which shows how the illusion works at the end, templates to print and make your own are here in GREEN, RED and PURPLE.

Thanks to gogurt, Alex and Adam K, who promised to help me fill my room with a whole score of these things. Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. Zandonadi’s team, however, cooked up a pasta with green banana flour (which does not contain gluten), egg whites, water, and guar and xantham gum. The team cooked a meal of green banana pasta for a focus group of 25 people with celiac disease as well as a meal of green banana pasta and whole-wheat pasta for another group of 50 with no gluten allergies. Botelho tells Newscripts that her lab bakes cakes, cookies, and pies using the alternative pasta ingredient.
But I just did a Google search and found out that banana peels can be use as water filters. It is intended to be a forum for exchange and discussion of lab and plant safety and accident information without the fanfare of a news article.

According to Zandonadi’s teammate Raquel Botelho, green banana flour serves as a great replacement for wheat flour because the fruit’s resistant starch “forms a net similar to gluten” that traps water inside the pasta, ensuring a moist and elastic consistency.
Still, she contends, “the most difficult recipes to be developed without gluten are pasta and bread. If you do a google image search on "3d papercraft illusion" you'll find the cat and the robotdog and loads of other stuff including some weird anime girl. The diners raved about the experimental pasta, ranking it ahead of whole-wheat pasta in terms of aroma, flavor, texture, and all-around quality.
Another benefit, says Botelho: Green banana pasta serves as a source of inulin, a polysaccharide that stimulates the development of “good,” immunity-boosting intestinal bacteria.

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