Through Ultrasound-Guided Uterine Operation Device, doctor can perform operation acknowledging the accurate size of Uterus and the exact location of gestational sac; thus, prevent the risks of Uterus damage, hematorrhea, and incomplete abortion, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of operation. A man-made Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is caused by a nuclear weapon detonated in the atmosphere. A House Homeland Security subcommittee is considering legislation, but very little has been done so far. A determined adversary can achieve an EMP attack capability without having a high level of sophistication. That means even basic modes of emergency response, like cars, planes, and other emergency vehicles, may not even start. The North is believed to be nearing completion of an electromagnetic pulse bomb that, if exploded 25 miles above ground would cause irreversible damage to electrical and electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, radio and radar, experts say.
The current attempts to interfere with GPS transmissions are coming from atop a modified truck-mounted Russian device. Gauging the Threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack is republished with permission of STRATFOR. Over the past decade there has been an ongoing debate over the threat posed by electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to modern civilization.
There is little doubt that efforts by the United States to harden infrastructure against EMP — and its ability to manage critical infrastructure manually in the event of an EMP attack — have been eroded in recent decades as the Cold War ended and the threat of nuclear conflict with Russia lessened. The only two requirements for protection with a Faraday box are: (1) the equipment inside the box does NOT touch the metal container (plastic, wadded paper, or cardboard can all be used to insulate it from the metal) and (2) the metal shield is continuous without any gaps between pieces or extra-large holes in it. Wouldn’t that temptation be even greater if that result could be achieved with a single attack, involving just one nuclear weapon, perhaps even one of modest power and relatively unsophisticated design?
And, what if the attacker could be reasonably sure that the United States would not know who was responsible for such a devastating blow?
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Taking inspiration from science-fiction, the development of electromagnetic pulse-like weapons is about to jolt into life. The Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project proposes to "mark a new era in modern warfare". CHAMP is capable of knocking out electronics within specific buildings, while keeping those in neighbouring buildings operational. Frostbite is an injury caused by the freezing of your skin and the underlying fluids and tissues. Frostbite generally occurs in several stages and takes time depending on the temperature and your exposure to the cold. Frostnip a€“ Frostnip is the first stage of frostbite and is what most of us who have lived for any amount of time and been outdoors have experienced. Superficial Frostbite a€“ The second stage of frostbite is red skin that turns white or pale. Severe Frostbite a€“ The longer you are exposed to the cold, the effects of frostbite damage all layers of the skin including the tissues underneath.
Dehydration a€“ another reason to ensure you have plenty of water even when ita€™s cold outside and you dona€™t think you are losing any from sweat.
Alcohol or drug use a€“ You do not want to be too stoned to know you are losing your fingers. Frostnip doesna€™t require any treatment and usually just getting warm and dry will reduce any effects from the cold.
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According to the Abstract of the original Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from EMP Attack, U.S. An EMP attack can cripple our infrastructure causing all of our electronic equipment and infrastructure to fail. Current emergency planning is primarily based upon short-term disasters, and is heavily dependent upon assistance from peripheral communities; unfortunately, an EMP could have long-lasting and wide-spread effects that are not adequately addressed by current planning. Increasing nuclear terrorist threats like those of North Korea and Iran can disable the entire power grid in North America are a clear and present danger. Pyongyang reportedly imported the GPS jamming system from Russia in early 2000 and has since developed two kinds of a modified version. This debate has been the most heated perhaps in the United States, where the commission appointed by Congress to assess the threat to the United States warned of the dangers posed by EMP in reports released in 2004 and 2008.
Despite what you may have read or heard, these boxes do NOT have to be airtight due to the long wave length of EMP; boxes can be made of wire screen or other porous metal. Liam Stoker profiles Boeing's recently tested CHAMP missile and finds out how an Israeli grenade has been engineered to obliterate all communications without causing any loss of life. Well, ita€™s that time of year to worry about getting nipped too hard by our cold natured friend.
Make sure you have proper cold weather equipment and you are able to reduce your exposure to the cold.
This can be felt in early, less severe forms and most of us have been so cold that we felt numb before.
Numbness, loss of sensation including any pain or discomfort is a sign that your tissues have died essentially.
Diabetic Neuropathy is one that comes to mind so if you have people in your Prepping group who have diabetes, this is something to watch out for.
The longer your exposure, the more risk you have of damage and complications from frostbite. We were taught to do this in the Army with our battle buddy and thankfully I never had to put that in place.
Again, this is not an injury you ever want to have but in a grid-down environment, make sure you do your best to avoid this. In fact, two Congressional Commissions have recently warned that America could suffer catastrophic consequences from a nuclear EMP attack by terrorists or rogue states.
Congress, 2004: Several potential adversaries have or can acquire the capability to attack the United States with a high-altitude nuclear weapon-generated electromagnetic pulse (EMP).
Moreover, availability of fundamental resources such as our food, water, and medical supplies would almost certainly break down. Terrorists and rouge nations don’t even need accurate or long range ballistic missiles. The commission also called for a national commitment to address the EMP threat by hardening the national infrastructure. The colder weather makes me think of issues that I have to watch out for and one of them is frostbite. Fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks or your chin are where you are most likely to get frostbite because when you are cold, the blood in your body retreats towards the core to keep the vital organs functioning and warm. Your skin could also become paler as in your fingertips which will lead to prickly feelings and numbness. There is no way you will know that this is happening of course and your skin may actually start to feel warm. Your joints or muscles may stop working and you will have large blisters form after you have warmed back up.

If we were experiencing frostbite we were supposed to stick our hands in our buddya€™s armpits or our feet on their belly. The cost of remedying the situation, especially retrofitting older systems rather than simply regulating that new systems be better hardened, is immense. Devices such as electromagnetic pulse bombs threaten to affect a large area and remain indiscriminate in doing so, putting at risk hospitals and other buildings that offer crucial services to innocent civilians. Frostbite can affect anyone and you dona€™t have to hike all the way up Mount Everest to feel its effects. Gloves are often overlooked when we think of prepper supplies but even with gloves, most are not designed to keep your fingers protected against every harsh environment. Severe frostbite requires medical attention because it can literally destroy skin, tissues, even muscle and bones.
When you begin to warm up you may feel pain but this passes and frostnip does not cause any permanent damage and is usually remedied with some warmer temperature and a nice mug of cocoa.
If you get out of the cold at this point you may notice that your skin appears blue, purple or splotchy and will start to sting, burn and swell. This is the point that skin turns black, hard and you will start losing things that you used to have. The water temperature should only feel warm and you should have someone who hasna€™t been affected test the temperature or you can stick an unexposed body part like an elbow in the water to test if you do not have a thermometer.
And as with any issue involving massive amounts of money, the debate over guarding against EMP has become quite politicized in recent years. The CHAMP works by directing a precise beam of high-energy microwaves at the target building, disabling the electronics inside within seconds.Boeing reported the results of the successful test, in which the missile was fired before disabling computers in target buildings. As we think of prepping, one aspect we prepare for is bugging out or being without shelter due to societal collapse, natural weather event or some other calamity that causes major upheaval.
If wet, even the most expensive gloves will be no better at keeping your hands warm than a wet bag. This is not good and ita€™s very important to recognize the signs of frostbite early to prevent this from ever happening. The missile flew for an hour and targeted seven buildings, disrupting computers while limiting collateral damage. You do not want to deal with any injuries during a grid down or bug out scenario, but frostbite could lead to worse problems. Upon completion, the missile was flown to an undisclosed location before returning to Earth.A video released by Boeing to accompany the news of the successful test indicates the CHAMP's potential use inside bustling cities with targets surrounded by costly collateral.
Knowing how to prevent frostbite could be a valuable prepping skill you need to know if faced with that prospect. If you have signs of superficial or severe frostbite you should seek medical attention immediately. When deployed, the device uses electrons to disrupt nearby communications devices using channels, with the device capable of being pre-programmed to block any specific channels.These can include remote IED triggers like rigged cellular phones, a common ploy used in urban warzones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. After use, the device can simply be picked up, recharged and reprogrammed for use in other combat missions.Miniaturised, but just as effectiveThe developers did, however, have to work around some critical issues in order to ensure the device remained combat-able.

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