Do you ever have the feeling that texting and driving just doesn't cut it for you anymore. You know those times when you really want to look like a complete fool; well this is the product for you. This is one of those inventions that sounded good on paper, looked good on paper and then they went ahead and created it, and it made the person wearing it feel like a hideous swamp monster, but a little bit of a comfy one.
Did you ever fall asleep on Subway in a fairly comfortable position because you were tired.
You know those times you are so lazy, you can't even pick up a damn broom and wipe away mountains of dust, well this is the invention for you. We'll let me introduce you to the Steering Wheel Laptop Desk, which is a great invention for anybody who wants to die while Facebooking.
A dad friendly invention, that takes you back in time to a point where you do not suffer from male pattern baldness. The mind is always active even when the body is asleep and to such an active mind the inventions that follow are not something totally surprising.

It is the Japanese invention that promotes a healthy airflow through the soles of your shoes, allegedly reducing foot odor to keep your feet nice and fresh. It is perfect for tennis, indoors, out of the sight or otherwise a-wall from areas with people, preferably a crater on the moon. It's a real thing that a company actively marketed in Japan for people who are unlucky enough not to snag a seat. It makes you wonder how those smart ass engineers couldn't really see any fault with projecting somebody out of a chopper directly straight-up. Yet the inventions that are developed are definitely mind blowing.It is a human nature to explore and know more. This bulk monster promises to tune up the background noise to let you enjoy the movie going experience, on the go. The power we possess to utilize the smallest of the assets that we are surrounded with is a human tendency.We have made of of even the air that surround us to create something solid and that can be touched. It has made us think that we humans are definitely the most advanced and superior being living on this planet.

This is an invention which involves a plug in coil creating a magnetic field between the power point and the object receiving the power. It can print from coffee mugs to decorative, name it and you have it in front of you thanks to the 3D printers. It can not only kick your uphill battles in a tough terrain but also warn you about the road conditions, potholes and air conditions. It not only has 113-177 km run after a single charge, they also, for the first time ever, allow the driver to use a single pedal for acceleration and brakes. The new 'Reflective AI' transmits and interprets the designs from the camera of the Ipad making the use of the gadget more interactive.

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