Hey everybody, it’s Rocco Castellano here and it’s been awhile since I’ve made a video but you will start to see more and more videos after this one because I really want to start giving you more information and to better help you become a fitness celebrity or to help you with your fitness branding, or really just to help you with your business… what ever your real goal is. Now, I have seen some people who have and chased money – they do make money, but the reality is the people that are the most successful. When you look for peace of mind and you figure out what it takes to have that peace of mind, everything else falls into place. Now, I see so many fitness professionals and business people in general that live in a state like New York and they simply can’t make ends meet. Now, if money is really going to bring you happiness, well then you figure out how much money that is that’s going to give you peace of mind… have a plan and take action. There has been some talk about Ambit Energy online, so I am going to clarify the entire ambit consulting opportunity.
Ambit Energy is one of the finest and most respected private retail energy retailers in the United States.
Ambit Energy is completely legitimate and generated revenues of over $235 million in 2009 alone. Ambit is not your typical network marketing company that are mainly market health and wellness products. As an Ambit Energy’s independent consultant you o can btain an income opportunities with limitless earnings. Ambit encourage people to take advantage of Ambit Energy independent consultant opportunity to reach their financial freedom number. You can generate residual income from customers that refers other customers to the great saving and incentive ambit energy provides its customers.
The advantage of energy deregulation gives countless opportunities for people who takes full advantage and become an independent consultants with Ambit. Or they live in California where they’re living in a house that’s way beyond their means, but they have to do it to keep up with the Jones’ and you know what? And the reality is I didn’t learn that I wanted peace of mind until way later in life and that’s why all the young people out there, even people that are my age – I want you to realize.
This ambit review will focus on the operations and credibility of the company as a great home based business opportunity .
In 2006, founders Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless discussed deregulation and decided to put up their own company. This means that it abides by all state regulations in the states it is operating in and by the DSA’s Code of Ethics.

The company is ranked as the number one fastest growing private company in America by INC Magazine.
Those products tends to be base on the current market trend, Remember the aci berry trend, silver and god trend, and now there is a coffee product tend.
At Ambit , you’ll get the opportunity to market a true necessity – electricity and natural gas.
Ambit Energy offers home-based opportunities, and that means you can choose your working hours.
As an Ambit independent consultant you can rest assure that you teamed up with an excellent company with a great track record on your entrepreneurship venture. Where you will be rewarded for bringing quality services, cheaper rates and additional incentives to consumers.Ambit Energy gives you the opportunity to work on your own schedule and grow your Ambit Business. You can tell by the fantastically large and chunky dimensions of this watch that it’s a Novus owned production. I’m not saying that you have sneak off to some island or go over to Tibet and hang out with monks to find your inner self, but peace of mind is where you really want to be. The DSA code of ethics also means that ambit energy ensures that all independent distributor and customers abide by the best business practices. By taking a look at how the company’s consulting business opportunity works and how ambit energy conduct business you will see that there are no grounds for Ambit Energy scams.
This is a part time business that will grow tremendously for those who are willing to work it.
They have a great customer care and billing platform which is patented and that makes the company stable. Remember, electricity and natural gas is a commodity that people use daily, monthly and yearly. If you’re constantly chasing money and you say you’ve got to make a million dollars – guess what? Now, I’ve lived in several different places and to tell you the truth, when I was in New Jersey, I hated it. That I believe… is wrong because when you chase money and when you’re constantly thinking about oh, I have to make all this money, I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that, you’re missing the picture. And I’m not saying that making six figures or seven figures is a bad thing because it isn’t but what is that relationship that you want to create with either your fan base, your audience and also what is it that that money is going to do? Ambit’s co-founders have put together a corporate leadership team that rivals any company in America regardless of the marketing model.

When you’re looking for a product to market you want something everyone not only uses but needs. Ambit Energy already created millionaires several millionaires, multiple six figure earners and that is just the beginning.
As an independent consultant with am, you earn a bonuses, residual income, and free travel for informing consumers about Ambit Energy lowest rates on electric in their city. On the contrary you are helping individuals, and families put money back in their pockets every month by introducing them to Ambit’s Cheaper rates.
Actually you’ve missed the bus altogether and you’re really not going to go anywhere. It is everything to do with peace of mind and that peace of mind carries over into all aspects of your life.
Once I realized that all I wanted was peace of mind, it was a lot easier to get to my goals. I was always looking over my shoulder, thinking that someone was going to shoot me in the back of the head. The co-founders have an incredible business track record and focus on never sacrificing integrity for growth as one of their core principles. In additions, ambit energy provides additional incentive for customers, such as travel rewards, free weekend getaway and free energy. Ambit’s compensation plan also includes a residual payout on personal and team customers.
Join us, and become apart of the countless number of independent Consultants at ambit energy as we embark on the biggest wealth distribution in our time. Is your peace of mind about providing for your family or making sure that your family has a future if you aren’t there anymore? I don’t want to sound like some spiritual adviser, but that is what has happened to me and many of the most successful people out there, have finally found their peace of mind.
Everything is in place including the stability of a proven marketing system and a track record of proven success, yet still provides an opportunity that is wide open to anyone willing to take advantage of this once in a lifetime trend. It took the number 10 network Marketing Company 23 years to earn a Billion plus(see chart on left.) Moreover, every state in USA will be deregulated and as an ambit independent consultant you can profit from these markets.

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