As I’m the type of person that enjoys innovative and peculiar things, let me introduce you to a cool and also kind of awkward gadget from Aether: ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for the Cone!
The guys from design studio Seymourpowell have “conceived” a jacket that really knows no rivals when speaking about extreme weather conditions.
Wires, wires everywhere to feed up all of your tech stuff, and I know you have plenty of those. As part of the latest Spring Collection by Adidas, the Adidas ZX 500 Decon does not fail to bring a freshness of style to anyone wearing them. This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness.
Here’s to all you beautiful, talented people taking awesome photos, this one is for you!
Remember how troublesome carrying all that picnic gear to the beach or the random designated picnic space up on a cliff usually is? Inspired by the ever changing beauty of the psyche of the female gender, Simplexio has created a mirror design that brings tribute to this confusing yet spectacular phenomenon.
The first thing one must know about dealing with extreme cold is that the COLD acronym – used by both the Canadian and American armies to teach soldiers how to properly deal with the cold. These sturdy winter shoes cover different events or activities so you have to select according to your needs.
Nuclear winter better known as the atomic winter is a theoretical climatic effect of nuclear war. In the worst case scenario, hundreds of nuclear explosions spark huge fires, whose smoke, dust, and ash blot out the sun for weeks amongst a milieu of perilous radiation levels.
Today, with the United States the only standing superpower, nuclear winter is little more than a nightmare that it saw during the Cold War.
To test the effects of nuclear fallout, scientists from NASA and other institutions modeled a war involving a hundred Hiroshima-level bombs, each packing the equivalent of 15,000 tons of TNT. This top 10 list examines 10 places you would consider escaping to in preparation for a nuclear winter. If you are a history major, you would remember reading about Hitler analyzing and weighing the Madagascar Plan, which sought to send Jews to Madagascar.
It?s so well cloaked that anyone can pass by this building many times and would never guess that such a place existed. If the legend is true and the southern French town of Bugarach is the only place to hide then by all means go there to save yourselves.
If there were to be a Nuclear War, you may want to hang out near Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the Arctic Svalbard archipelago. Essentially Stalin?s bunker was built by Stalin to use in the event Hitler succeeded in taking down Moscow. This territory in northwestern Canada has a number of natural resources and a population density that?s less than one person per square km.

Since all the Nuclear Powers, any one who has nukes, are north of the Equator, I would move to somewhere South of the Equator.
On the other hand, if it is easier and cheaper to actually move further North that might be a good idea.
SO long as you didn't complain about eating frozen MukTuk (Whale meat with the blubber) wearing furs, eating wild game as long as the moose, caribou, bear, sheep, etc etc lasted. The fish up North might also last a little longer, until the ash settled, the sky opened and we had sun again and could grow crops again. Only one of the four Pitcairn Islands have inhabitants and the islands themselves are a considerable distance apart.
I guess if the nuclear weapons were exploded in the northern hemisphere, then the southern hemisphere would be a good choice.
The Life Tech smart jacket was designed for Kolon Sport, an outdoor sportswear brand, and is going to be your best friend when you’re facing harsh times and Mother Nature decides to punch you with some nasty weather conditions.
First thing is to try and hide all of these messy cables the best way you can, usually putting them in between the walls.
You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!
Not to mention the additional cooler box and folding table and all the other paraphernalia that comes along with a successful eat-out.
Really now, if you want to take a trip in the woods but you want to do it in style,  Escape provides you with all the necessary means for survival and then some : fun! A good layering system might be a polypropene undergarment, two pairs of socks, a pair of fleece pants and sweater, with a gortex shell on top.
A moderately cold day – like minus 10 Celsius – is relatively easy to endure if one is properly equipped.
As the shoes also tell about the overall personality about the wearer, women should know all the options for winter shoes before buying them. It is hypothesized that exploding large numbers of nuclear weapons has a weighty and severe effect on the climate and results in cold winter weather and reduced sunlight for a period of months or even years, especially inflammable targets such as cities, where large amounts of smoke and dirt would be expelled into the Earth?s stratosphere.
Researchers forecast horrifying resulting, including fires which would kick up roughly five million metric tons of black carbon into the upper part of the troposphere ? the lowest layer of the Earth?s atmosphere. There are no airports or seaports and is remove enough to survive just about any apocalypse that does not change the climate. Built in 1951, this very secret bunker served as the main artery for communication for the Soviet Union in the event of a nuclear war with the United States. Conspiracy theorists believe that the upside down mountain offers protection against end of the world. A local legend has it that the mountain once swallowed an evil sorcerer who was supposed to be released on doomsday in a ball of fire.
It has an abundance of water, fish, and game for everyone and a network of rivers traveling through.

It has more wilderness areas than all other states combined and a very low population density and even little gun laws and the lowest crime rates. Home buyers are preparing for any type of disaster and are boosting the house marketing in the north Idaho city as a result. For years, it has been a safe haven from Cold War threats and was first colonized by British settlers in 1829. Those of us living way NupNorth already know how to survive in the cold, so we could help those thin blooded Southerners survive the long Nuclear Winter. The Life Tech is the brainchild of several survival experts such as a Polar Explorer, ski guides and mountaineers. But when you’re done doing that you realise your house has more holes than a bee hive.
If this managed to get you closer to the nature, made you more adventurous or inspired you, we’re happy, I know we experienced all the above.
Surveillance is everywhere, from your smart phone to your smart TV and if you don’t believe me, ask Mr. There is an added bonus: fertile lands, bananas, papayas, breadfruit and sweet potato are plentiful and edible fish are abound. It was built to survive direct hits and ensure that normal telecommunications in the worst case scenario is still active.
The first Stalin?s bunker was constructed at the beginning of WWII and served as an artery in case there was a nuclear war.
There are no military targets on its back and is subject to minimal regulation and influence; making it the best location to survive a nuclear holocaust.
So keep on conquering that steep mountain trail, climb that wave, ride that bike to nowhere and enjoy yourself! A warm hat, like a toque or balaclava, as well as appropriate gloves and winter boots (mukluks are even better) round out the minimum gear needed. You pass by an incredible 6 ton concrete door which slide open to reveal a small set of stairs which go down. Actually it is rather something striking to look at, so if you happen to be in the Izmailovksy area, you might check it out. The nearest populated lands are Tristan da Cunha, 2,260 km away and South Africa, is 2,580 km away.
Once the supply boats stop coming not sure how easy life there would be and if you did make it to Pitcairn, chances are you're never leaving.
There was another one built during the cold war and is located in the center of Moscow and it is called the Underground Command Post Tagansky.

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