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Surviving The Wild Outdoors - The Only Guide You'll Need To Survive The Outdoors.Do you love to be outdoors? Before you set out this season, take a little time to look over these outdoor craft fair tips.
If your signs aren’t made of waterproof material, it would be a great idea to laminate them before going to an outdoor craft fair. I agree with Barbara about the wind, we have weights made from PVC pipe, filled with cement and topped off with a large hook, like you’d use to hang your bicycle from. I also like to freeze my beverage the night before, then drink it as it melts, its stays cooler longer that way!
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Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Can you imagine yourself living off of the wild, totally cutting off your dependence on the conveniences of modern civilization - even if only for a few days? Since these events have the potential to draw in crazy amounts of foot traffic, they’re always an amazing opportunity to make extra sales and spread brand awareness. You may have mastered the art of indoor craft booth set up during the winter months, but preparing your booth so it can endure the elements is an entirely different animal. Make sure the tent above your craft booth is made of white fabric in order to keep things cool. This is a sure-fire way to make sure your name and brand are not lost in the event of a sun shower or sudden rainstorm. This is something that can be easily overlooked, and a little time consuming, but is definitely worth the energy. A sustained breeze or a gust of wind can blow everything off your tables and damage your product. I love them bc they do not become a tripping hazard like so many weights that hang around the bottom. From basic first aid to battling wild animals, 175 things every modern-day survivor needs to know--one step at a time. It may be a little clunky during transport and set-up, but you won’t regret having it once that stun starts to beat down. Packed with useful hands-on tutorials, How to Survive is a real-life resource that can turn anyone into an expert in any situation. What if you were dropped into a situation in which you had to totally depend on your skills to survive in the wild?

Join our community of creative experts and learn how to sell your designs, how to get published in magazines, books or online, and pick up some great craft fair ideas and tips along the way. The pvc parts are quite cheap and a 4-ft or 5-ft section of pipe can be quite heavy enough to weight your tent down. What would you do to survive?Many of us who live in cities become soft and comfortable, noticing with frustration when the thermostat moves just a degree or two in the wrong direction.You don't have to quit your job, sell your home, and move into the wilderness to benefit from the valuable lessons in this book.
If you have baskets on your table be sure your product is heavy enough to hold the basket in place. The end caps are glued on, and you drill holes through one end to hold cords to tie onto the tent corner poles. If not, add something heavy to the basket like glass beads (in a mesh bag) or a bag of rice to keep it from blowing off the table. If you or a loved one were caught unexpectedly in the outdoors with no way to rely on the conveniences of modern life, what would you do?
An easel with a sign looks great, but even a slight breeze will blow a posterboard sign or a painting on canvas onto the ground and you’ll have to constantly pick it up.
If you aren’t sure how to deal with the wind issue, talk with vendors who have products of similar size and weight to see how they handle it.

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