Changing lanes to get off the highway isn’t always easy for truckers operating vehicles weighing several tons. In 2012, legislation passed that no longer allows truck drivers to use mobile devices on the road without Bluetooth or a headset. Content brought to you by Open Road Drivers Plan, protecting your livelihood and CDL since 1989. Last month, we asked Open Road Drivers Plan members to tell us a little bit about their lives as truckers. Most drivers surveyed (78.4%) fall in the middle range of miles driven for month, sitting between 5,000 and 15,000.
In maybe the least surprising answer on the survey, 86.1% of drivers who answered were male. While the gender question may have provided the least surprising answer, a close second was the question that asked what wireless devices are used by drivers. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is celebrated this week, September 13-19, to honor the 3.4 million professional truck drivers across the country. The week brings festivities hosted by motor carriers, shippers and other trucking-related industries, as well as with events hosted by American Trucking Associations, its state affiliates and America’s Road Team Captains.

These groups routinely host driver award ceremonies and company cookouts, give bonuses and gifts to drivers, and other acts of appreciation for the extremely important job America’s truck drivers do. There are over 3.4 million professional truck drivers transporting essential goods that we use every day.
ATA began celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in 1988 in an effort to honor these hard-working drivers. Keeping this in mind, truck drivers need to know if an upcoming weigh station rest stop has room for them or if they have to drive on to the next one.
The initiative consists of placing cameras in rest area parking lots to help truckers check for available space in the weigh station. Overdrive magazine says this new system will notify truckers without causing them to check their phones and break the rules. It was a short survey, but the answers were perfect to help us better serve our membership. That means they avoided the blitz during CVSA Roadcheck 2014 and have likely not even been pulled over for a citation of any kind because no officer inspected their big rig.
More than 10% of drivers do drive more than 15,000 per month, though, which is quite a long haul.

Drivers will have access to the information through a website, in-cab messaging and changeable message signs along I-94.
As a thank you to finishing the survey, we offered up Walmart gift cards to a few lucky respondents, who should already be enjoying their prize. That’s plenty of opportunity to get stopped for a citation for anything and everything.
All we at Open Road Drivers Plan ask for is that you use your smartphone wisely, which means not while you’re on the road. A new rig was ordered and is on its way to Hattiesburg, Mississippi where the Broncos are playing Southern Miss on Saturday.

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