Sometimes you cannot have your dog inside with you all the time, but a crying dog outside will only frustrate you and your neighbors. In addition to getting necessary exercise, the puppy will love the attention it gets from you. Any crate or kennel needs to be big enough for the dog to stand normal without a hunched back and to allow it to turn in a circle without being cramped. Instead, make the fuss when you return home and your puppy is overcome with joy to see you. Be sure the dog has plenty of chew toys, soft toys, water, and food (if left alone for longer periods).
If you are very frustrated and just want the puppy or dog to be quiet quickly (and there may be times when you will want this), do not yell at the dog, but try giving a sudden noise. One note of caution: if these techniques do not work and your puppy is destructive of your property, you will need to consult an animal behavior expert to help you and your puppy. This version of How to Train or Help a Puppy Stop Crying when Locked up or Outside was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on October 2, 2015. Wrap a hot water bottle in a towel or thick blanket and put it at one end of the bed to simulate the warmth of another dog. Put a ticking clock in the room with your puppy to simulate the heart beat of another dog; your puppy is used to sleeping with its brothers and sisters. A stuffed animal can be of great comfort to your puppy; a little larger than them is usually a good fit (make sure it does not have any plastic parts for your puppy to chew on). It releases a synthetic analogue of a pheromone that is secreted by bitches during whelping. When you leave your puppy for the night try not to make too much of a fuss.  After the relaxation session your puppy should be settled and you can simply leave the room without encouraging your puppy to come to the door. This is the trickiest part for any new puppy owner:  When the puppy cries or barks throughout the night you must not go down to the puppy. This puppy training method will pay you back ten fold and being consistent will enable your puppy to cope with being left alone during the day and help prevent other attention seeking behaviours whilst you are busy around the house.
TOP TIP – tell your neighbours you are expecting to get a puppy but you have a training schedule already worked out to minimize any noise during the night.  You can even organise when you pick your puppy up so that it is at a weekend in order to ensure you are not disturbing any neighbours that are due to have an early start.
Hello, if my puppy is 8 weeks and has been taken out for a pee at 11pm will he make it until 6am without going to the toilet?
Puppies at that age should not be left in a crate with the door shut overnight until atleast 12weeks. I have two older dogs that I have had since puppies and just got a 8 week old puppy we have just survived the second night.
I’ve had a 7 week old maltese for about a week now and he whines when he wakes in the middle of the night because me and my boyfriend are sleep and he wants to play. Hi I have a 8 week old jack Russell x Chihuahua, he very very tiny he very good in day with sleeping but he just cries and cries at night , what should I do?
We are considering going back to the people we bought her from and getting her brother in hopes that it will help the situation… or will we then have 2 yelpers? I live in an apartment, where he shares my room with me, During the day he is perfectly fine with no whining at all except when I leave the room and close the door behind me (to train him to stay alone) he whines for a bit then wait next to the door for my return, but he i progessing well enough. I have a 17 week old pit ill mix and about a week ago she started whining at night she sleeps in the bed with me and my husband.
Hi I have an 8 week old puppy who whines persistently at night she gets tons of cuddle time, play time, training and a couple walks each day. I just adopted a 14wk old puppy, she is toilet train, this is the third day now, she had accident the first 2day I had her but I think she was just nervous. So i have been reading all of these posts and i have to say i feel a bit better knowing that my fiance and i are not the only ones going through puppy problems. I have a 8 week old puppy I have had her for few days but she will not stop crying and barking at night if u leave her on her own in the kitchen she barks and crys and it keeps u up most of the night but I have school she has start scratching the door.
I have had my 5week old Staffy bitch for a week now and she sounds like a baby being murdered when in her crate but it’s not at night it’s about 6 in the morning that this starts and continues till my partner gets up for work any help would be brill also I have 2 cats my 4 month old girl kitten is very wary of her but my little boy is brill he plays he cleans her and occasionally tell her how to behave is this good can she learn for him?
I have an 8 wk old Alaskan malamute I have known her since birth as my cousin was the breeder and helped take care of her since birth. I’ve been very excited about wanting to get a dog since I left home for college back in 2006. I keep reading everywhere that it’s HORRIBLE to get a puppy if you work full time, but it seems like this schedule will work, no? Hi we have a choc Labrador who is now 15 weeks old , we have had him since he was 9 weeks old he cried terribly on the first night home in his crate and woke up the whole house including the kids who are still young . My puppy after about a week or two was perfect in a crate, at night, in the car, during meals. Most new puppy owners will deal with puppy crate training whining at some point or another.
However, if you do not address it in the right way, puppy whining may become a problem, at times leading to more serious problems and frustration.
It is imperative for a new puppy owner to find out what is causing the whining in the first place so to address puppy crate training whining in the most appropriate way. Used to living with mother and siblings for a good 8 weeks, suddenly separating from them can be quite a traumatic experience.
A puppy at this stage may have never been placed in a crate and the first instinct may be to avoid that small enclosure. However, even when introduced properly, it is normal for the puppy to whine the first few nights simply because it misses its mother and siblings. The first night, a good amount of time should be dedicated to getting the puppy accustomed to his new crate so to reduce puppy crate training whining.
The crate should be left with the door open and a comfy blanket inside along with an enticing, but safe toy. Once the puppy has started associating the crate with good things, it helps to add a warm water bottle wrapped up in a blanket or shirt to mimic the mother's warmth. Once the puppy appears comfortable being in the crate with the door open, the crate can be closed temporarily for gradually longer and longer periods of time. As a general rule of thumb, owners are told not to attend to puppy crate training whining or this will reward the whining; however, during the first couple of nights experts agree that a little bit of attention will do no harm.
Ideally, during the first couple of nights, the crate should be placed in the bedroom near the bed. It is highly recommended to take your puppy outside just before being crated for the night.
Puppies usually take a few months until they are able to keep their bladder and bowel movements throughout the night. As a general rule of thumb, puppies and dogs enjoy crates as they mimic dens once used in the wild.
If you want your puppy to enjoy the time he spends in his crate, never use it for punishment. It is a good idea to keep the crate open for most of the day with occasional treats placed inside every now and then. Puppy crate training whining may become problematic once the puppy realizes that it brings attention. It is important, therefore, to ensure all your puppy's needs are met before rushing to check him out. Many puppy owners find that covering the crate with a cover helps calm the puppy down enough to relax and fall asleep. Puppy separation anxiety is not uncommon in puppies and young dogs which may fear being abandoned. Hitting or screaming at a puppy for whining is not only unjust, but it also ruins the bond that is very important at this stage. Owners must also realize that many times they actually encourage puppy crying and whining by attending to it.

If your puppy is crying and you cannot find a good reason for it, consider having him seen by your veterinarian; there could be an underlying medical condition that needs addressed. If despite your efforts, nighttime crate training whining still takes place, consider working more on making the crate a wonderful place to be in. For more advice on how to deal with puppy whining, I highly recommend you read and follow this dog behavior training guide.
Unauthorized use of any images, descriptions and articles is strictly prohibited under copyright law. Dogs usually love to be with their owners and separation anxiety is why most dogs cry and howl when left outside or alone. A bored dog will take out its energy in some other (undesirable) form, from whining, to crying, to destruction of property. The younger the dog is the shorter your play and exercise sessions have to be but remember to increase the frequency of play or walk time as the puppy gets older. If you give in and go out with the dog or allow it to return inside then you are giving positive reinforcement to the unwanted behavior (i.e. Continue the training by lengthening the time outside until the dog remains quiet outdoors for at least an hour (as long as the weather is nice).
There are calming products available to help puppies with being alone.[2] Pheromones are chemicals released by dogs, which help ease puppies’ anxiety.
It is very important to use a crate inside the house or a dog house, igloo, or some warm, comfortable shelter outside where the dog can rest and feel secure.
Start by leaving the door open and putting a few of its favorite treats inside toward the back of the crate or kennel.[4] As as the puppy goes inside to eat the treats, say “kennel” and shut the door gently behind it.
Do this a few more time over the course of a couple of days gradually lengthening the amount of time the puppy is in there with the door closed.
When you crate or kennel your puppy when you leave the home, never make a big deal out of it. Never leave a puppy under 2 months of age in a crate longer than 2 hours or under six months of age in a crate or kennel for longer than 4 hours.[5] They can’t fully control their bladders for more than that time period. Don't reinforce behaviors you want to eradicate by projecting human feelings and emotions onto your puppy. Such as a firm but gentle "tch!" This will hush the puppy or dog without harming its feelings.
The dog doesn't understand your words, only the tone and energy are giving off, and to it you are barking yourself, making it okay for the dog to do it as well.
A plug in (in the same way an air freshener works), a collar or a spray that can be applied to bedding. It has been proven to relax dogs and puppies and should allow for a more peaceful night sleep. Although mine was a few weeks older, I gave in, went down when she cried, gave too much affection and let her sleep upstairs. He keeps me up all night crying and once I left him alone at night and he pooed everywhere. She’s also progressed a lot in respect of personality and she isn’t as needy anymore!
I would suggest leaving the door open and put paper down outside it for the pup to go the toilet.
My family and I have never had a puppy before we usually own older dogs aged 2 plus, but we fancied a change and to experience a puppy. I I got him at 9 weeks and he’s always slept in my bed, I no longer want this so I have moved him into the kitchen in his crate.
However during the night, he tries to climb my bed from time to time when he wakes up to take a pee, my bed being high and unreachable for him, he keeps trying and starts whining. She has just been a nightmare with her sleeping and toileting so much so that my partner wants to sell her. Nothing has changed except the amount of time she spends outside in a day has increased we have a fenced in back yard. I have spent the past few days trying to make her crate a happy place for her by feeding her there giving her treats and toys and she doesn’t mind it during the day but cries for an hour (give or take a bit) each night.
Following this advice our beagle pup has gone from needing close physical proximity and howling through the night to being fine left alone. I’ve since graduated, went to grad school, have now have my own space and a great job. With his crying at night I can’t do as kids need there sleep for school the next day ?????
Leave treats in there with him so he knows it’s a good place, after a while start shutting the door for small amounts of time. Often, this form of puppy whining is considered normal, especially during the puppy's first days spent in a new home with new owners. And on top of that, add going to a new home with new people, new noises, new smells and new sights! If the puppy is not introduced to the crate properly, the first impression may not be one of the best. It is the owner's job to intervene and make the puppy feel at home and reduce puppy crate training whining. It is important for the crate door to remain open for quite some time during this exploratory phase.
Some new puppy owners find it helpful to also wrap up a ticking clock in blankets to mimic the mom's heartbeat. It is important to open the crate only when the puppy is quiet and not actively whining so not to reward puppy crate training whining. When introduced properly, a crate is a happy place the puppy seeks for security and comfort. Also don't use it to contain your puppy for several hours at a time when he is not yet ready for this (use dog pen instead). The puppy can also be fed in the crate to enforce a dog's natural tendency of not wanting to soil areas where they eat and sleep. If every time the puppy whines, you rush to check him out, he will be quite quick in realizing how rewarding this can be.
Make sure your puppy has water, has been fed, has engaging toys and was recently taken out before attending to his whining.
Many puppies may whine when the owner leaves the room even for brief periods of time or when the owner actually leaves the puppy alone in the home. It helps in these cases to promote the puppy's independence by leaving for very brief periods of time and coming back every time the puppy is quiet. Because young puppies are learning about the world surrounding them, it is important to provide guidance in a calm and positive way. For instance, it is wrong to baby talk and pet a puppy when it starts whining or crying upon noticing you are about to leave.
Rewarding puppies when quiet and ignoring them when they are actively whining is the key to promoting good behaviors. You'll find lots of information on dealing with many behavioral problems, including whining and crying. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and as always, your +1's, Shares, Facebook likes and retweets are appreciated. However, you can help your puppy learn to accept being alone and prevent this anxiety from becoming a pathological and destructive problem in the process. Try to have two active play times each day, with you playing fetch, keep away, or tug of war, or any other active game your puppy loves to play. These types of toys can help to distract a puppy from being sad it is alone while stimulating its natural inquisitiveness and desire to chew. Once an allotted amount of time is up (remember to start with small time increments) go outside and praise the dog profusely with attention and petting.

Now the dog should be able to better deal with the separation anxiety when left outside or alone.
Put the pup’s bed or blankets, as well as its toys, into the shelter so the puppy will recognize the space as its own. Never let him out if he starts to whine or cry; otherwise he will think that is what gets him out of the crate. I have her in a playpen, with puppy pads, big comfy bed, blankie, food and water bowl and plenty of chew toys. I know this can be terrible for the future, but i’m not sure because she was seperated so young, whether she is just missing the comfort she would normally have off her mother? I don’t want him to soil the crate but I also do not want to go down to him and cause. However the first night of having the Puppy (which was 2 nights ago), I decided to sleep downstairs with her for the first night because I could imagine how scary it must be. Most of the night me and hubby were like zombies yesterday but we knew not to go down and see to him.
I’ve done everything I can to comfort her in terms of toys and affection to get her used to the house but she is always crying to be picked up. The first night he howled for hours, second night he was quiet as a mouse but the last two nights back to howling and crying. We have managed to get to the stage we can leave her during the day on her own but as soon as we get home she pees multiple times over the floor even when we take her outside to go she will wait until she comes back in.. The main problem is been left alone if I go out she howls and at night, she has a room under the stairs big enough for her with toys water pads etc but doesn’t like it. My boyfriend too has a great job and we’ve talked about adding a puppy to our lives SINCE college.
It is quite understandable, therefore, for the puppy to undergo a roller coaster of emotions the first couple of nights and days in the new home. The puppy should be praised upon entering the crate while no big deal should be made upon exiting. On one hand, by keeping your puppy's crate nearby, you will be within reach should your puppy give signs of needing to go outside to potty. If you really want to check on him, wait those brief seconds he is quiet to make sure everything is in order.
Eventually the puppy will learn that quiet brings the owner back, while whining accomplishes nothing. Rather, make your departures low key to prevent rewarding such behaviors and stop dog whining. Here are some steps you can take to help your puppy pal calm down and learn to be alone quietly. Just make sure the puppy is getting enough daily exercise based on its size and energy level.
Then second day every time he fell asleep during the day I put him in his bed near me then by evening he put himself in there twice.
Of a night time I have a ticking clock wrapped up in a shirt I’ve worn in her bed which soothes her for about 30 minutes before she starts crying again loudly. I have an excel sheet with all the up front costs (initial vet costs, cost to purchase pup, crate, food, toys, leash, collar etc etc etc) and potential costs down the road – such as medicines, additional food, behavior classes.
When I got my puppy we created a puppy safe area in my house with a doggy door to the back yard for when he’s home alone.
For puppies any attention is good attention, so even if you tell them off its something for them. On the other hand, you will be able to be there to reassure your puppy that he is not alone. The dog will eventually make a connection that if it is quiet and well behaved outside, it will be rewarded for that behavior. She has been taken to the toilet and I have tried to ignore her cries but they are becoming louder the longer I ignore her for. So desperate for some sleep, has anyone got any advice I really don’t want to sell her!!
She is in our utility room with a baby gate stopping her coming through to the kitchen, we have pads on th floor and she has access to her crate in the utility room. I’ve pretty much have all my bases covered for what will have to do and what MIGHT happen.
You can leave puppies in their crates at night but it’s not recommended during the day. I know that the screams are unbearable and so painful to hear but you honestly just have to ignore them. Happy to leave him in his crate from 11ish til 6 but don’t want him to soil his crate. So much it went on for 4 hours straight and I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to go down and see her, I was exhausting and accidentally fell asleep downstairs with her again. Last night was much better he cried for a while then went quiet then again at 330 for awhile but no were near as bad as the first night. Does anyone have any suggestions about putting anything warm hot water bottle or similar in her crate to help her!!
I’m just so exhausted from the sleepless nights and would really appreciate some help !
Our puppy slept in our bedroom but I no longer wanted it either so he in now in the kitchen. He weed and pooed and settled back in his crate for another couple of hours, though whined a little before settling. Tonight will be first night of tough love as been sleeping downstairs with her all week only to keep our lovely neighbours happy but it’s the weekend now so it needs doing as cant sleep downstairs forever. We played for 10-15 mins before bed (chase a ball or squeaky toy ect), then had some warm milk, went outside to go to the toilet, then put to bed with a full kong.
Along with hot water bottle, clock, radio and pre-sleep exercise it’s worked brilliantly.
We have fiund we have to play with her more before bed because she often likes to sleep and then is up all night. I am confused and we are stressed out as to what to do for best between leaving her completely or interrupting her at intervals. He has his own room with his crate but like I said above I can’t leave the crate open because he scratches the door and will end up lieing on the cold floor.
Weekends we will keep feeding schedule and walking schedule relatively the same, but we like to go out of town and hike or take the pup to the dog park near us to let him run around, but also puppy classes to help him socialize during the first few months.
I have tried leaving his food and water in the crate too but he just ends up making a mess. I’m just concerned about my pup not being socialized ENOUGH or having issues being crated 3-4 hours at a time during the day. I feel it must be a huge event departing from your parents and siblings to be completely isolated, transforming them from a dog to your pet! I had many tears and sleepless nights over this with the first pup I know how soul destroying it is. Successful for mobile phones - its almost like babies Stuff and get some help put him being.

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