And this is what one recipient had to say: “That little book you are sending around asking people to write something nice about someone and forward it along is a wonderful idea! Cheryl Miller of Wells Fargo created the game, Race for Recognition (see photo), with the help of her art and design group. The IT Recognition Committee at the British Columbia Lottery Corporation created a recognition wall. Make Their Day is part of the new BKPedia Advances in Leadership and Management Collection! They pack their bathing suits, swim trunks, and sunscreen but many forget to bring condoms which is why the risk of getting STDs on spring break is higher. Estimates suggest that about one in four college students have an STD, and half of the new cases of STDs each year occur in individuals between the ages of 15 and 24. When starting a sexual relationship with a new partner, it may seem awkward to bring up the topic of STDs. The best way to prevent the spread of STDs, besides abstaining from sex, is the use of condoms. When you enter into a new relationship, often the monogamy question is difficult to approach.
January is Birth Defects Prevention month — a good time for expecting parents to be reminded of the risks that sexually transmitted diseases pose to infants.
According to The American Journal of Medicine, more than half of the population will have an STD at some point in time. According to the CDC, the consistent and correct use of a latex condom is one of the most reliable ways to prevent against STD infection for those who are sexually active. If you need discreet and reliable STD testing visit your nearest ARCpoint Labs location today!
An STD incubation period is the amount of time it takes for symptoms to appear after exposure. Many people never experience symptoms, but when they do appear, it’s usually in one to three weeks. On average, the first syphilis symptoms appear about three weeks after infection, but they may appear 10 to 90 days after exposure to the bacterium. ARCpoint Labs nationwide are equipped to provide discreet and accurate STD testing for individuals. Ah the holiday season–filled with fun parties, quality time spent with friends and family, and…hookups? For those who are single, the holidays tend to be a time when casual hookups are used to push aside feelings of loneliness. In a Harvard University study conducted in 2013, data showed that Americans are living longer and healthier before.
The bubonic plague wreaked havoc on Medieval Europe, and it was thought to be all but gone. Autism is a developmental disorder that has increased by 63.3 percent in the last five years.
The bacteria are contracted through contamination and causes constipation and droopy eyelids. There is a vaccine available for whooping cough, but despite the medical community’s best efforts, reports of the disease have increased by over 145 percent over the last 10 years.
ARCpoint Labs nationwide can provide accurate, confidential STD testing services, including testing for syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Creating staff schedules for office or a clinic staff is a really time consuming thing but is the duty of a manager to create a schedule for the staff to make them punctual and organized.
Here is preview of this Staff Schedule Template that can easily help any businessman to effectively manage his staff’s schedules.
When it comes to preparing a staff schedule it is good to consider the following tips that will definitely make your scheduling easy and effective enough. List all the names of your employees or office staff along with their qualification, skills and expertise.
Open a spreadsheet of your own choice and list all the names of the employees according to their skills, qualification and expertise in the first column. Create a column for attendance purpose in which every day you have to write the arrival and leaving time of the employees. Send a soft copy of the staff schedule to each employee in order to minimize the risks of conflicts. If there is any issue found by employees in your prepared staff schedule then try to eliminate it because an employee’s self-efficacy is important enough for high productivity.
Review your schedule in order to check that your schedule is meeting all the requirements of labor law of your state. When you complete your staff schedule, take a print out of it and also send a soft copy to each staff member a day or two days before starting the week.
Related Schedule TemplatesLabor Schedule Template For running an effective business a good, potential, efficient and productive labor force is ameliorated and for getting a high profit, better market recognition and for meeting expectations in productions needs to have a well maintained labor schedule.

Shift based […]Daily Schedule Template Daily schedule is defined as structure of your daily life based on the priorities of your daily routine tasks. It is hoped that few of these instructions for using this template will assist you in getting most of this template. Memo Invoice Template A memo invoice is a business document that contains information about a sales transaction. Memo Invoice Credit Memo invoice credit is a business document that is issued by the seller to the customer as a reminder of his due payment which is due till now.
Interoffice Memo Template An interoffice memo is a letter that employees write among them to share information within the organization.  This business letter is also known as internal letter. Cover Letter Template A cover letter is used to introduce any business or career related document for instance a long report, business proposal or a resume etc.
This incredibly creative approach to working has brought us some of the best ideas we've ever seen. Wells Fargo managers played this western-themed board game as a way to reinforce both basic recognition principles and Wells Fargo’s recognition programs.
Students wanting to let loose and experience new things often take to the streets and beaches in the hottest destinations for a week of endless fun, adventure, and casual sexual encounters. College is a whirlwind of learning, cramming for exams, making new friends and gaining new experiences.
The CDC recommends that all sexually active college students get STD testing in order to be more informed about their own health and to prevent spreading STDs to their partners.
Protect yourself and your partner today by finding your nearest ARCpoint Labs location for STD testing.
However, if you’re going to get intimate with someone, you have the right to know if getting an STD is a possibility, and vice versa.
It is scary to admit your feelings for another person without knowing whether that other person wants the same things as you.
Find your nearest ARCpoint Labs location today to get tested so that you can be informed about your sexual health.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported last fall that rates of STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis all had a significant increase in 2014. Condoms are most effective against STDs that are spread by genital fluids, like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV. However, reducing the number of sexual partners is also an effective way to reduce risk of infection.
Getting vaccinated before sexual exposure is a reliable measure to take to prevent infection with HPV. While you should always use safer sex practices, especially with new or multiple partners, sometimes STD prevention methods fail.
Chlamydia can cause complications even in asymptomatic patients, so regular screening is important.
While the holiday season is great for couples, it can bring on extra feelings of stress and loneliness to singles.
This could mean reconnecting with an old flame while home for the holidays or hooking up with an acquaintance met at a holiday party after a few drinks.
However, by hooking up with someone without protection, you are putting yourself at risk for contracting any number of STDs.
It’s dangerous because it can be asymptomatic for a long time, but can end up damaging organs in the long run.
Some managers make staff schedule every week while some others prefer to create schedules twice a month.
A good labor force can only play a key role in the success of a business or a company if it is organized.
The daily schedule helps you to define your tasks and enlist them according to your available time and your needs. Business memo is used to spread information among the employees or to the company subsidiaries. Getting tested is the first step in preventing the spread of STDs, because without STD testing you may be spreading an STD without even realizing it.
However, in order to protect your health, we recommended having these four discussions with your new partner. If you know or suspect that you have an STD, talk to your partner about it and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. It is important that you and your partner can be open with each other about sexual health, and getting tested is a good first step. However, you and your partner should have a conversation about whether or not you are monogamous in order to be sure that you both are on the same page about the relationship.
However, condoms are less effective against STDs that are spread by skin-to-skin contact, like herpes, HPV, and syphilis. Staying with one uninfected sexual partner is a reliable way to prevent an STD infection, however it is essential that both you and your partner have first tested negative for STDs and are mutually monogamous.

If you wake up one morning with a strange rash or mark on your body, it can be very concerning. If you are concerned that you may have contracted an STD, be sure to contact your nearest location today! Unfortunately, the possibility of contracting an STD is all too real, especially when it comes to casual hookups. One poll reported that about 60% of people say they are more likely to hook up during the holidays than any other time of year.
However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, 14 diseases have been cropping up recently and becoming more and more prevalent.
Well, the preparation of a staff schedule is totally dependent on the nature of the work.  For a staff that deals with the regular operations of an office can easily move with a monthly schedule while for a staff that is assigned to a particular project a weekly schedule is good enough. Write names of the week on the top of each column by column two onward according to your work days. Keep a soft copy of the schedule on your laptop or PC all the time to check the working hours of employees and to maintain their attendance. According to many business entities creating a labor schedule is very complicated and time consuming. The whiteboard is used by both staff and managers and often includes project milestones, thanks for personal help, and congratulatory type stuff.  They erase items after about a week so that the notes are fresh and interesting. College students drink alcohol at record rates and often have casual romantic and sexual relationships with many different people.
As we said before, even though college students are adults under the law, in many ways they are still just kids. As smart as they may be, certain parts of maturity, including risk assessment and decision making, are still not fully developed. Furthermore, getting STD testing also helps college students to get the treatments they need. The question of monogamy is also important when it comes to sexual health, as having more than one partner increases the risk of contracting an STD. Keep in mind that symptoms aren’t necessarily a good measure of determining whether or not your or your partner has an STD. These days, staff schedule software are also in use with which you can create and maintain a staff schedule easily as compared to the traditional ways. While technically they are adults, college students have not yet reached full maturity in the brain when it comes to making decisions. There are several steps individuals can take to protect themselves and their partners from STD infection. Some people attribute this to the hookup culture promoted by casual dating apps like Tinder. Leave a column empty after writing the names of the days or dates in order to write over time of each employee.
Though, the types of weekly schedules are different in nature but are similar in purpose as all kinds of weekly schedules have to keep you on track and to bring an organizing sense in your life and work routine. For the effectiveness of appointments, people usually use appointment scheduling that makes your appointments organized and save them to miss any important appointment with their clients. As it is the business document so professionalism is the first thing that you need to keep in mind while drafting a memo. The bricks that appear at the bottom of the wall each have a plaque that commemorates an  IT milestone. That means that they often don’t think about the risks associated with their behavior. It is essential for college students to understand the risks associated with unprotected sex and to understand how to minimize those risks.
Informing yourself about your and your partner’s health is one of the most effective methods of STD prevention. Tinder allows complete strangers to easily find and hook up with each other at any time of the day or night. Usually when it comes to a weekly schedule the first […]Production Shift Schedule Template In many businesses for high production, managers usually rely on shift based work schedules. Here we present a memo template to give you a sample for drafting your business memo yourself. Though, in all working environments shifts are common phenomenon but it is more common in production sector where managers usually prefer shifts in order to increase their production and meet the requirements of the market.
You can use this memo template as your own by inserting your business image in place of sample text.
The purpose of shifts is to ensure 24 hours production in a particular sector and usually shifts are the most ameliorated parts of successful companies.

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