Georgia Tech researchers have developed a device fingerprinting technique that could improve the security of the electrical grid and other industrial systems.
Human voices are individually recognizable because they're generated by the unique components of each person's voice box, pharynx, esophagus and other physical structures. Researchers are using the same principle to identify devices on electrical grid control networks, using their unique electronic "voices" - fingerprints produced by the devices' individual physical characteristics - to determine which signals are legitimate and which signals might be from attackers. The research, reported February 23 at the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium in San Diego, was supported in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF).
For instance, control devices used in the power grid produce signals that are distinctive because of their unique physical configurations and compositions. To develop the device fingerprints, the researchers, including mechanical engineering assistant professor Jonathan Rogers, have built computer models of utility grid devices to understand how they operate. The researchers have demonstrated the technique on two electrical substations, and plan to continue refining it until it becomes close to 100 percent accurate. Because they also include devices with measurable physical properties, Beyah believes the approach could have broad application to securing industrial control systems used in manufacturing, oil and gas refining, wastewater treatment and other industries.
David Formby, Preethi Srinivasan, Andrew Leonard, Jonathan Rogers and Raheem Beyah, "Who's in Control of Your Control System? As electricity grids become more sophisticated, grid administrators can collect instantaneous data on consumer and supplier behavior.
For most people, the term "cyber security" calls to mind stories of data theft like the recent hacks of the OPM database, or network spying like the 2012 breach of the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet.
The electric grid has to balance power supply and demand nearly in real-time, requiring power plants to be adjusted on a second-by-second basis. Physical attacks on devices connected to the Internet can be detected by analysing WiFi signals, computer scientists have discovered. HTC is promising a better cameraa€”along with refinements in audio and designa€”as it unveils its latest flagship phone, the HTC 10. Self-driving cars are more likely to hurt than help public safety because of unsolved technical issues, engineers and safety advocates told the government Friday, countering a push by innovators to speed government approval. The robots are cominga€”to help run your life or sell you stuffa€”at an online texting service near you. How will this system adapt to changes in those particular characteristics caused by changes in springs, or temperature, or wear?
It will have to be done automatically, with those trends of each device built-in, and deviations tracked. Ira, you are on a mud boat, and have not worked with technical electronics at the system level. Smartphones have come to define us by being the portal to our online identity and as such should be treated with care and secured against any wrongdoing online (hacking) or offline (stolen). Your entire information is traceable and downloadable and may be shared all over the World Wide Web if you are not careful enough. Many users tend to save their passwords to online services and sites on their device, never once thinking about what it would mean to a person who got their hands on the phone.
If you are running on Jelly Bean, you can have a screen lock and encryption enabled to further enhance your security. It is necessary to lock your apps, especially the ones holding private information that you wish nobody but you could see. While you at it, avoid using a combination of a pin or pattern lock that can be traceable from the smudges of your screen (Yes, it is traceable). Before you begin installing an app from Google Play, a list of requested permissions will pop up to show you what permission the app requires.
Always read through the permissions to make sure they make sense and correspond to what the app actually does eg. While you’re at it, make it a habit to read the comments as well as the rating of the app that you are going to download.
You can protect your information by using apps like Hideninja VPN so that your outgoing connection is always encrypted, making it harder for anyone to sabotage your data. If you own an Android tablet and have to share it with a sibling, a spouse, or your kids, having multiple user accounts will help each of you protect your privacy.
Even if you could retrieve your stolen phone, chances are that hackers that have managed to access your device will render it useless. Facebook Twitter Google+ StumbleUpon Reddit Buffer Pocket Facebook Twitter Google+ StumbleUpon Reddit Buffer Pocket Before we get to the important business of keeping your Android and its information safe, I’d like to take a moment to thank Tech Legends for the chance to reach out to its readers! All of the pointers below are surprisingly easy, so there’s no reason to cut corners with mobile security!
Apps from services you’ve heard of—such as Facebook and Amazon—are almost always safe to download, since they go through a rigorous testing process funded by legitimate sources. The number one sign of an untrustworthy app is asking for permissions it doesn’t need. If your operating system and apps aren’t up-to-date, you might be missing out on important security fixes, leaving you exposed to threats that have already been dealt with. On Android, you can update your operating system by going to the Settings menu and then navigating to About Phone. There are lots of apps that will help protect you against malware, and many of them come from industry leaders that you’re probably familiar with. PC Mag offers you a curated list of the best anti-virus apps to choose from!
When you use public, unsecured WiFi, people can grab your information as easily as if you were shouting at the next table in a restaurant.
You can get away with using public WiFi only if you make the smart decision we’re going to address in our next point.
The technology was originally invented so that people who work remotely could access company networks from any location, but now it’s put to a number of uses, such as dodging geo-blocking, safely pirating media, and preventing hackers from being able to access most of your information. There are lots of VPN options, but it’s best to avoid the free ones, since often they rely on shoddy business practices. I’m looking for an app for my lg phone that will provide me with a notification light on the front of the phone. Well, if you don’t have a notification light (as included in hardware), an app cannot provide that. And, if your device comes with a hidden notification light which LG doesn’t let you use (like some Motorola devices), you can enable the light by rooting methods and applications.

I can see how that must be annoying for you but other than investing in new hardware, I’m not sure there is a lot you can do. Stagefright is among the worst vulnerabilities discovered in Android's millions upon millions of lines of code.
Since researches by Zimperium unearthed the vulnerability, carriers and device vendors have been scrambling to get security updates for flagship smartphones out of the door, with an unprecedented speed at that.
Zimperium zLabs created a Detector app to validate that you are running an Android version that is not vulnerable to Stagefright. This Stagefright Detector app scans your Android device to determine whether you are affected by the Stagefright vulnerability and provides you with practical advice on how to protect yourself and your device. ESET Stagefright Detector is a free application from ESET (makers of ESET Antivirus), which allows you to find out if your Android device is vulnerable to the critical Stagefright vulnerability.
You know that if you run android 4.1 which came out around 3 and half years ago, all this bug does is crash stageright, right?
If you’re hacked this could result in the loss of passwords, banking information, personal data, and your device no longer working.
The most obvious way to increase your iPad security is to turn on your Passcode lock screen. Since this is an Apple app, you also have a handy tool that will allow you to reset your iPad to factory settings. As a failsafe incase you can’t get to your Find My App option to remote wipe, a useful iPad security tool built right into the system is the Remote Wipe function. If you were a hacker who find an iPad they wanted to hack, and saw it had Find My iPad turned on, what’s the first thing you’d want to do? There, Siri will no longer share your deepest, darkest secrets and your iPad security will be better for it!
A similar approach could also be used to protect networked industrial control systems in oil and gas refineries, manufacturing facilities, wastewater treatment plants and other critical industrial systems. While device fingerprinting isn't a complete solution in itself, the technique could help address the unique security challenges of the electrical grid and other cyber-physical systems. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering set out to develop security techniques that take advantage of the unique physical properties of the grid and the consistent type of operations that take place there.
Security devices listening to signals traversing the grid's control systems can differentiate between these legitimate devices and signals produced by equipment that's not part of the system. Devices such as circuit breakers and electrical protection systems can be told to open or close remotely, and they then report on the actions they've taken.
Information to build the models came from "black box" techniques - watching the information that goes into and out of the system - and "white box" techniques that utilize schematics or physical access to the systems. Their current technique addresses the protocol used for more than half of the devices on the electrical grid, and future work will include examining application of the method to other protocols. Beyond industrial controls, the principle could also apply to the Internet of Things (IoT), where the devices being controlled have specific signatures related to switching them on and off. VERY often there are replacement parts with different characteristics substituted for historically available ones. If you are not careful, losing your smartphone may mean more than just a loss in contacts and phone numbers.
Avoid having all important passwords saved in your device particularly when it comes to banking or payment apps. There are many types of screen locks available for you to choose from such as password, pin, pattern and face unlock, available in your Android settings. This is a second layer of security to prevent anyone from using your lost device particularly if they have managed to bypass your locked Android. The idea here is not to lock every single app in your device, just really data-laden ones like your email apps or file managers. This helps you understand more about what the app really does without trying it out firsthand. Try to avoid using public WiFi whenever you want to do something important like doing your banking online. If you suspect that your device is being attacked, WiFi Protector can help fend off these attackers. Find a mobile security app that you are comfortable using, for example: Lookout Security & Antivirus and avast! If you have a backup however, you can still restore your Android device back to its original state. Well, as the smartphone industry would have it, your phone is built to be trackable, via GPS. But, you still need one last feature – the ability for you to wipe your device remotely.
You can sign up for the account here and let just hope that the day you need to use their remote wipe feature will never come. This site is always a great read, and there’s so much info I often spend more time here than I mean to!
After all, the more people you can reach with one security flaw, the more damage you can do. All the technology in the world can’t circumvent making uninformed choices that put you at risk.
However, there are lots of apps from less well-known companies and organizations that are also perfectly safe. For example, a map application might need your location so it can help you find your destination, but why would it need to access your pictures? A common trick hackers and spammers use to get you to download malware is by sending you fake update notifications. If you need to double-check, you can access your network’s information by tapping the WiFi button under the Settings menu. When you jailbreak your phone, or get root access, you gain access to all of your phone’s systems and files. Because I have the iPad and the phone neither one of them has a notification light for missed calls messages etc.
But, we can’t really discuss rooting a device, it voids the warranty (unless you have the developer edition).

The vulnerability is contained within Android's multimedia library and has stayed since Android 2.2 FroYo came out in May 2010.
No previous Android exploit, of which many have been found and documented over the years, has ever gotten the mobile device powers that be so worked up. You must be careful, though, for when you install the app, you wont be able to restore the backup file from the app itself. While you may feel that the things on your iPad are worthless, this doesn’t mean that someone won’t still try and hack your iPad. It can help you locate your iPad when you’ve lost it in your home by activating a ‘screamer.’ If you turn on the screamer and still can’t find your iPad, use the GPS feature to see where it is. If your iPad has sensitive data on it, or drunken naked photos, this may just save you from all kinds of fraud and embarrassment. Remote Wipe will set your iPad back to factory settings after 10 failed attempts at your Passcode. Thieves know this and have devised a few tricks to steal your data without you know, like the man in the middle attack. This is convenient for you, and can be just as convenient for hackers and thieves who get their hands on your iPad for even a moment. Because they are distributed around the country, often in remote areas, the systems are also difficult to update using the "patching" techniques common in computer networks. The time required to open a breaker or a valve is determined by the physical properties of the device.
We’re talking about your social media accounts, your synced files, important documents, your emails, photos and messages. Even when setting pins or pattern locks, try not to make it easy for hackers to guess your password. As long you are sharing the same network with the public, they can easily sniff out your packets and translate it into actual data of your private information i.e. To further enhance your network security you can apply settings from SecDroid but note that this app is only for rooted phones. You can choose to backup important information to the Cloud, your desktop or even to a flash drive, for insurance. To read more about Android privacy, check out this review of Privacy Wizard for Android or Top 4 Secure Messaging Apps for your Smartphone, but be sure you don’t miss all the great gaming information around here! If you get an email from a friend that sounds as if someone else wrote it, or you’re told you won a PlayStation 4, don’t click! Before you do so, however, you may want to back up your contacts and photos just to be safe.
I do not always carry my phone with me and this is the first phone I have ever owned that did not have a notification light!
By now, the library has been used for so many Android versions, researchers claim that 95% of all Android devices contain this vulnerability, with devices running pre-Jelly Bean versions of Android being the most vulnerable.The Stagefright exploit lets attackers execute code remotely on an Android device by sending an MMS, which the Android system believes to contain a video.
The situation is critical, but thankfully, tools to combat possible attacks driven by the exploit appeared quite quickly. You'll also need root privileges to make the changes happen, for without root, the app won't work. Consider turning on the complex option which gives you numbers, upper and lower case letters, and symbols for the greatest iPad security at the Passcode screen.
This when things get secret agent as your Find My iPad app doesn’t tell a thief that they’re being tracked – but you know they are. This hack steals your information as plain text when a hacker inserts themselves between your iPad and your public WiFi connection without you knowing it.
Using one of the VPN providers we recommend will protect your iPad from Internet based hacks like the man in the middle which can steal your passwords, banking information, and sign in details. And on the electric grid, keeping the power on is a priority, so security can't cause delays or shutdowns. If an acknowledgement arrives too soon after the command is issued - less time than it would take for a breaker or valve to open, for instance - the security system could suspect spoofing, Beyah explained. You would know all about that sort of stuffs if you actually read some the articles about technology here on the physorg.
It'll do the job far better, have no moving parts, switch faster and last longer, but all those things would change the "fingerprint" Parts are going obsolete all the time.
Even with a security app, you shouldn’t let your guard down as Android malware is getting stronger and more rampant, which brings us to the next tip. Fret not because, there are plenty of device-tracking apps for Android that can help you locate your lost or stolen device, some can even turn on the GPS on your phone remotely.
I downloaded a flashlight which will give me notification but it blinks in the back and because my phone is in the case I cannot see the notification light.
On older devices running the vulnerable pre-Jelly Bean Android versions, the user doesn't even have to open the MMS for the exploit to work, as the operating system pre-processes the message before the user reads it.
This is me talking about the technical and science stuffs,,,,,,,,, How will this system adapt to changes in those particular characteristics caused by changes in springs, or temperature, or wear?
There are limited phones for iOS platform (Apple), but it isn’t the case with Android devices.
There are some out there that say that they do this but I do not have the time to download every one of them and try them. I appreciate your ability to pretend that you are not embarrassed to get caught blurting a wrong thing,,, AGAIN.
You can build sensors and algorithms to keep track and adjust for just about anything.Us in the business of mechanical things know about this stuffs.
Well us in the business don't call them accountants but I suppose a goober who doesn't know about them things might call them that.

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