Junto al documental de la Swedish House Mafia (del que aun no se sabe nada…), este era uno de los lanzamientos mas esperados por todos.
Following the his world tour concept ‘I AM HARDWELL’ earlier this year in his home country of Holland, Hardwell has released a teaser announcing his new I AM HARDWELL documentary. The documentary provides a captivating inside-look on him that is just as rare as the story behind the dance music phenomenon.
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Se mai nascera un feat tra Amedeo Minghi e Justin Timberlake, allora la mucca della Milka sara viola e la marmotta confezionera veramente la cioccolata! Guarda il video ufficiale di "Ora", il nuovo singolo di Renzo Rubino, e leggi il testo della canzone.
Guarda il video ufficiale di 'Ora', il nuovo singolo di Gigi D'Alessio che anticipa l'omonimo album in uscita il 19 novembre 2013.

This entry was posted in Music and tagged documentary, Hardwell, i am hardwell: living the dream. The Dutch dance music titan, Hardwell, kicks off his brand new documentary, I AM Hardwell – Living The Dream, during the world renowned Amsterdam Dance Event this October.
Even more so than his previous documentary, I AM Hardwell – Living The Dream will let you experience the music.
Adding to his musical output, the global electronic star will release a brand new Hardwell remix-album on November 13th on his famed Revealed Recordings. Ya salio a la venta hace poco menos de unos meses, pero solo lo podias ver si te comprabas el debido DVD con todo el pack de merchandising y su debido coste.
The official red carpet premiere will take place on October 13th at the famous cinema Pathé Tuschinski theatre in Amsterdam. My life has been one huge roller-coaster ride since I was chosen as #1 DJ in the world back in 2013.

Bien, para los que no se pudieran permitir dicho gasto, por tal y como esta la situacion ahora, o simplemente, los que no quisieran gastar su dinero y esperaban a poder ver el original en Youtube gracias a alguien muy amable, como es el chico que nos lo trae, aqui esta el documental sobre la vida de Hardwell.
The expectations kept on getting higher so I had the feeling I had to keep on raising the bar. It’s a gateway into the life of a musical pioneer on the path to accessing the peak of his artistic powers. Many soon-to-be-named, renowned producers took the chance to reimx one of the 14 United We Are tracks, which has resulted in a spectacular collection of remixes.

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