A new report finds that climate change is placing undue stress on power plants and transmission lines, which could leave you in the dark more often than you'd like. Blistering heat waves, deadly tornadoes, powerful hurricanes, and "superstorms"…what do they all have in common?
While the report calls for state and local governments to work with the private sector to boost resiliency and better prepare for the impacts of climate change, there are simple things you can do to better prepare for the aftermath—when your lights go out and you don't want to lose your mind (or that freezer full of local, organic food you've worked so hard to preserve).
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Temperatures have dropped again in Bishkek, another sign that winter is most definitely sticking around, despite certain predictions that Kyrgyzstan wouldn’t get a winter this year.
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The ability to knock out your power within minutes and leave you in the dark for days and possibly even weeks.
Energy Sector Vulnerabilities to Climate Change and Extreme Weather," says that fossil, nuclear, thermoelectric, and renewable energy sources will all be stressed by increased air and water temperatures, decreased water resources, increasingly intense storms, flooding, and sea level rise. Make sure your kit includes the phone numbers of your local power company and water utility, whom you can call to find out whether it's safe to drink tap water during a power outage.
It'll keep you connected to warnings about downed power lines in your area and, at the very least, will keep you entertained while your TV is out. They burn cleaner than petroleum candles, which is important if you're cooped up inside—particularly important during winter power outages.

Most disaster-prep kits call for a good stock of canned foods, but those could expose you to bisphenol A (BPA), a toxic chemical used in the cans' epoxy linings. They can be used to keep perishable foods cold when the power goes out and, wrapped in a towel, can be used to keep yourself cool during a summertime outage. If you're the type to rely entirely on electronic media to stay informed, stock up on reading material so you aren't bored out of your mind when your computer and TV aren't functioning. If it's winter, do the opposite—and let "solar energy" provide you with electricity-free heat. According to the CDC, a full freezer with its door shut can keep food frozen for up to 48 hours.
You'll drain your phone battery, which is best reserved for emergencies, and it won't get your power back on faster. You will find a variety of news and information here, in addition to resources for the members of the media. With decreasing temperatures, Bishkek residents race to turn up their space heaters, straining the crumbling electrical infrastructure. Power-outages can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours (or, if you live in the suburbs, a few days).
The boiler station runs on electricity, so depending on how extensive the outage is, you may have just lost heat as well. While you’re thinking about it at the moment, remember to ask your neighbor to give back your big flashlight they borrowed a few weeks ago. Sure, your laptop and iPad still have power for a few more hours (if you remembered to charge them), but it’s likely that you have no internet (unless you have a Beeline modem).
Maybe they know enough Russian to call the electric company and ask when the power will come back.

And it's getting more and more likely that you'll be dealing with more and more power outages, according to a new report from the Department of Energy. Plus, they last longer than some soy candles, so you'll have light to read by and keep yourself entertained without having to use up precious batteries to power a flashlight. If you have a charcoal or gas grill to make a warming hot meal if it's winter or to prepare foods without heating up your house if it's summer, but whatever you do, be sure you're cooking in a well-ventilated area, and not in your garage or house. Nuclear power plants have had to either shut down or reduce their power output because the water temperatures in nearby rivers and bays were too high and couldn't cool the plants effectively. But you can buy dried food, which can be reconstituted with boiling water, that's packaged in BPA-free pouches, rather than cans. Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the most frequently reported health problems following disasters, according to the CDC, because people use improperly vented generators or other gas-powered equipment.
My suggestions: paint your nails, read a real book, or get a cat, which is a constant source of entertainment. California wildfires, which scientists have linked directly to climate change, have damaged 35 miles of transmission lines, knocking power out to 80,000 households in San Diego for several weeks.
Mary Jane's Farm sells a certified-organic food storage pack that provides a week's worth of dried food for one person.

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