For the past 5-6 years I’ve been drinking between 300-500mg of caffeine per day (standard 8oz coffee has ~100mg). I have trouble sleeping and I carry on a lot  of tension in my middle upper back and neck – I was curious if caffeine could be my culprit. In the meantime, a friend of mine works a stressful job and the amount of coffee he has been drinking was starting to affect his health.
Before quitting my desk job at Oracle, I decided to take a 2-week vacation and burn all my remaining vacation days! Vacation timing worked out so I can spend time with my family for the holidays before heading to Asia for some extended travel.
As a bonus – I always have a little extra energy while traveling and getting out my daily routine should help me beat the brown devil! Some people say it’s better to slowly cut your caffeine consumption down each week until you are fully weaned off – easier on your body and fewer headaches. Medium cold press from Caribou (my standard morning fix), hot cacao drink, and an afternoon coffee to keep me going.
On to the most dreaded task of the trip… finalizing my Indian Visa and sending it off. Didn’t sleep well the night before which I am blaming myself for forgetting to take melatonin before bed. Increased awareness of the messages my body is sending – example: I’m hungry at normal times and I notice increased effects of food choices (both healthy and un-healthy). Day 21: Medium Cacao drink – contains theobromine, guessing to be the equivalent of 50mg of caffeine although it is much more calm and focused instead of speedy caffeine feelings.
Positive attitude – it won’t be fun and you may notice your normal upbeat personality dulled for the first 5 days. Yerba Mate – A tea traditional enjoyed by gathering in a circle with your friends and drinking out of a gourd. Matcha green tea – a high end type of green tea that comes in a finely ground powder form.
Anyway, the move has encouraged us to each examine our lives and to make some pretty significant changes in the way we do things.
I quit caffeine cold-turkey about 4 or 5 months ago, only to find myself back on the 3-4 cups per day regimen after 2 weeks. Juicing would be a PERFECT substitute for morning caffeine… especially if you pair that with light workouts and lots of water.
PS: It’s been 6+ months since my last cup, and messages like this keep me motivated to stay off it!

Since I didn’t need to be productive at work for 2 weeks, I figured that would be a perfect time to ditch caffeine. I’ve already spent 25+ hours dealing with this crap and now I have to finish it without caffeine?! Crazy to think I didn’t notice the extreme affects of caffeine affecting my stomach and hunger schedule for so long. Mild caffeine affects, but very manageable, interesting to identify the affects on such a low does as I was taking 10-15x that amount every day for 5+ years. The tradition was started in South America, however Yerba Mate is regularly available all over the world. The tea dissolves into your hot water which increases the health benefits because you ingest the tea.
I think my intestines started improving after day 3 or 4, and continued to improve for a couple weeks after.
The first four days without caffeine was horrible then I succumb to caffeine and drank today. We have tried to eliminate as many bad habits and non-essentials as possible so that they don’t follow us into the new house. And honestly I think being mentally tough and actually committed to ditching caffeine is what will make or break it. Nothing better than waking up early on a Saturday, turning on some good tunes, cooking a nice breakfast and then enjoying a home brewed cup of perfection. What a struggle. Luckily Fedex has workstations with sound proof walls so the staff cannot hear me cussing and sputtering out sentence fragments.
After breakfast and rooibos tea, went to the rec center for a full body lift and a nice soak in the hot tub.
I can also hear what my body is telling me without caffeine interfering – this has led to an increase in the desire to eat healthy as I’m more sensitive to both good and bad foods.
Definately liking the positive changes so far and going to continue a caffeine free routine. I divorced caffeine when I was on a 2-week break from work which I think made it much easier. Started to notice how my energy revolves around food like clockwork (this was not the case with excessive caffeine). This inspired me to whip out the old juicer once the move is final and make some vitamin-packed beverages throughout the day. After eating I was sluggish for an hour, followed by 3-4 hours of steadily increasing brain power and energy.

Also, I would usually drink coke or redbull on the weekends filled with cancer causing aspertame. On one hand, I love having the peace and quiet to read blogs, books, and plan my day–all with a delicious, energy-providing coffee by my side.
Workout started out rocky and almost quit after a gnarly headache set in. Turns out this workout was the best decision I’d made since starting this experiment. After the 4 hour mark I would get slightly irritable and blood sugar would drop signaling time to eat!
I’ve been thinking about making changes in my routine for a while mostly due to cost.
On the other, I hate feeling the need to brew and begin drinking a cup of the stuff within 5 minutes of waking in order to not feel physically ill. I couldn’t believe how one minute I felt fine, and the next my head nodded down right in the middle of an email.
Everywhere I looked it seemed as though people were enjoying a hot cup of java, I wanted to quit and put this headache behind me!!
I drank coffee from Starbucks every morning which is like burning money in a fire pit every day, but I never really got motivated about making the change until reading your post so thank you. I’m a creature of habit and love the tradition of brewing, but lately it has seemed as if the can of coffee grounds is commanding me at gunpoint!
My family and I stopped at a local coffee shop in Keystone before heading to lunch; A place I would have drooled over just one week earlier. I didn’t get headaches but have gotten them before from not drinking coffee so I guess I just got lucky this time. Then the fun part, left work at 4PM to embark on an 8.5hr travel day from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Keystone, Colorado.
Everyone ordered their coffee drinks, and then I asked “do you have anything without caffeine?
After the workout we took a drive to the top of the continental divide and really got a taste of mother nature.
Wrapped up the night at a lovely Sushi Restaurant with my little sister who just finished a 12 hour day at the River Run Keystone rental shop. Next was a Christmas feast (bacon wrapped water chestnuts, shrimp, salad, and some local beers).

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