I have had them now for a little over three weeks and they are starting to warm up very well to people and their new environment. I ordered this cage on ebay, but you can easily make your own especially if you can make use of a lot more space in your home so that you do not need to have two levels.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Lima moves beyond ceviche with a refreshing menu of new restaurants and culinary approaches. Ia€™m reclining on a couch, and as a breeze slips in the wide-open window, I catch a whiff of stew cooking in the next room. Ia€™m near the end of a visit to Lima, and Peruvian food is a lot less mysterious to me than it was a week ago. As any chef will tell you, good Peruvian food has been around for centuries (after he reminds you that the potato and tomato originated here). The 2008 Guia Gastronomica del Peru, a local Zagata€™s guide of sorts, claims in its introduction, a€?The dream of positioning our cuisine in its rightful place, demonstrating all its wealth to the world, has now become a reality.a€? Today, the culinary profession is not only accepted in Peru, but chefs have become ambassadors, cheered on by Peruvians for bringing them good food. Thanks to the Humboldt Current, which brings very cold water up from the Antarctic and makes it especially nutrient-rich, the water along the Peruvian coast is one of the worlda€™s best sources of fish. We walk around La Plaza Mayor, the citya€™s main square, and Isabelle points out the Moorish architectural influences. Lima native GastA?n Acurio and his company have four restaurant concepts with dozens of locations around Latin America.
Ninety percent of our Peruvian food recipes use aji amarillo [yellow chili pepper, which is actually orange-colored].
The Jorge Chavez Airport is 30 to 45 minutes from Miraflores and San Isidro, depending on traffic. Now I'm curious as to whether or not we can give birds fully-functional, if not better-performing, prosthetic wings. Give it mini faux tarnished non-functional welders goggles attached to a top hat and that would really complete the ensemble.
Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. Wea€™re in a century-old mansion, aptly called a taller, the Spanish word that denotes the workshop of an artist or craftsman.

Before I arrived, my acquaintance with food from this country was limited to a savory Peruvian chicken joint in Virginia. But for most of that time, Peruvians didna€™t believe their food fit the standards of fine dining. Considered the national dish, ceviche is made from small pieces of raw fish (often sole, but it can also be octopus, tuna or clams), marinated in lime juice and tossed with thin slices of chili peppers and onions, which creates a wonderfully tangy, spicy dish.
We drive to the historic downtown, through the green district of San Isidro, past fruit hawkers and brightly colored buildings. After watching the changing of the guard at the Government Palace (complete with marching band), we tour the Cathedral and the Franciscan Monastery, where once a year residents can bring their pets to be blessed.
Peruviansa€”especially in the highlandsa€”eat cuy as matter-of-factly as North Americans eat chickens.
This year, he will expand to the United States and also hopes to roll out five new restaurant brands.
Go for the beautiful location, ocean views, rooftop pool and Poissonerie Restaurant; stay for the fabulous showers, the in-room saunas and the full-service Zest Spa, which has an invigorating Peruvian olive oil and brown sugar body polish treatment. Two blocks from the Lima Golf Course, the hotel is starting a major expansion this year, which will include the addition of 80 suites, a grand ballroom and a full-service spa.
This site provides lots of information about materials, how to get them, pictures of cages, and good how to tips.
This is where GastA?n, 40, plays with new ingredients, creates new dishes and works toward his mission of taking Peruvian food global.
If you wanted to take someone to a nice dinner here 10 to 15 years ago, locals told me it would be Italian or French, and if they ordered a cocktail, it was more likely to be whiskey than pisco, the locally produced liquor.
The best restaurants in the capital city are now Peruvian, and the most popular drinks are made with pisco.
I join him there for lunch one day, with Renato Peralta, a well-known restaurant consultant, and Kike Matsufuyi, who is opening an outpost of La Mar in San Franciscoa€™s Embarcadero in July.
Inside, we admire a version of The Last Supper, painted in 1696 by Flemish painter Diego de la Puente.
Some properties charge more than $40 for an airport transfer, but when pressed, the concierge should find you a reputable taxi service for a $12 lift to the airport. Ita€™s fish that melts in your mouth, desserts that seduce you night after night, and fruit that is too exotic and wonderful to find in the United States.

This, coupled with the fact that the upper class generally looked down on jobs not in the medical or legal fields, didna€™t bode well for the future of Peruvian gastronomy.
We sit for more than two hours in the thatched roof restaurant, ordering dish after dish under the loud Latin music. Pancho Fierro 115, San Isidro, 421-9708; three other locations), another one of GastA?na€™s restaurants, serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, liquor and desserts.
Renato took me to several city markets with fish, meat, flowers, spices and produce, including Mercado Central (where you can see bovine stomachs hanging like big white blankets and tongues as big as baseball bats), Mercado de Surquillo and Gran Mercado Inca in San Isidro, the most upscale of the three.
She reminds me to only drink bottled water and says that even some locals dona€™t drink tap water here. Isabelle points out the culinary clues on the dinner tablea€”the aji, lucuma, mazamorra morada and the dead giveaway, a plated cuya€”which immediately place this painting only in Peru.
I even visited an expatriate working in Lima, whose girlfriend had rescued a guinea pig from a barbecue in the mountains and kept it for a pet.
Kaplan about hot pepper power, dim sum dinners, his escape from law school and celebrity status. Since Peruvian cuisine is fairly new on the fashionable food front and many young, beautiful Peruvian chefs are now armed with European culinary training, ita€™s an exciting time to be eating in Lima. Fortunately, these pioneering chefs ditched their business degrees (and sometimes defied their parents) to mix new cooking skills with ancestorsa€™ recipes, use colorful, fresh ingredients, and present them beautifully in spectacularly designed restaurants. In the last couple days alone, Ia€™ve met three chefs younger than 30 who plan to open up their own restaurants this year.
It sits on my bread plate throughout dinner, until finally, before dessert, I break down and taste it.
I try to forget about it over dessert and decide that if I ever admit to eating cuy, Ia€™ll just say I was under the Peruvian influence and blame it on the pisco.

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