It takes time and practice to learn how to train on certain maps, but rest assured, there's always a way.
Tip: What's Your Hurry?If you're low on stamina while holding a zombie at the end of a round or training, slow down!
If you just had a Max Ammo, or if you have one or two guns that still have ammunition, don't grab a Max Ammo when you see it. Knifing is key to getting points alongside making use of your starting pistol, the Colt Model 1911. Round 1: Knife only (In the first round, every zombie, except armored ones in Die Rise, is a one-knife kills). Round 2: One clip of the M1911 and one knife (total is 210 points per kill) OR one shot from the M14 and one knife.
Round 3: Two clips of the M1911 (one to torso, one to legs) and one knife OR two shots from the M14 and one knife.
Follow these basic steps, and you can easily get your perks and weapons early enough in the game that you'll be faster on your way to getting more points. Speed Cola: Particularly when in a pinch or when camping, the ability to reload twice as fast is one of the biggest game-changers, and essentially a MUST.
Semtex Grenades: Great for creating Crawling Zombies, but also extremely useful for killing large hordes of zombies during Insta-Kill, and save ammunition. If you maintain these basic setups for your gameplay, you'll find it a lot easier to burn through the rounds, get a LOT of points, and keep from panicking when you're down. Tip: The Wall is Your FriendNo matter what map you play, always make sure one of your guns is off the Wall.
Tip: Earn RespectReal players respect those who play legitimately, not those who hack or glitch their way through a game.
Apparently many players, even up to Shotgun rank, dona€™t know how to keep a zombie at bay without going down.
Now here's the biggest thing that people do not grasp: The final zombie(s) must NOT be injured. There is a myth out there that you should hold a crawling zombie at the end of a round and let it hit you every so often.
Get More Playing The StoryThe Story maps Tranzit, Die Rise, and Buried include passive perks (aka Perma-perks) that add more to your gameplay. 1First-Person Video GamesBlack Ops 2: Zombies (Buried Guide)Learn how to get down and dirty in this infested dig site. Shinzuu Katame 3 weeks ago from Maine, USA Author Courtland Sellars, if you refer to my Die Rise guide, you'll find the damage chart that labels damage of the most used weapons. Courtland Sellars 3 weeks ago From what I know, Double Tap doesn't double your damage with fully automatic weapons.
Shinzuu Katame 3 weeks ago from Maine, USA Author Leanardo, the mechanics for Black Ops 3 are significantly different than those of Black Ops 2 so the strategies are generally different. Leanardo 4 weeks ago I'm a prestege 10 in bo3 zombies I don't play much bo2 zombies but the key to any game is have 1 key weapon that last u the whole game wether it be a assault rifle or light machine gun. Shinzuu Katame 6 months ago from Maine, USA Author actually, very not true, Elizabeth. Shinzuu Katame 19 months ago from Maine, USA Author I average 70-80 rounds with a best of 98, and I'm the worst player out of my friends, who all break 100 and best of 120+. Shinzuu Katame 19 months ago from Maine, USA Author Feel free to browse around the other guides as well, if you all play them. Popular2First-Person Video GamesHow to build the Acid Gat Kit in Alcatraz, Mob of the Dead - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombiesby Edward D. 7First-Person Video GamesHow to upgrade Hell's Retriever in Alcatraz: Mob of the Dead - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombiesby Edward D.
That means it's off to a good start, but still has room to grow into a more helpful resource. Assign everyone a window, camp and shoot a couple bullets into the zombies then knife for more points. You should start thinking of moving out at round 4, move out when everyone has at least 2500 points go to the room downstairs and have the person in first open the door. Now the steps do not matter now if it is round 9 or up, buy juggernog and go into mystery box, don't get distracted by fire sale!
When it's round 30, get your tank, and sentry and run in a figure 8 around stage, and let zombies pile up. When it's round 40+ just run and gun, use the level 30 and 20 tips, don't get jumbled up in corners and get stuck, if medic is down, do not try to revive unless it is completely safe.
At round one get as much cash as possible then buy the down stairs door it is the quickest way to the power room. Meet Lois, a wikiHowian from California who has been active in the community for over 9 years.
Whenever Treyarch releases a new Call of Duty game, one of the main things fans look out for is the studio's signature zombies mode. The story mode, Tranzit is a huge map with a number of different areas to explore, all of which are connected by a bus route.

When playing Survival, the team has taken the individual areas and tailored them for classic survival play. Will you be joining the zombie hunt when November 13 comes along or will you be too busy shooting people up in multiplayer to even care? Training: It's Better to Ride the Train than to Sit and DieIt's popular even in Zombies to try camping the whole game. To "train" zombies is to lead a large group of zombies in a fixed route (usually a circle) while gradually shooting them down. At this rate, by the time they get to round 25-26, they'll only get two or three bonuses per round. If you keep hoarding and stealing kills and not helping out the others, you will never get far and no one will help you when you need it. Rack Up Those Points!Points are the most important in the beginning of the game, especially the starting six or seven rounds depending on the map. Please also note that obtaining around 7,000 points on hand includes having already spent the 500 points to buy the M14. Know Your Guns!Knowing the way each gun performs can mean better chances of survival and more mass murdering of the undead.The following sections will show you some of the best guns to have if you're planning on making it through the long haul. These weapons have an endless supply of ammunition that you can buy, and as long as your accuracy is above 50% (90%+ for the Hades), you will always earn more than 4,500 points before you'll have to buy more ammo.
You will never rank up when you do this, and no one will ever want to play with you if you're notorious for doing so. The biggest mistake is that many players go straight to helping someone up in the middle or beginning of a round. Know The HoldOkay, this must be addressed over and over as not everyone seems to grasp the concept. If a player at that rank can't pull that off, you wonder if they glitched their rank or glitched the game.
In my Die Rise and Buried articles I go into further depth on which ones are most worth your time to earn.
While the main Easter Egg is still a mystery to us all, get the advantage early with this guide.
My friends and I have done extensive research and trials, and it does in fact double damage even to automatics as you can refer to near the top of the chart on the AN-94. The programming and features have rarely changed from World At War to Black Ops 2, while B-Ops 3 did a bit of a massive overhaul, including adding a TON of features. I do recommend getting revive first because its the cheapest of all perks 500 simple points and keeps the round alive. I've gone through the 70's and 90's plenty of times, and never really had to run, even with sprinters. My buddies and I love to play zombies and we get pretty far, but this article has some great pointers. What we found for these strategies and game mechanics are from over 3,000 man hours of playing BO2 zombies between the 13 of us.
I made all these guides for the purpose of helping all players since I believe that everyone should be able to feel the gratification of a great, legitimate game. So have a your tank guard the entrance, the sentry guard the other entrance and the medic helping who ever needs it and have the assassin watching others backs. She enjoys reviewing new edits, welcoming new editors, and starting new articles on crafts or activities she’s learned.
Aside from the new maps and whatnot, Black Ops 2 will now offer different modes in zombie mode! The bus route is also part of the world and can be explored, either on foot, or by bus, which travels to each of the areas of the map. The individual Survival areas are adaptations of the locations in Tranzit, but they’ve been designed to accommodate survival-style play. This saves you a heck of a lot of bullets and helps you conserve your precious Max Ammos and make it farther in the game.
However, if you apply the tips and tricks in this blog, you won't need to grab any bonuses until round 55-60. This section actually covers a basic 101 skill that all CoD players should know and skilled players already have: always get the most points you can.
Couple this with the Model 14 (M14), and you're guaranteed about 7,000 points by round 4 or 5.
Yes, you can get Juggernogg, but if you don't have help nearby, you will get overrun in no time.
For the purpose of covering the whole game, the following list also includes exclusive melee power-ups that are only found in the Origins map. While the game provides a cornucopia of perks to choose from, there are three that you absolutely MUST get. While most people focus on getting all the power weapons, there's a better solution and setup that will help you build up your game.
This weapon carries low risk to the user and should be put in your second slot right after your PG Gun if you are using Mule Kick.

1 are not listed because it is a one-hit kill on the round in which you get it from the box, no matter what round you're in, and it's very unpredictable. NEVER do this unless you have another player with you to back you up, and you two can control the crowd of zombies. In rounds where you need to accomplish something, it's common practice among any decent player to "hold" a zombie or three at the end of a round. You don't need those last two perks on early rounds and don't need to PaP either, just hammer them with galvaknuckles. We've found that not grabbing bonuses greatly increases how often and how many show up in the later rounds. She is proud of helping lots of people; she has started 223 articles and reached over 24 million readers with her advice. You’ll meet a few new characters, some new zombies and fight them off using weapons ranging from new near-future weapons, some faithful stand-bys and a few wunderweapons. Sitting in one spot and hitting zombies is okay for maybe the first 20-25 rounds, but if you expect to get past even the mid 20's, you'd better start learning the train.
If you can completely avoid all bonuses (except Double Points, which is unlimited), you can be in the middle of round 50 and see six to eight bonuses dropping. First off, prior to round 40 (30 for newbies), there is no need to waste points on the Mystery Box so early in the game (unless you're playing Bus Depot). Learn to be patient until you are reborn or get revived, and you'll get far, and others will have no problem helping to carry you so you can rank up. It's better for the player to die and respawn next round than for all of you to lose the game because you couldn't wait. This means NOT killing the last zombie(s) so that the round doesn't end, and all players can restock on ammo, Pack-a-Punch, etc. We've gone into the 60's with over 12 bonus drops in 1 round, and we have counted all the bonuses we collected until we got to the 90's where the only bonus drops we get are Double Points. If you think the article offers complete and accurate instructions, feel free to remove this tag. She enjoys the fun of editing and how helpful it allows her to be, and she says she is constantly learning new things there.
If used properly, the other team won’t be able to overcome the zombie attack and the remaining team will be left victorious. One of the biggest problems with camping in a zombie game is that they start coming in larger groups and at a faster pace.
If someone goes down, you'll have that emergency Nuke or Insta-Kill to run over and help them up. Every bullet you fire becomes two, which essentially doubles your ammo because you're firing two at a time. These perks will save your life, and make the beginning of the game a hell of a lot easier on you.
In fact, most weapons off the Wall (unPAP'd) are good for up to 25 rounds as long as you have the Core Perks, and through round 35-40 when PAP'd (Please note that this is based on the average player). A majority of players out there are still ignorant of this kind of play, and is a must-have skill.
As for the point generating guns, these are for points to pay for PaP ammunition off the walls. He gets ballistic knife, a gun of choice, and cymbal monkeys and last but not least quick revive + double tap soda. She appreciates how people in the wikiHow community are friendly, offering to help before judging or criticizing you. One second of reloading or switching weapons can easily allow zombies to rush you so badly, you'll be brutally mangled to the point where you'd jump, not to mention the bullets you'll be spending. Purely relying on wonder weapons is the pure downfall for all players, and the waste of all those points comes to nothing when you die or go down and have no points to regain everything you lose. Next is sentry, he's second worst on team, he gets assault rifle ( PAP ) and a pistol (PAP).
Aside from Double Points, all the bonuses have a finite number available per game that you play.
Not every game is perfect, and if you don't give yourself a backup, you'll never beat your own records..
Also, relying purely on non-wall weapons will get you screwed over in the later rounds as you can't buy ammunition for them, and should people be grabbing bonuses like you're saying, there's no way in hell they'll survive since Max Ammo will pretty much be non-existent if they even make it that far. This is crucial because bonuses are usually the biggest clinchers to making it past the very high-level rounds.

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