A Dutch woman who survived five days lost in thick forest in Victoria built a hut and used river moss to keep warm. Veronique Biunkens, who is from the Netherlands, was staying at the SIBA Buddhist Centre, between Buchan and Gelantipy, when she left for a walk last Thursday. She quickly became lost in thick bushland that does not have walking tracks, but it was four days before she was reported missing to police.
Victoria Police Inspector Mark Edwards said it was the first time he had seen someone survive after being lost for that length of time. He said Ms Biukens set up camp near a river bed so she would have access to water when she realised she was lost. Ms Biunkens was found by rescuers less than two kilometres away from where she had gone missing. But Inspector Edwards said it was a good thing she stayed in one spot once she realised she was lost.
Receive the latest breaking news across sport, money, life and entertainment, delivered every weekday and Saturday. The children obviously adore him, seeing how they swarm him with hugs and hi-fives every morning. Following graduation from university with a degree in education, Gao's first job was at an early learning center where he spent most of his time singing songs with kids and talking to them about their favorite cartoon characters. Like all the other kindergarten teachers, Gao spent one year as an intern working with different classes and age groups before serving four years as an assistant teacher.
Over the years, he has learned from his female colleagues how to be attentive and patient while retaining his masculine traits, such as exuding confidence and bravery.
Male teachers like Gao are often tasked to help children learn via practical activities, instead of simply through pictorial facts and information. Some of the other activities he has conducted involve having the kids put biscuits and water into a sealed bag to simulate the function of a stomach. Compared to his female counterparts with similar working experience, Gao said that he has more opportunities to take on open classes which are normally reserved for more experienced teachers.
However, he admits that the pressure from society - that professionals like him don't earn enough compared to peers in other industries - still has a certain effect on male kindergarten teachers like himself. He said that this is one of major reasons why there is a shortage of male teachers despite the rise in public recognition of their profession. Despite heightened efforts by Chinese schools to recruit more male teachers in an attempt to counter what education officials worry is a trend of increasing numbers of effeminate boys, male educators are still in short supply across pre-schools in Shanghai. According to statistics from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, there were a total of 53,352 employees in more than 2,000 Shanghai kindergartens as of 2014. Authorities have in recent times made it easier for men to enter this industry by implementing relaxed college admission requirements and offering scholarships that come with guaranteed full-time employment in schools, but it seems that Chinese men are still reluctant to take on the roles. Chen Yilang, one of the few male teachers working at the Jiangwan branch of the China Welfare Institute Kindergarten, said that while teachers are generally held in high regard in society, the wages earned by men in pre-schools are still considered uncompetitive. He noted there is also the social stigma that men working in preschools are - somewhat ironically in this case - rather effeminate themselves because the education sector has always been a woman's domain. Educators in China believe that a gender imbalance in teachers in kindergartens and primary schools may pose serious social consequences as education during these particular periods is critical to character formation.
Feng Wei, the head of China Welfare Institute Kindergarten in Shanghai, said that the lack of male teachers in schools has resulted in an increasing number of boys growing up to be shy and timid. She noted that the typical family environment in China has also played a role - mothers are often the parental figures who raise their children as the father is still expected to bring home the bacon. Over at Shanghai Normal University, Shi Bin, director of the Fundamental Education Development Center, added that authorities should focus on promoting the "respect to teachers" notion as he believes this would eventually attract men to join the teaching industry and change societal perceptions.
Some Chinese parents have already started to take action after noticing that their children appear to be somewhat timid when it comes to participating in team-based activities.
Zhu Yanjun, a 35-year-old mother of two boys, has responded by making her children take part in activities such as football, ice hockey and taekwondo regularly.
The China Welfare Institute Kindergarten in Shanghai is one of the few institutes around that champion the importance of team-based activities. Feng also said male teachers provide a different dimension to the teaching approach with their masculinity and thinking processes, and that the distinct teaching methods employed by the male and female teachers help provide children with a holistic learning experience. Wang Jiaming, a 34-year-old male teacher at the school, is a proponent of team-based learning, and has been busy helping his female colleagues with organizing activities.
According to Chen, male teachers like him and Wang adopt the pedagogy of being "playmates" to the children instead of establishing a conventional teacher and student relationship.
A sturdy Chinese breed of pony rediscovered 35 years ago is helping lead the growing popularity of horsemanship in the country.
The Debao pony from South China was "newly found" in 1981, according to a 2004 research paper from the Institute of Animal Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. At the time, the pony, a descendant of an ancient breed, was in danger of being lost again to history.
But breeding of the Debao pony and the growth of equestrian sports centered on the breed have helped change the outlook. The county is located in Baise, the westernmost prefecture-level city of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. The China Debao Pony Breeding Center was opened in 2009, and in 2012 it formed ties with local education authorities and the Debao County Technical and Vocational School to encourage equestrian skills among teenagers. Lu Cuiting, 16, a student at the school, says she started taking horsemanship classes at school a year and a half ago out of curiosity.
Lu Rizhang, 22, no relation, one of the first students to learn horsemanship at the local school and a member of the first polo team in Debao, became the school's riding coach in 2015.
The students study equestrian science in the classroom, then practice their riding and other horsemanship skills at the breeding center, says Huang Hanhua, director of center.
Liang Jiansen, a director of China Horse Industry Association, tells China Daily that although the Debao pony is short, it is muscular and strong enough to carry 200 kilograms in the form of cargo or a rider.
The guoxia pony was raised as early as the Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), and a 2,000-year-old bronze statue of a pony was discovered in China. While not every pony is suitable for riding, especially for teenagers who are just learning, Huang says they choose the ponies that are strong but not too aggressive for the students. Now, however, she says she is good at riding, and has been able to demonstrate the merits of her choice to her parents, as well as having a connection with the ponies. Lu Rizhang, the coach, says the future of horsemanship students is quite bright, given that equestrian activities are becoming more and more popular among residents of China's big cities. While there were only 10 students in the horsemanship class in 2012, nine of whom have gone on to get jobs at equestrian facilities around China, now there are over 70 students in the major as the demand for professional talent increases. One major example is the Kong Ancestral Temple in Hefei, capital of East China's Anhui province.
Many visitors at the temple in the city's Baohe district will first be impressed by the motifs of Chinese dragons on the roof beams of its structures.
In the past, the dragon was mostly depicted on the attire, buildings and other items of the imperial family; people who were not connected to the emperor but used images of the dragon could be punished. As one of the very few exceptions, an emperor had allowed dragon motifs in the Kong Ancestral Temple, since its builders were from a very special family. Kong is the surname of the family that traces back to Confucius (551-479 BC), one of China's most famous philosophers. Confucius was born and spent most of his life in what is now Shandong province, where many of his descendants had lived. His descendants later built the Hefei ancestral hall, which was found in disrepair during the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
Kong Fanjin had a brother, Kong Fanqin, who was also a general, in what is now the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region in South China. Proud family members back home carved the content of the imperial edict on a stone tablet, but instead of placing it in a prominent location, as commonly practiced, they embedded it in a wall beside their ancestral tablets.
During the "cultural revolution" (1966-76), when the temple was used as a barn, grain filled the room and people forgot there was a monument there, "so it survived", he said.
The Czech Republic is the most highly developed industrialized economy among the Central and Eastern European Countries. According to a number of economic, social and political indicators, the Czech Republic also ranks among the world's most advanced countries. The Czech Republic hosts over 100,000 foreign companies of all sizes, including well-known multinational companies such as ABB, Foxconn, Honeywell, Continental, Ford, Panasonic, IBM, Microsoft, DHL, Astra Zeneca, Rockwell, Procter & Gamble, Renault, Siemens, Robert Bosch, Tyco, TPCA, Hyundai and Volkswagen, which all have significant subsidiaries in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic offers a strategic location right in the middle of Europe, which drastically reduces the logistics costs associated with serving the Eastern and Western European markets. The main investment opportunities in the Czech Republic are in aerospace, the automotive industry, clean-tech and energy, electronics, business support services, engineering technology and machinery, software and ICT, and nanotechnology and nanomaterials. The Czech Republic has one of the highest concentrations of automotive-related manufacturing and design activity in the world. The combination of a strong engineering background, extensive testing experience, excellent product reputation and high product reliability in various climatic conditions reinforces the Czech Republic's competitiveness at the global level and enables further development of characteristically high-quality aerospace products.
With national and EU support, the Czech Republic creates a broad range of opportunities for investors to design, manufacture and deliver new technologies for environmental protection and energy savings for more than 700 million consumers in the European market. As shown by the FDI Benchmark 2015, in terms of the individual quality criteria within the Presence of Industrial Clusters category, the industry specialization of Czech nanotechnology is ranked the third-highest in the world followed by the Republic of Korea (fourth), Germany (fifth) and Japan (sixth).
Czech companies have already made a significant mark on ground-breaking technologies in relation to hologram production, nanofibers, speech recognition software, hyaluronic acid, cybernetics, stem-cell research and astrophysics (the Czech Republic has the densest concentration of astronomical observatories in the world). The Czech Republic has also emerged as Europe's top location for the offshoring and outsourcing of IT services.
The latest investments include those of the multinational white goods and electronics manufacturer Hisense, which established a manufacturing plant in the Plzen region that allows it easy access to the Western European market, and Beijing West Industries, which broke ground on a new automotive suspension manufacturing plant in the city of Cheb, near the border with Germany, where many of BWI's customers are located. A 71-year-old Chinese tourist was waiting to board a plane to his dream destination on Sunday. Lao Bian was due to take a direct flight from Beijing to Prague, lured not by the city's famous charm or culture, but by the strength of its industry.
The direct air link between Prague and Beijing, which takes about 10 hours, officially went into operation on Sept 23 last year.
Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said he considers this "very good news" for the Czech Republic. In an article written for the Czech newspaper, Pravo Daily, President Xi Jinping said people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries are flourishing. Meanwhile, the Czech Republic has become the second-biggest trading partner of China in the Central and Eastern Europe regions, and China has become the Czech Republic's second-biggest trading partner next to the European Union. To welcome Xi during his visit, more and more Chinese elements were seen in Prague, such as Chinese flags fluttering along the main streets near Prague Castle, the seat of the President's Office. Standing above a traffic roundabout by the Vltava River is a huge billboard with a slogan in both Chinese and Czech reading: "Welcome to the Czech Republic". Hejtmanek said that he "100 percent" believes Xi's visit will be a new start for relations between China and the Czech Republic, as well as with other CEE countries.
China and the then Czechoslovakia established diplomatic relations in October 1949, only five days after the People's Republic of China was founded. The Czech manufacturer Skoda is one of the longest-established automotive companies in the world.
Over the past 25 years, since joining forces with the Volkswagen Group, the company has developed into a volume manufacturer of mid-price automobiles with a presence in over 100 markets.
Skoda offers a comprehensive range of six locally produced cars to Chinese customers: the Octavia, Fabia, Rapid, Rapid Spaceback, Yeti and its new flagship model, the Superb.
Very few top managers of a major car company can boast the fact that they have worked their way up to such a position from studying to be a mechanic.
Crew members pose beside an aircraft of the Czech Travel Service, in which CEFC China acquired a 10 percent stake.
CEFC China Energy Co is a private enterprise aiming to serve the national industrial interest by building a modernized and internationally competitive corporation that expands cooperation in the international energy economy and achieves influence in the energy industry.
Since its establishment in 2002, CEFC China has gained international competitiveness and exerted brand influence in the energy and financial industries under the leadership of Chairman Ye Jianming over the past decade.
In 2015, World Brand Lab listed the company, which has a brand value of 41.26 billion yuan, as one of the World's and Asia's 500 Most Influential Brands. In recent years, by utilizing resources accumulated on its public energy diplomacy platforms, CEFC China has made full use of its advantages in resources, mechanism and brand. It also owns over 2,000 gas stations in several countries including Spain, France, Romania and Bulgaria, and provides EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) services for oil and gas exploration, exploitation and refining.
Underpinned by its terminal network in Europe, CEFC China cooperates with the national oil companies of Kazakhstan, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Chad and Angola to obtain oil equities and rights.
As China allows more refiners to use imported crude oil and to apply for import licenses, the oversupply in refined oil products has intensified in the Chinese market. In line with the national strategy of developing a mixed-ownership economy, CEFC China is working with major State-owned enterprises to jointly obtain overseas energy resources and equities.
CEFC China became a majority shareholder of J&T Bank when it signed an agreement in the presence of the heads of state of China and the Czech Republic.
Lying in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is endowed with strong geostrategic advantages and well-equipped with mature industries and advanced manufacturing technologies. The Belt and Road Initiative offers a golden opportunity for Chinese enterprises to expand investment and seek cooperation in Europe. In keeping with the initiative, CEFC China took the lead in making industrial investment in the Czech Republic and mapped out its European market strategy, acting as a vanguard of Chinese enterprises in investing in the Czech Republic and CEE countries. Upon a visit to CEFC China headquarters in Shanghai on Sept 5, 2015, President Milos Zeman of the Czech Republic met with CEFC China Chairman Ye Jianming and witnessed the signing of multiple cooperation projects between the company and its Czech partners. CEFC China established its second headquarters in the Czech Republic, making international investment with the European country a pivot point and playing the role of an international investment bank. With its strength in overseas resources and brand presence, CEFC China will make further efforts to cooperate with State-owned companies in jointly "going out" with an aim to promote international industrial capacity cooperation and upgrade Chinese domestic industries. Editor's note: This article is written by the Czech Republic's Ambassador to China, Bedrich Kopecky. The relations between the Czech Republic and People's Republic of China date back many years, during which both countries have developed a solid partnership. With the visit of Xi to the Czech Republic, we are naturally focusing our interest on the Belt and Road Initiative.
There are of course many other areas where the Czech Republic would like to contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative. The Chinese economy is currently undergoing fundamental changes and we feel that the reform process is on the right track - towards a market economy based on services, innovation and green technologies.
Through activities in the banking sector and partnerships with some of China's main financial institutions, Czech Republic also aims to become an important regional financial center in Europe for Chinese enterprises.
I am proud to see an increasing number of Czech students studying in China and Chinese students in classrooms and lecture theaters of schools and universities in the Czech Republic. I take pleasure in acknowledging that the relationship between the Czech Republic and China is flourishing in so many ways.
A woman from the Yi ethnic group wears traditional costume to collect roses in a garden belonging to Mythic Flora, a fragrance manufacturer in Yunnan province. Fragrance makers in the southwestern province are nosing ahead in their efforts to build local brands and gain global attention, report Yang Wanli and Li Yingqing in Kunming. China's multibillion-dollar luxury goods market has just undergone a tumultuous year as a number of factors, including the plunging stock market and the national anti-corruption campaign, pushed sales lower and lower.
However, despite the widespread decline, a small number of luxury items maintained steady growth, with cosmetics, perfume and personal care items registering annual growth rates of 5 to 10 percent. For the leading brands among these mostly foreign exceptions, the strong consumer power of the country's 1.3 billion people not only represents promising profits, but also signals the threat posed by new local rivals. Chinese perfume makers were once at the bottom of the industry chain, but they are now producing sought-after cosmetics from natural plant extracts, and trying to grow their share of the profitable domestic market. Boasting 15,000 plant species, Yunnan, in China's southwestern subtropical zone, is the country's most biologically diverse province. According to the provincial department of commerce, Yunnan's fragrance manufacturers exported more than $104 mill-ion worth of natural oils and fragrances made with synthetic chemicals last year.
Although Yunnan's more than 30 fragrance companies employ about 2 million workers, almost all of them are essentially suppliers of raw materials, according to Feng. That process started early for the pharmaceuticals giant Yunnan Baiyao Group in Kunming, the provincial capital.
In 2014, the company's daily care products generated 3 billion yuan ($461 million), accounting for about 15 percent of the group's annual revenue, with 95 percent of the total coming from sales of Baiyao's star product - toothpaste. For the past five years, the company's cosmetics range has deliberately been limited to shampoos, face masks, soaps and hand creams. For Baiyao, which has annual revenue of nearly 20 billion yuan, the small slice of the cosmetics-market cake currently available is not attractive enough to warrant a larger investment. Having cooperated with a number of domestic and foreign cosmetics and health food brands for nearly 10 years, SeedShare Development, a herbal company in Yunnan, started its own skin care brand, called Herb-tale, in 2008. Ding said local perfume brands are not competitive because the world's top perfumers mostly work for French brands.
Herb-tale's star product - essential rose oil - sells at about 300 yuan for 10 milliliters, about a quarter of the price of the same oil produced by Jurlique, an Australian brand known for natural essential oils and related skin care products. In recent years, Ding and her team have traveled around Yunnan, visiting many of the 25 local ethnic groups, the largest number in any province, to collect little-known skin care formulas and special herbs. In the Lijiang Naxi autonomous prefecture, Ding and her team found Prinsepia Utilis Royle, a rare member of the rose family.
Ding's team also explored the properties of Matsutake - an expensive mushroom that originated in Japan, but grows extensively in Yunnan.

For many local companies, building a widely recognized brand not only requires star products, but equally important, a good marketing strategy.
Unlike Herb-tale, which promotes its products through franchises in large shopping malls and attracts customers by providing a free basic skin care massage with every purchase, the fragrance brand Mythic Flora promotes itself through Yunnan's booming tourism market. Last year, the province welcomed 3.2 billion domestic visitors and more than 107 million tourists from overseas, according to the provincial tourism authority. As examples, he cited the Dai and Yi peoples in southern Yunnan, who eat the flowers of pomegranates and Japanese bananas, while the Bai people in the north prefer white rhododendrons and pumpkin flowers. Yimei Industrial Holding Group, Mythic Flora's parent, has invested 3 billion yuan to build a holiday resort in Kunming and further its aim of promoting cosmetics made from natural fragrances. In addition to a five-star hotel, a large shopping mall and a cinema, the resort, called The City of Flowers, also runs Colorful Wonderland - the world's largest flower-themed greenhouse - and a perfume museum, which tells the 300-year-long story of the fragrance trade between China and France. Although they have taken different marketing paths, Mythic Flora and Herb-tale are now facing the same problem: a lack of both packing and logistics companies and of talented designers.
Both companies purchase their pill bottles from Guangzhou, a coastal city in Guangdong province that's famous for manufacturing, while their product designers all hail from Shanghai.
When Yang Liyun was growing up in a small village in southwest China's Yunnan province, she didn't know that the eucalyptus trees growing everywhere on the surrounding mountains had any value other than as firewood.
So, when the 58-year-old opened her birthday gift from her daughter last month and saw a small bottle with the words "Essential eucalyptus oils" on the side, she could scarcely speak. Yang remembers how in the early 1980s people from other provinces occasionally visited her village.
When she followed her daughter's advice and added several drops of essential eucalyptus oil to her ultrasonic humidifier, Yang's decades-long dislike of eucalyptus ended forever.
According to Zhao Pingzhou, vice-president of Herbs-tale, a cosmetics brand that mainly focuses on natural essential oils, the oils have been used for years in Western countries to prevent disease or relieve discomfort.
Zhao said that diffusing certain oils, such as eucalyptus, can help people with respiratory conditions. Because some essential oils are highly antiviral and antibacterial, they can safely be used to disinfect the living environment without posing a risk to health.
Max von Zedtwitz believes the Chinese may not only be the first to land a man on Mars, but also the first to cure cancer.
The managing director of GLORAD, a research and development think tank, says the sheer number of science and engineering graduates being churned out by Chinese universities could dramatically speed up the whole process of innovation. While it took 200 years to move from the steam engine to the Internet, there could be major breakthroughs in what are now considered frontiers of science in just a matter of decades, he says. Von Zedtwitz, who was speaking in the business lounge of the Sofitel Wanda Hotel in Beijing, had come over from the United States to promote his new book, Created in China: How China is Becoming a Global Innovator, which he has co-written with Georges Haour, a professor of technology and innovation management at the IMD Business School in Switzerland. Although now based in San Francisco, the 46-year-old Swiss is no stranger to China, with Glorad being partly based in Shanghai and he himself having spent a large part of the past decade as associate professor of innovation management at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Currently, the figure is the same as the European level, 2 percent - despite the EU setting a target of 3 percent in 2007. This has resulted in a 17 percent annual increase in patents since 2005 with applications reaching 2 million in 2014, three times as many as that of the United States, although importantly, a smaller proportion are higher quality invention patents. Currently, 31 percent of undergraduate degrees in China are in engineering compared with 5 percent in the US, and by 2030 the country aims to have 200 million college graduates.
Von Zedtwitz says it would be wrong to expect instant breakthroughs since the lead time for scientific development can often take between 30 and 40 years. He cites Tu Yoyou, the Chinese pharmacist who was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine last year for developing the anti-malarial drug artemisinin. Von Zedtwitz, whose parents were originally from Germany, was born and brought up in Switzerland. He studied computer science at ETH Zurich, one of the world's leading technological institutions, before a first spell in the Far East, working at a research institute in Kyoto in Japan in the mid-1990s.
At just 29, he became one of the youngest professors in Switzerland at IMD, one of Europe's top business schools. After Tsinghua, he helped build a global innovation practice at a management consultancy before running GLORAD, which stands for the Center for Global R&D Management and Innovation, with a base at Tongji Universty in Shanghai.
Many believe that China is likely to be the first to land a man on Mars by, according to some estimates, 2060. Despite the massive investment in research and development in China, some argue that it is held back by its Confucianism culture.
According to some, creativity is stifled by the hierarchical structures, where those with ideas defer to their supervisors. As with every party weekend that Zheng, 25, organizes, it has been a long, eventful and competitive night for these exponents of nijigen, a world in which anything related to two-dimensional anime, comics and games is treasured, and whose genesis was in Japan. Though the second-floor venue is mainly for board role-playing games, Zheng and his friends, all in their early 20s, always take one of their favorite companions, their Nintendo 3DS handheld game console, along with them. Their main challenge of the night is Mario Kart 7, a car racing game based on Nintendo's best-selling Super Mario series created more than 20 years ago. The three-lap race is full of action, but not what you would call of the non-stop variety, and it is over in about three minutes. The tournament winner is declared after a dozen races, and there are deflated egos all around whenever a computer-driven car is awarded the laurels. Sometimes the members take a break from the helter-skelter of the race track to play the board game Killers of the Three Kingdoms, in which they will randomly role-play either the king, the loyal servant, the rebel or the traitor who lived more than 1,700 years ago.
In between turns Zheng and his friends can talk about what is happening in the nijigen world, especially in games, and poke fun at each other on matters such as why some of them have no girlfriend.
Zheng has organized similar game events every week since 2008, when he was in second grade at high school. Zheng's short hair is dyed crimson and permed, giving him little curls, and many of his nijigen friends are just as flamboyant in their appearance. Zheng, who graduated in marketing from Beijing Union University in 2014, first worked at a sub-district office for Beijing's local government.
Zheng says that places he has visited include Lake Toya, in the northern island of Hokkaido, which bears the same name as the wooden sword of Gintoki Sakata, the hero in the comic and anime series Gin Tama, and the railway crossing at which a passing train conspires to keep the hero and heroine from meeting one another in the animated film 5 Centimeters Per Second by Makoto Shinkai. That kind of sentiment is no doubt welcomed by those who run Hokkaido's tourist industry, but they seem not to be alone in seeing the prospects of rich financial pickings in a group that on the face of it is highly marginal.
Recently, the Japanese multinational consumer electronics company Nintendo announced that it would be releasing a Chinese version of its game Pokemon, the first time it has done so in the past 20 years, after endless pleas for a localized version from those in China who play the game.
Shang Xin, 29, like many others about her age drawn to nijigen, came to it in primary school, but took a different route.
That journey has led Shang to become a fujoshi, a woman who fantasizes about male-male romance among straight men in yaoi or BL (boy's love) cartoons.
Shang says her fujoshi fantasies have now transcended the comic page to the point where she imagines males she sees being attracted to one another.
She has been married for three years and says she enjoys crying and laughing out loud as she reads BL stories late in the night and until dawn. Zhang Wei, 29, known as Guaner, a jar in Chinese, by her admirers, has been a cosplayer for 14 years. Zhang says that one constant in her growing up was her parents arguing and shouting at one another. Zhang is in the fortunate position of having a passion that now helps her to earn a living. While at Peking University High School in 2002, the comics club invited Zhang to cosplay activities, and her interest was kindled not only in the role playing, but in making costumes as well. Just ensuring that she gets things right in applying color to a set of armor can take as long as three months, she says. Studying in Macao, she had few friends, she says, and with just 15 hours of class a week she spent a huge amount of time watching anime. However, as an anime purist who has studied business, Lv says the commercialization of the craft - animation producers being first and foremost out to make money from their films and merchandizing - bothers her. After studying philosophy and becoming acquainted with Japanese literature more broadly, nijigen's spell was broken for her and she gave it up.
Yu Xiao, 30, who runs a small film studio, iBack, says he watches anime not only because he loves it but because of his work.
Getting an animation script right demands a huge amount of craftsmanship, he says, and when he sees an anime series he really likes he watches it as much as half a dozen times, at certain points looking at sections frame by frame to admire the work that has been put into the film. He has tried talking to younger people about their shared interest, but that does not work, he says. A cosplayer for 14 years, Zhang Wei was among the first Chinese to try costume play when it came to China in 2000. If your car breaks down and you find yourself wandering into the woods in search of food and water, you may likely get yourself lost, especially if you don’t have a compass on hand. They have also affectionately dubbed him "Brother Luobo" and "Old Daddy Luobo", a play on his English first name which is Robert. I guess this is because they spend most of the day with me and not anyone else," said Gao, a leading teacher who has taught in the school for six years. He showcases these masculine qualities when he conducts the regular tree climbing activities, something that was absent from the curriculum when there were only female teachers in the kindergarten. However, there still needs to be more positive support from the public if more men are to join this industry," said Gao. The majority of male kindergarten teachers in Shanghai earn between 50,000 and 60,000 yuan ($7,600-$9,200) annually, lower than the average annual income of employees in the city in 2014 (65,417 yuan).
I believe that it is important to change society's attitude toward pre-school male teachers and for men to ignore such bias. Furthermore, as most of the children of the current generation are the only child in the family, they tend to lead very sheltered lives. That's why I told him that he has to play football, so that he can be tough and strong," said Zhu. It has also been one of those that have consistently employed male teachers since the late 1990s. He similarly said that it is important to have a good mix of male and female educators involved in a child's education.
He also noted that the male teachers often encourage a child to stand up on his own after a fall, as compared to the women who would almost immediately offer a helping hand and comforting words. This is why I also design some family-friendly games to help more parents, especially the father, play a more pronounced role in their children's lives during their spare time," said Chen.
Debao county, which gave the animal its name, now is home to one of the largest pony breeding and research centers in China. Debao is relatively small for China, with a population of 350,000 in an area of 2.6 square kilometers, but its namesake pony is spreading its fame. The Debao pony, like its ancestor, the guoxia pony, has some "primitive" features, with a small, somewhat heavy head and small alert ears. The name guoxia, meaning "under a fruit tree", gives a clue to how it was employed since it was used to haul fruit and other cargo rather than being a means of transportation. She says she chose equestrianism as a major course of study, but didn't get her parents' support at first because they worried it wouldn't provide a solid future. With so many new horse ranches being built, many professional trainers and coaches are needed.
For thousands of years, emperors regarded him to be the greatest sage, whose direct descendants were given inheritable titles through various dynasties.
The patrilineal family tree, now in its 83rd generation, has been recorded since the death of Confucius.
The descendant had three sons in Hefei, with the most prominent one being the eldest, who was later called Da Kong, or "the eldest Kong".
He had become a trusted, high-level official in the imperial court and a senior general guarding Gansu province. He sent them a large amount of money, which was used to construct buildings with more than 60 rooms on a 2,500 square meter site. People later found out that the beast was carrying four tiger cubs - which led to an imperial edict from the emperor conferring the title of "Five-Tiger General" on Kong Fanqin. CzechInvest offers consulting on foreign direct investment and information on the overall business environment and investment opportunities in the Czech Republic. The economy's performance in 2015 was very strong and with GDP growth of 4.3 percent, the country ranks among the fastest-growing economies in the European Union.
Industrial production accounts for 47.3 percent of the country's commercial economy, which is more than in any other EU member state. The significance of the Czech Republic as a transit hub has grown since it became a member of the EU Single Market. A recent major achievement has been the introduction of the new GE H80 turboprop engine designed, developed and produced in the Czech Republic.
Furthermore, its workforce adapts easily to Asian cultures, which makes it easier for companies to operate here, especially in the manufacturing industry. It has significantly boosted ties between the two countries and led to their more intensive cooperation in the fields of trade, investment, tourism and healthcare. I want to show them, especially young people, how incredible Chinese artworks are," he said. After 67 years of time-tested development, bilateral ties have entered a new phase of fast and fruitful development. The company's origins lie in the pioneering days of the automobile - it was founded in 1895 as Laurin & Klement - and it has a 121-year tradition of design, craftsmanship and engineering skills. China has been Skoda's largest single market since 2010, and now accounts for one-quarter of the company's total sales. The company has now set itself the challenging target of offering customers the best overall package in each of its segments.
The company is a Fortune Global 500 company, with annual revenue of over 220 billion yuan in 2015. It was also honored as one of the Top Ten Most Influential Chinese Enterprises and Top Ten Most Internationally Competitive Chinese Enterprises by the China Most Influential Brand Names Summit Forum. CEFC China is also seizing on the investment opportunities in the international energy industry to actively serve the Belt and Road Initiative. Its main focus is on expanding upstream oil and gas resources and rights in Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa based on an integrated downstream terminal system. In the future, the company will acquire downstream terminal logistic enterprises in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea regions and in Central and Eastern Europe, including Turkey, Germany, France, Switzerland, Romania, Poland and Israel.
It has become imperative to open up export rights to refined oil products and increase exports to balance domestic and overseas resources.
It has cooperated with China Railway Engineering Corp to found CREC Central Asia Natural Gas Logistics, CREC & CEFC Lubricant, Wuhai Tietong Petroleum and other companies.
It has obtained licenses for a full range of financial services, aiming to build an international investment bank highly specialized in energy and finance. As one of the joint initiators, J&T Bank, on behalf of the Czech government, will set up an investment fund for 16 Central and Eastern European countries together with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. On Nov 26, 2013, Premier Li Keqiang and leaders of CEE countries attended the China-CEEC Summit in Romania to work with all parties in formulating and issuing the Bucharest Guidelines for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries, a step to deepen the China-CEEC "16+1" cooperation mechanism. On Oct 27, 2014, CEFC China signed a cooperation agreement with J&T Finance Group at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, which was witnessed by the heads of state from both countries.
It also acquired several companies in the nation, including an airline as well as media and brewing companies.
In 2016, we are celebrating the 67th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations and I am happy to see our cooperation getting stronger every year. When I look back to China's ancient Silk Road, I can see the merits of a collective work of the world's different societies to achieve common prosperity. The Czech Republic signed an important Memorandum of Understanding on jointly promoting the Belt and Road Initiative during our prime minister's visit to China in November 2015. We see potential for instance in the building of logistic centers and technology parks in the Czech Republic and China. In the last several years, we have seen a steady annual growth in both bilateral trade and investment between the Czech Republic and China. We are very happy to see Chinese companies increasing their investment activities in Europe and also in the Czech Republic.
The idea is to create a conducive environment for Chinese companies and investors who are looking to expand their business in the Czech Republic and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. We also cooperate within the 16+1 platform to further strengthen the partnership between China and the Central and Eastern European countries on various levels. Both countries have much to offer to each other, be it in investment, trade, cultural exchange, tourism or science.
It is home to more than 400 types of natural spices, accounting for nearly 80 percent of all the varieties found in China. The annual output of two essential perfume ingredients dominated global trade, with local eucalyptus oil accounting for 90 percent of all sales, while geranium oil accounted for 50 percent.
That has resulted in some companies thinking about ways to avoid obstacles - by building local brands," he said. In 2008, Baiyao signed a technology transfer agreement with Maleave Cosmetics of Japan, and they started jointly developing cosmetics in 2011. It requires high levels of investment, but only generates low returns in the short term," said Qin Wanmin, vice-president and general manager of the group's department of healthcare products.
The industry chain in Yunnan is still underdeveloped, so we're better off concentrating on producing medicines," Qin said.
However, in the eyes of small- and medium-sized fragrance companies, the risks associated with establishing a successful local brand are worth taking.

That means the trump card for Yunnan companies is essential oils and the skin care products made from them. As the country of origin, China enjoys low-cost raw materials, which means the products have strong price competitiveness.
The cherry-like bloom can be used to treat acute inflammation and relieve pain, and is also used by the locals as a treatment for burns. Believed to be one of the world's most-expensive fungi, Matsutake contains many vitamins and minerals, and also has a unique chemical that helps boost the body's immune system. Tourism generated income of $50.5 billion last year, not far off the $61 billion New York earned from tourism in 2014. That culture is now becoming known nationally thanks to the soaring number of tourists," said Du from the Kunming Institute of Botany. Extending the industry chain isn't easy, but we have to try," said Zhao Pingzhou, Herb-tale's vice-president. In fact, her face clouded with doubt: the amber colored liquid looked very clean, which was a radical departure from her childhood memories.
They built a fire on the side of the road, collected large amounts of eucalyptus leaves and boiled them in a big iron stewpot.
However, the smell of the thick, dark gray liquid in the stewpot was unpleasant - almost pungent enough to wake a dead person," Yang said, wrinkling her nose as though the odor had jumped out from her memories and was permeating the room. For one thing, the fragrance gradually reduced discomfort in her upper respiratory tract that had lasted for several days.
Zhao said many homemakers, especially those with babies or pets, choose lemongrass oil to drive away mosquitoes and tea tree oil to clean floors and clothing. Because of the size of the country's population, many more people are going to be dying of cancer in China than anywhere else.
She began work in this area in the late 1960s, but the drug only became available in the middle of the last decade, eventually saving millions of lives. So what we are doing now in terms of research and development might not have any impact until 2046," he says. He returned to Switzerland to do his doctorate at the University of St Gallen, moving on to become a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard. Gallen, Kaunas University of Technology and in Silicon Valley, where von Zedtwitz moved to in 2014. American Alan Shepard went into space in 1961 and it took from there just eight years for Neil Armstrong to be the first man to walk on the moon. On the one hand, Confucianism is not a culture that necessarily favors innovation because it is a philosophy of stability. After nine hours playing board and handheld games, Zheng Rui waves goodbye to his four mates, unlocks his bike and prepares to leave their weekly meeting place, the Otaku Center.
After Zheng has set up a Bluetooth network that everyone can join, they sit around an oval table and take part in the racing. That fires up those sitting around the table all the more to fight for glory in a new round of races.
He spends most of his time and money on games, anime and manga, he says, and feels detached from the third-dimension, the real world. There he earns about 3,000 yuan ($460) a month, he says, and regularly spends two thirds of that on model toys that depict his favorite anime characters. A newly released or limited edition can cost thousands of yuan each, and he sometimes needs to order them as long as six months in advance. The two visits cost him a total of 110,000 yuan, more than half of that spent on buying models and other comic goods, he says. However, the individuals who inhabit the world of nijigen do not seem to fit a neat profile that anyone intent on making money from them could use to draw up a quick-fire marketing campaign.
Many Chinese youngsters have been drawn in by the best-selling manga series Slam Dunk by Takehiko Inoue, but Shang's entry came through an offshoot doujinshi, a self-published version written by manga lovers, of the series. She was among the first Chinese to become involved in it when it came to China in about 2000. She made it her role to be the peacemaker in the home, and in doing so felt she needed to hide her real thoughts and opinions. The other half comes from drawing comics with her boyfriend, an illustrator for the online game World of Warcraft by Blizzard. Lv Zhuoshu, 26, who graduated recently from the University of Macao with dual degrees in business and philosophy, says that at one stage she was a fervent anime fan.
Using TMO ALPs Programs has received the.A  The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. Still, many of my peers have switched careers after just a few years because of the low income and high work pressure. The members told their influential relative that the old hall needed to be repaired and renovated. This is one of the key reasons why the Czech Republic has become a top location for over 350 Asian companies, of which about 50 percent operate production facilities here, including the Chinese firms Changhong Electric Co, Shanxi Yuncheng Plate-making Group, Yapp Automotive, Shanghai Maling (Bright Food Group Co), Huawei, ZTE, Noark Electric Europe HQ (CHINT Group) and CRRC Corporation, which operates a research and development center in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Chinese customers' interest in modern SUVs has been demonstrated through the sales of the Yeti, Skoda's first model in the SUV segment. Maier, who was born near Schwabisch Gmund, Germany, continued to study after receiving his apprenticeship diploma and he eventually completed a master's degree in business administration. The company has an international platform and strategy underpinned by its terminals in Europe, which enables its acquisition of equities and rights of upstream oil and gas resources.
Consequently, deepwater ports with storage facilities along coasts and rivers in China have become key strategic points. This route transports oil and gas from Central Asia into China through its Dostyk Gas Terminal by railway, providing transportation and sales services for liquefied natural gas, petroleum products and lubricant.
To this end, the company has established financial platforms in securities, trust, futures, banking, financial assets transaction and online insurance to increase its financial returns and reduce costs.
CEFC China is also on track to set up an Energy Industry Fund with Abu Dhabi and an Energy Development Fund with Gazprom Neft, to acquire and develop upstream resources and securitize its acquired assets in a step-by-step process. With banking and financial services as its core businesses, J&T is also engaged in energy and culture. During the last two years, many important bilateral visits have taken place on both sides, in China and in the Czech Republic. The Silk Road was not a single thoroughfare connecting East and West but rather a complex network of exchange routes. Further opportunities for cooperation can be explored in the areas of energy, science and technology, rail transport and urbanization, financial services, medicine and environmental technologies. Czech companies have been investing in China in financial services, automobile manufacturing, machinery, IT, high-end technology and also in areas such as textile and glass manufacturing.
Last year, we registered more than a 50 percent increase in investments from China coming into the Czech Republic (through the CzechInvest agency), with some projects being finalized. After the Bank of China opened its subsidiary branch in the Czech Republic last year, we hope that other Chinese banks will follow. Chinese films and TV shows are being shot in the Czech Republic, Czech musicians regularly perform in China, painters, authors and other artists bring pleasure to their audiences from both countries. The visit of Xi will not only confirm the quality of existing cooperation but also bring new ideas and initiatives to the future.
According to Qin, it's common for overseas giants, such as L'Oreal Paris, to invest billions of dollars in the development of new products. Now, planes and trains leaving Yunnan are fully loaded with gift boxes containing pancakes made with flowers. If they try our goods, we have at least had a chance to prove the quality of our locally made products," he said. China had its first man in space in 2003, but is not expected to land a man on the moon until 2023.
They nudge and crash into each other as they try to pass their opponents, or use special props, such as banana peels, missiles or bolts of lightning, to slow competitors down or shove them out of the way.
Among those who know anything about the nijigen world, a common conception seems to be that those who inhabit it are a bunch of sad, unsociable loners, but among these 22 people, 10 are not single. If that seems exorbitant, Zheng says that for the nijigen faithful there is something even more expensive: "the pilgrimage". Although you may not feel like indulging in anything that’s generally bitter anyway, this one thing you should steer clear from. Some of them even face difficulties in finding a spouse because of the social bias toward this profession," said Chen. With the Czech Republic as a strategic pivot, the company is engaging in international investment banking and promoting international industrial capacity cooperation to help transform and upgrade the Chinese economy.
The acquisition of KMGI advances its business involvement in European terminals and the establishment of an integrated industrial network covering refineries, storage sites and sales centers in Europe. CEFC China is constructing a national oil reserve and commercial storage base with a planned storage capacity of 12 million cubic meters in Yangpu, Hainan province, and a large oil reserve base covering 10 million cubic meters in Rizhao, Shandong province. Its subsidiary banks have branches in many European countries, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Russia. Last year, President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka and Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Jan Hamacek made visits to China on separate occasions. They were not only a means for trade but also for exchanges of culture, art, religion, philosophy, language, architecture, science and other key elements of any development. Since the initiative puts strong emphasis on infrastructure, transport and connectivity, we see great opportunities for cooperation with China in the area of general aviation.
We aim to continue bringing more Czech investors to China, especially in the areas that are important to the growth of the Chinese economy. One of the highlights of Czech-Chinese relations in 2015 was the start of the first direct flight service between Prague and Beijing operated by Hainan Airlines. The Czech Republic's ambition is to be very active in this area; almost all the regions of the Czech Republic have partnerships with different provinces in China. The Czech Philharmonic orchestra will visit China this year and there are many more exciting scenes to look forward to.
We will work hard to overcome the challenges and focus on specific projects to fulfill our ambitions. The next trend will be in fragrance products," said He Jian, Mythic Flora's general manager.
This is what they call a trip to Japan whose main purpose is to visit places that were the setting for a comic or anime or one of their scenes. Anything that’s leaking milky sap is another one to avoid, as well as thorns or bristles. This will specifically involve alternative automotive concepts, the digitization of individual mobility and the expansion of its SUV model range.
Skoda is currently preparing a comprehensive SUV campaign for the Chinese market with its joint venture partner SAIC Volkswagen. Then he moved to Porsche, where he assumed the role of sales director as a member of the board of directors, during which time the sales figures doubled. The company is working with the Rizhao Port Group to invest in the construction of energy logistics and warehousing facilities, including a 300,000-tonnage oil wharf, a 600,000-cubic-meter port oil warehouse and LNG receiving terminals. The company is also striving to build national petroleum reserves and logistics bases by collaborating with Guangdong Guochu Logistics in managing petroleum storages and wholesales. Through private placement and rights issue, J&T sold 50-percent of its shares to CEFC China, and the latter became the first Chinese private company to have a majority stake in a European bank. The old societies started the Silk Road in order to reach common goals and improve their well-being. As a pilot project, the Czech Republic can offer the Czech commuter airplane L 410 and related technology and know-how as a solution for short distance passenger transport in Xinjiang and some other Chinese provinces. To name just some of our priorities in Czech-China economic relations, I would mention civil aviation, cooperation in modern technologies (including green technologies), science, services, research and innovation, the health sector, agriculture and the promotion of tourism.
As a consequence, we have seen a significant increase of Chinese tourists coming to the Czech Republic.
I must also mention the famous Little Mole and Panda cartoon programs, which underline the diversity of our cultural exchanges. With sustainable commitment on both sides, I am convinced that our relations will become stronger in the coming years.
The skills needed for good leadership are present in all of us, but not all of us are natural leaders. To these ends, the company is investing in the development of new-energy vehicles and future-oriented automotive technologies such as connectivity, driver assistance systems and infotainment. In relation to this, the Skoda VisionS design study will be presented to the Chinese public for the first time at the end of April at the auto show in Beijing. CEFC China is cooperating with the reserve storage of Abu Dhabi National Oil Co and with KMG in renminbi-denominated oil delivery via 2.8-million-cubic-meter storage facilities as part of the first phase of the Hainan Yangpu oil reserve base.
CEFC China is the largest investor in the Czech Republic among Chinese companies in terms of its investment volume. This historic moment is the best evidence of the close relations between our two countries. The Czech Republic has extensive domestic and international experience in the area of general aviation. Traditionally, the Czech Republic is also a strong exporter of high-tech machinery to China. It is no coincidence that we chose regional cooperation as our flagship activity within the 16+1 format.
They don’t have much nutritional value, but they can make you feel full for a time, and that in itself will do a lot for self-esteem and moral in an otherwise daunting situation.
Our ALPs series is designed to identify, embrace and and strengthen our ALPs participants leadership abilities.
The VisionS provides a glimpse of the new large SUV Skoda model whose launch in China is planned for 2017.
Through Hainan Yangpu oil reserve base, CEFC China is processing resources and exporting refined oil products to overseas markets, mainly to Southeast Asia, making full use of the capacity of domestic oil refineries and increasing its reach in the international energy industry. I am convinced that the visit of the Chinese president to the Czech Republic will bring an unprecedented impetus for further development of our bilateral relations in many areas.
That is why the Czech Republic welcomes China's Belt and Road Initiative as an opportunity to promote cooperation in different areas, such as trade, investment, civil aviation, financial services, transportation and logistics, to name a few. Czech companies can offer airport infrastructure, including radars and other air traffic monitoring products, ultralights, planes with up to 19 seats, flight training, maintenance, helicopter emergency medical services, electronics and IT solutions.
In that respect, we are glad that China will be the partner country at the International Engineering Fair in Brno, which will take place in September this year. The Czech Republic looks forward to cooperating on the preparation of the Local Leaders Meeting in Tangshan as a partner country in June 2016.
Dandelions are another plant that can be a life saver when there’s nothing else to eat.
As part of the SUV campaign, another body variant of Skoda's large SUV is already in development. The Czech Republic is not a large country, especially compared to China, but we are proud to be an important "aviation country" with positive references from around the world. It is our hope that the Czech Republic will soon become a key transportation hub for China in Central and Eastern Europe. This is one time where bitterness doesn’t equal poison, and fortunately for you dandelions are easy to find and just as easy to distinguish. Wild asparagus grows in many parts of Europe and North America, though the stalks are much thinner than the stuff you’d find in a grocery store.
TMO Adventures provide an opportunity to realize a group's governing principles, values, ethics and practice core competencies in a safe and supportive environment. Our challenges are experiential in nature and we encourage continued teamwork, realistic goal setting, honest feedback and shared learning in a experiential process which stimulates our creative thinking and problem solving skill sets. Dental floss for example is sturdier than you think and can be used to make a snare to trap animals in order to feed yourself if the time comes when you require this sort of hunting.
Even condoms can be useful as they’re waterproof and can stretch so large that they can hold up to about a gallon of water without breaking. Most modern mobile phones are also able to dial out to emergency numbers even when signal is out in most cases. Just be sure you mark a clear path when you leave your point of origin so that you don’t get yourself anymore lost than you already are as you go along. Persephone Magazine suggests:Most streams have bacteria in them, so boiling water for a good 15 minutes prior to drinking it is preferable. TMO Adventures provide an opportunity to realize a group's governing principles, values, ethics and practice core competencies in a safe and supportive environment.
If you absolutely can’t make flames no matter how fast you rub sticks together or how long you hold your glasses in the sunlight, then making yourself a shelter is the next best option and should definitely be on your list of things to do anyway, especially if rain is on the horizon. These are quality adult programs designed for Outdoor Leadership & Professional Development.

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