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Once the heroine of ‘Hero’ hopped from one shooting to another, today her priorities have shifted. With a loving husband, a successful marriage and two lovely kids, her happiness seems to be complete. For Meenakshi dance was always a passion, she relates herself more closely as a dancer than an actress. Being level headed, Meenakshi easily gained love and affection not only from her family members, but the Indian community in Dallas nurtures her dedicated efforts. Harish’s sister played the central part of introducing the two while in India and thus started the eternal love story.
This is a proposal to develop an historical documentary of the Southern California American Indian people, of our Struggle, Adaptation and Survival.
This is the current accounting of the past one hundred years, the legend of our fight for survival, to maintain our culture, traditions and the political structure we created to preserve our way of life. To better understand the relationship between the California American Indian tribes and the United States Government one must be aware of two important facts; first, the California Indian tribes do not have any treaties with the Federal Government, and secondly, the relationship between the California tribes and the United State Government is political and not racial. This historical documentary is an assembly of myths, historical realities and it is prepared with deep respect to the plight and exploits of the Native American people who have lived in the southern region of California for over 500 centuries in what is currently known as Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego counties and as far north as Santa Barbara County.
To our people this is all irrelevant as to what followed the invasion and our survival was and is our only concern.
At first no attempt was made at colonization until the Spanish Order of the Catholic Franciscan Fathers established the first of 21 missions in San Diego, California, in 1769. However, the Franciscan Fathers did not give up with out using every effort to maintain control. The loss of control became more acute after the Mexican government had succeeded in gaining its formal independence from Spain in 1821, and finally with the United States Government in 1848 after it successfully defeated Mexico.
In addition to the slavery of our people by the Catholic Church, the white settlers and Mexican ranchers also maintained a€?Indian Slavesa€?.
On February 2, 1848, The United States Government signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo with Mexico ending the Mexican-American War making California a territory of the United States of American. When California became the 31st State on September 9, 1850, it did little to improve the status of the Native American tribal people in California and many lost or were never recognized by the federal government. Although the United States Government referred to the Native people geographically located in the influential sphere of the missions as a€?Mission Indiansa€? they were in fact individual and separate tribal groups.
Tribal beliefs were clearly stated in various song series and historical accounts that described a clan's sacred and secular history as well as providing guidelines for social behavior.
For Indian people, their traditional spiritual values and concepts of how their God created the world. Remarkably, the arrival of the Spanish and the Americans did not obliterate the Native peoples own political, legal, and religious systems. Initially, some of the Indian people were not affected by the Spanish mission system, as were the other tribal groups in the region.
The Southern California Indian people were very active in political protests for many years. When California became the 31st State on September 9, 1850, the Indian people were totally disregarded by the State and to some extend by the United States Government. After the United States Government established the reservations system nationally and in California in the early 1880a€™s the tribal political confederations disappeared. From the early 1900a€™s the Mission Indian Federation, under the leadership of Adam Castillo, until his death in 1953, was the compelling influence in the redressing of economic, political, and legal grievances of the American Indian people. Nothing could have been farther from the truth as the Federation Constitution Article II, Section 1.
After the arrest and exoneration of the 57 members of the Federation the group became more selective in their discussions and meeting.
After the death of Adam Castillo in 1853 the Federation continued under the leadership of Mr. One of the most significant single acts of American Indian activism was the occupation of Alcatraz from Nov.
Although the California tribes have made great advancements over the past 50 years they are still not a free people.
For the past century democratically elected Tribal Councils have provided the leadership for the southern California Indian tribes.
Another significant piece of legislation is Public Law 93-638, the a€?Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Acta€? that was signed in 1975 by President Richard M.
Although the word a€?Selfa€? is included in the title it only makes reference to the tribal Governments and not the individual which is the basis for capitalism and this is genesis for the friction between the Federation and Government.
With the current financial windfall from Indian gaming for a few of the Nations Tribal Governments, many problems the gaming tribes were forced to deal with because of the lack of financial resources have now been or to some extent become less burdensome. Helen Hunt Jackson wrote about the racism, exploitation and cruelty of the Native people in the Century of Dishonor and Ramona. I would like obtain financial support to produce a mini 30- to 45-minute video documentary of the a€?Forgotten Warriorsa€? The Mission Indian Federation as an educational instrument for our youth, our current tribal leaders and non-tribal communities.
In preparation for this project I have conducted an extensive research investigation of the federal archives on file at the Riverside location at 23123 Cajalco Road, Perris, CA 92570-7298, the Riverside Library and the Smiley Library at the University of Redlands. Indian documentary shows women as warriors and models 7 June 2012 Last updated at 06:58 BST A new documentary has gained rare access to a Hindu fundamentalist camp where young Indian women are instructed to be warriors.
Explore the BBC News News Sport Weather Shop Earth Travel Capital iPlayer Culture Autos Future TV Radio CBBC CBeebies Food iWonder Bitesize Travel Music Earth Arts Make It Digital Taster Nature Local Terms of Use About the BBC Privacy Policy Cookies Accessibility Help Parental Guidance Contact the BBC Advertise with us Ad choices Copyright © 2016 BBC. Indian Air Force (IAF) has now announced that it would not linger its association with Russia over the PAK-FA. Besides the performance issues that may arise in future, the Sukhoi made stealth jet is of an exorbitant price and the architecture itself is poor and below the acceptable mark. India entered into the deal with Russia so as to strengthen India’s armory with the fifth generation stealth fighter and some other technology exchanges but magnified complaints, unacceptable engineering and greasy development of the stealth jet has brought the IAF to conclude the deal though New Delhi and Moscow has finalized a $6 billion bill to jointly develop the FGFA customized to suit the requirements of IAF.
The sketch of the warplane on a white sheet seem to be an easy task compared to welding the different parts of the engine to build one and then get it working as per the specifications put forward by the Indian Air Force. However all the above said facts and figures do not seem to be applicable at the moment for the Indian Air Force has withdrawn the MoD with a complaint that the collaboration may not live up to the expected norms put forth at the time of proposal. Sukhoi is working on T-50 versions one for Russian use and the other for Indian use, the whole plan of the development of the T-50 is solely dependent on India’s investment without which there would not be a T-50 in the picture at all.

2) The engines of the fighter AL-41F1 are not as appealing as they just the upgraded versions of Sukhoi’s 30 MKI AL-31’s engines. 3) The exorbitant expenses involved in the project, a whopping $6 billion is what India is shelling out to co-develop the project, which would mean that a large part of IAF capital would remain locked up. The Russian officials did have their counter arguments where they mentioned that the radar and the Al-41F engine is temporary and they would be developed eventually. There were more short falls put forward by the IAF like the problems encountered with the quality control, the unpatched wings that may fall apart in cases of stressed maneuvers and the delay in the commencement of the architecture.
If you like what you have read, you would love the FREE eBook "Taiwan's Lost Decade" by Ronnie Serrano. India is also planning to buy 126 new Rafale fighters from France for an eye-watering total price of $18 billion. As per structural, axis, data analysis,, PAK FA is not great fighter, except upgraded radar n engines,, same advanced electronics n engines can be installed in Su 30MKI,, it will be 5th fighter then.
Russians are such junk merchants I remember in the 80’s when everyone thought the Russians had all of this advanced weaponry. Taiwan’s Lost Decade - Republic of China Air Force Fighter DilemenaIf you like what you have read, you would love the FREE eBook "Taiwan's Lost Decade" by Ronnie Serrano. However after half a century of almost continuous wars, a new entity emerged: The Americans. And that's the case with this miraculously ornate strawberry-red lengha with gold and crystal embroidery! The sensational diva of Bollywood departed her ‘comfort zone’, India in 1995 and married US based investment banker Harish Mysore. The journey from Mumbai’s hustle bustle shooting sets to the isolated locales of Texas was unimaginable.
Today, just like any other Indian American mom Meenakshi speeds along the freeway to pick up her daughter from school. With the burning desire to continue the art and extend this culture in a foreign land, Meenakshi with the full support of her Harish introduced Cherish Dance School.
Mesmerized by her life experiences, Margrett Stephens is presently working on a two- hour musical documentary on Meenakshi Sheshadri. With a combination of good looks and dancing abilities the actress was never thirsty for big banners. From the heartthrob of millions to the mommy next door, Meenakshi cherishes every moment of her life. Our people, the Native American Aboriginal People that have lived in what is known today as Southern California for over 50,000 years, which is supported by the archeological discoveries such as what is referred to as the a€?La Jolla Mana€? near the City of San Diego, California, and more so by our traditional oral history and legends. It is about how it has survived to influence the current political policies of our tribal governance as well as the decision making process within our tribal Governments, the State of California and at the highest level of the nation within the halls of the United States Congress as well as the Administrative branch. However, the Federal Government through the Bureau of Indian Affairs has made every effort to make the relationship racial, and to some extent they have been successful, as will be demonstrated later. Later in 1579 Sir Francis Drake was reported to have landed at what has become known as a€?Drakes Baya€? and is said to have established communication with the native inhabitants and took possession of the country in the name of England, calling it a€?New Albiona€?. Over the next 50 years from 1779 to around 1818-1821 the Franciscan Fathers assembled over 20,000 of our people from the surrounding areas as to what is currently identified as San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Santa Barbara Counties to build and maintain the Catholic mission structure, but over the years many of the Indian people rejected the dominance of the church and abandoned the missions resulting in the decline of the power of Franciscan Fathers and the missions. Beatings, imprisonment, starvation, and holding children as hostages were some of the tactics used which only prolonged the exodus. Women and children were the primary targets for kidnapping and sold into slavery or indenturment as it was referred to at the time. However, the United States Congress never ratified the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo leaving the Indian people without any protections even though they were referred to as a€?Savagesa€? in the Treaty. In way of example of the disregard for the rights first inhabitants during the gold rush, a five-dollar bounty was placed on the Indians to prevent them from interfering with the search for gold on their lands. Within the different Indian tribal groups there were several different languages and the tribal groups were also divided into many different independent clans containing as many as five hundred to twelve hundred people in each clan. These beliefs were reinforced on a regular basis and annually in clan ritual centers where the texts of the song progressions were presented in their entirety a process requiring several days to complete.
Although the creation stories are diverse among the various tribal group the essentially tells of the origin of the world and the consequences of that death for humans, which included the need for death, social values, and traditions.
The most damaging effects the Europeans had on the Indians was in the confiscation of their land, the death of an unimaginably 80 percent of the Indian people from exposure to European diseases, and the continuing loss of political autonomy.
On the other hand, they were very much affected by the economic systems imposed on their homelands. From 1840 to 1891 they united into quasi-military groups under the leadership of last Tribal War Chiefs, such as Juan Antonio and Antonio Garza, not only to defend themselves from the encroachments of Spaniards, Mexicans, and Americans rule, but the Catholic Churcha€™s Mission system as well. From 1950 to 1880 the Southern California Indian people joined together in families and clans, which were identified as tribes by the federal Government. However, within a couple of decades the Indian leaders had formed other political organizations, the most prominent was the Mission Indian Federation. Castillo successfully challenged the United States Government and won some very major political victories. The BIA continued to undermine their efforts and gave their support to tribal members that opposed the Federation.
20, 1969, until June 11, 1971, reclaiming it as Indian land and demanding fairness and respect for Indian peoples, the Mission Indian Federation?
The BIA still continues to rule many actions of the tribal governments by policy, regulations and oversight. Issues of health, education, and welfare were matters of concern for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Service and State of California, since the partially jurisdiction of the law enforcement was transferred to the State in the 1953 under the authority of Public Law 280 resulting in conflict between the California Indian Tribes and the State, which was finally partially settled by United States Supreme Court is 1976 declaring American Indian Tribal Government as Sovereign Nations, over two hundred years after the signing the Declaration of Independence. The government policy was and still is for the Native American to a€?become more simulateda€? to the American way of life however, they were prevented from exercising their individual rights and the BIA maintained that the entire tribe must benefit. The Mission Indian Federation opposed these policies while supporting the rights of the tribe as a whole and the individual rights of tribal members as well. However, other problems that have resulted from the proliferation of Indian Gaming such as mismanagement, lack of management skills, and the misappropriation of funds by employees and tribal leaders have yet to be dealt with by the tribal leadership and the responsibly authorities. The World Before Her - from a Canadian-based director - also goes behind the scenes at another training arena for Indian women: the world of the Indian beauty pageant. This news came in as shock as the collaboration had aimed to develop a futuristic Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA). The jet is powered by old and poor quality engines making it an unreliable and irrational weapon in the parade of the Indian Air Force.

When all these points are put together, the entire amount of the $6 Billion is relatively huge to pay up. New Delhi is now looking forward for the new Rafale fighters from France and better prospects of the Indian Air Force. But India should seriously start considering in investing in the defence sector, a little more intelligently than blowing up the taxpayers money for warfare; when the internal warfare of citizens trying to make a living is growing more intense than ever before. Shoddy built third rate equipment, long delays in supplying spare parts and now billions to keep their production lines humming with Indian money.
Mad because F-22 and F-35 are operational and the PAK-FA is sucking and being rejected by the Indians as a failure? Like the double cannon tank that turned out to be an old t-34 with a second tube welded on it to fool the satellites which it did. For the last decade, the Taiwanese Air Force’s fighter procurement has been on a standstill due to political and budget reasons. It would be the Americans not the other four powers who would control what would become the United States. Nevertheless, it was during those lengthy trips to India, she realized that she had to step out of her ‘comfort zone’ and venture the beautiful future ahead. While her hands are full taking care of an eight-year-old daughter Kendra and two year old Josh, Sheshadri successfully operates her dance school. The documentary ‘Meenakshi Accept Her Wings’ depicts the transitional lifestyle of dancer, actress to a homemaker. Drakes Bay is a small bay on the coast on northern California approximately 30 miles northwest of the City of San Francisco. This was well documented in Rupert and Jennette Henry Costoa€™s book The Missions of California; A Legacy of Genocide. These clans controlled separate territories of several hundred square miles each and maintained their own political authority. The most important element of these gatherings was the ceremonies, which honored those members of a clan who had died since the last ritual had been performed.
It also describes the basic concepts of supernatural power and its proper use in the current world.
They engaged in wage labor for the Spanish and Mexicans and became an integral part of the labor force in Southern California.
This organization arose in response to oppressive practices of the Government Bureau of Indian Affairs and they became a significant conduit for political opposition against the federal government's policies regarding the management Indian affairs by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
The first was the dismissal of charges against 57 members of the Mission Indian Federation for a€?Conspiracy against the U.S. Regardless of all the efforts of the BIA to destabilize and demonize them, the BIA was forced to recognize them as a political force. However, for many reasons the movement became less organized and was resurrected in the late 60a€™s and early 70a€™s.
The occupation of Alcatraz was the one of the most significant demonstrations of the past century. Although there are many descendents of the Mission Indian Federation active in tribal politics the mindset of many tribal members continues to be Government dependency through the BIA. Sounds a lot like a€?Redistribution of the Wealtha€? rhetoric we hear more of from our political leaders today. IAF has decided to pull the chords down due to the loop holes that are now perceptible in the niche.
K Anthony had rejected the purchase of the American Fifth Generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The Russian version comprises of the Indian Avionics along with an assorted range of compatible weapons. It is an assembly of talented dancers, a voluntary body to enhance multi-culture, revealing the best talent of people of all ages. Each clan was allied through ritual systems that provided political stability and networks for economic exchange.
Still other annual ceremonies later became known as a€?Fiestasa€? which were normally held during the summer months to celebrate, share crops and livestock. However, the Indian people to this day have maintained their individual family and clan identities.
The second victory was gaining American citizenship in 1924, fifty-six years after the 14th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified on July 9, 1868, which granted citizens to all persons born or naturalized in the United States except the American Indian. In some report the Federation is described as the tribal a€?Shadow Governmenta€? of the tribes. That action in it self brought the attention of the nation and the world on not only California Indians but for all American Indians. Government through the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Mission Indian Federation was the a€?Socialista€? or a€?Progressivea€? formation of government supported by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Statements made by the Indian Air Force officials said that Russians would not be able to fulfill their deal with regard to the performance and the operations of the Sukhoi FGFA.
The Indian scientists had also stated that this collaboration will provide the required push for the development of the all-Indian fifth generation fighter, titled the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA).
I love how these photos by Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema really capture the opulence of her ensemble, from different angles and ranges.
Today many tribal leaders have adopted the Pow Wow of the Midwestern Natives in place of the traditional Fiestas.
The Governmenta€™s contention was that the 57 members of the Mission Indian Federation were promoting a€?Bolshevistic Doctrinesa€?. The short falls with the FGFA has been observed at different sectors like performance, quality of the materials used, poor engineering of the engines and the technical features.
Cabrillo a Portuguese navigator is credited by historian as discovering the territory of what is currently known as the State of California in 1542.
Still another early Spaniard explorer, Viscayno, is reported to have visited the new lands in 1602.

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