If you work in the construction industry, you already know that there are different types of concrete mixers that construction companies use and one type of mixer is the diesel concrete mixer. A diesel mixer is widely-used in many construction sites including buildings, roads and bridges. Most diesel mixers can generate power of up to 15KW, which is enough to power the mixer as well as other small devices like lighting equipment. Like anything else, there are many brands and models of electric mixers out there and it’s important to note that, although they offer more or less of the same thing (mixing copious amounts of concrete), each brand or model would have small details and features that can make a world of difference in your work.
That said, whether you’re buying or renting equipment, always take a look at the technical specifications of a mixer and if there’s literature for users, read it. If you don’t know where you can find diesel mixers, you can find them online on Google by typing rent diesel mixers or buy diesel mixers, depending on whether you want to buy or rent equipment. We see the questions all the time – people wondering: What will it take to run an RV air conditioner off of solar power?
We get asked for advice in email regularly, and see the topic constantly coming up on various forums. Usually those asking are honestly naive about what will be required – assuming that a small investment in a few hundred watts of solar panels and maybe an extra battery or two is all that it will take to be basking in off-grid cold air all summer long. Running an RV air conditioner exclusively off of solar power is a fantasy that is extremely difficult and expensive to turn into a reality. As anyone who has ever paid a residential electric bill during a hot summer knows, generating cool air takes a lot of energy. Using roof-mounted solar panels means parking in the sun, and parking in the sun means that your AC has to work substantially harder to keep your interior cool. Solar panels actually produce less energy as they get hotter, so on the hottest days when you need the power the most they are working less efficiently.
By the way – your roof AC is now surrounded by extremely hot air radiating off the panels, further reducing the cooling it is capable of.
Just a little shade creeping onto the corner of a solar panel can cut its output dramatically. Also – any shade your vents or roof AC casts on your solar panels will dramatically rob them of energy.
Cooling a conventional RV using a solar-powered AC is akin to pushing a boulder up a mountain… while wearing roller skates. The Coleman Mach 8 (above) has two fan motors, meaning that when the compressor is off the outside fan shuts down, saving power. When in use, an air conditioner blower remains on full time but the compressor pump cycles on and off. The compressor is the big power hog, and whether it is on or not is controlled by the AC’s thermostat.
50% Cooling Cycle: Cycling the compressor on only half the time, our front AC would consume roughly 22kWh, and our rear AC would consume 21kWh over the course of 24 hours. Leaving all other electrical loads out of the picture, it is easy to see that you could regularly need to generate over 10kWh a day of energy dedicated to running a single RV roof air conditioning unit – even if you only leave the AC on during the hottest part of the day.
Even with or full 1,400 watts of solar panels deployed and tilted, running our AC for more than a couple hours isn’t ever going to be practical without draining the batteries and blowing the overnight energy budget.
A Ridiculous Amount of Solar Panels: The amount of actual generated power you will get from solar panels will vary dramatically based upon your latitude, the time of year, the weather, and whether or not the panels are tilted optimally toward the sun. A Hefty Pure-Sine Inverter: An air conditioner should only ever be powered via a pure-sine inverter, and RV AC units have a substantial initial surge current so the inverter needs to be oversized to avoid overloading.
You could pay for a seeming infinite amount of generator run time, or years of camping with full hookups, for what building a solar system so powerful would cost! One of the greatest advantages of living in a house with wheels under it is that you do not need to fight the weather – you can move!
Following temperate weather and moving north and south means that it is possible to mostly avoid hot and humid days when an air conditioner feels most necessary. Spending an afternoon relaxing in a hammock in the shade on the shores of a lake sure beats sweltering inside a hot aluminum tube fighting to keep cool.
Parking in the shade, covering windows with awnings, and using plenty of electric fans makes it often very possible to stay cool without needing to blow the energy budget. Sleeping through the hottest part of the day and taking an afternoon siesta can work wonders too.
In a dry environment, a full-rig swamp cooler, or even a personal mister, can cool things dramatically without using much energy at all. Field Trip: Spend the afternoon out shopping, or driving, or going some place where someone else is providing the AC. A Brief Blast of Solar AC: If you have excess power available (and your inverter is configured to power your AC) an hour or two of AC in the afternoon might not blow the energy budget for the day. If you really want to go generator-free, have air conditioning whenever you want it, and never pay for hookups…  It can be done.
If you want to go down this path, you will be doing it for the geek points – not because it is practical, or to save money.
A swamp cooler like the TurboKool on your roof can keep an RV chilled, as long as the humidity outside is low enough.
You also need to be able to route the coolant hose between these two locations – often easier said than done in an RV. An external solar array can be deployed tilted towards the sun while you park your rig in the shade. Deploy A Remote Array: Instead of (or in addition to) covering your roof with solar, park in the shade and set up 1000+ watts of ground-deployed panels at the end of a long extension cable.
Go Lithium: Lithium batteries are much more efficient at powering high-current loads than lead, so especially if running an AC overnight is your goal, the advantages of lithium become even more convincing.
DC Air, If You Dare: Converting 12V DC (direct current) power from solar panels or batteries into 120V AC (alternating current) to power the AC (that chill making thing) is an inefficient process. But the cost and complexity of retrofitting an existing RV for fully solar-powered cooling just doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Maybe someday the equations will change, especially if some manufacturer were to apply the technology used in mini split AC units to building an RV roof air. We did want to be able to run our air conditioner off batteries and get a blast of cold air, or keep the RV cool while in a parking lot while running errands. When we did a major round of bus renovations in the summer of 2015, this setup allowed us to downscale to a 2500w propane generator. Their claim of 25,000btu cooling capacity drawing just 400W power does seem overly optimistic, but if they can pull it off and someone has first hand experience, I’d love to hear about it.
Price of electricity on the German power exchange much lower at peak consumption time in 2011 than in 2007, mostly because of solar PV production. Basically, this graph shows that solar power production peaks when electricity demand (grey line) peaks. Basically, when a boost of electricity is needed, solar and wind can out-compete any electricity source that requires non-free fuel (e.g. Overall, the price of electricity has been reduced on the power exchange by 520 to 840 million euros.
Hmm, seems someone should try to address that and give the residents of Germany (and other countries where solar is expanding) their just desserts.
At the same time, a large section of energy-intensive industry representing roughly 50 percent of total industrial power consumption is also largely exempt from the surcharge for renewable power. Now, as you have read, the costs come down due to solar’s relatively cheap peak costs. Keep up to date with all the hottest cleantech news by subscribing to our (free) cleantech newsletter, or keep an eye on sector-specific news by getting our (also free) solar energy newsletter, electric vehicle newsletter, or wind energy newsletter.
Zachary Shahan is tryin' to help society help itself (and other species) one letter at a time. Germany’s new coal burning plants are replacing (not adding to) the older plants that either have been or will soon be decommissioned. World-class electric car & solar energy deep dives, and more fun than should be legal. Expand your insights into the core issues at the heart of wind O&M for the coming years.
Network and establish your business in one of North America’s largest energy industries.
CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused news & analysis website in the US & the world, focusing primarily on electric cars, solar energy, wind energy, & energy storage. Let’s examine why some items run better with batteries before looking at the numerous items being redesigned to work on electricity. Batteries and the use of electricity represents a better solution for many things over combustion engines. Depending upon where you live, the use of electricity in place of gasoline may be more convenient and cheaper.
You now have a general idea as to why electricity can work better, which makes it possible to understand the practical use of batteries in place of gasoline. Let’s examine some of the battery powered items that were formerly powered by combustion.

The most common designs for gas-powered leaf blowers have them sucking in air through the sides to cool the engine before forcing it out the front. Battery powered leaf blowers, due to the decreased amount of heat produced during their operation, don’t require this.
Lawn trimmers that work on batteries enjoy the unique advantage of being up to 28-percent lighter than their gas-powered counterparts.
Solar energy is free and produces markedly less greenhouse emissions than combustion engines. To circumvent this and to replace things like diesel generators, batteries are being used to store electricity until it needs to be used. The largest consumer of gas and other combustibles are the things used to produce electricity: power plants.
Combustion plants work in such a way that they produce a certain amount of electricity based on the amount of fuel put in to them. Smart electricity companies are scaling back on their power plants to use large batteries in their stead.
What are the advantages of using a diesel concrete mixer or more precisely, when should you use a diesel concrete mixer?
Probably one of the biggest advantages of diesel mixers over other types of mixers is the fact that you can use it even without electricity since a power generation system is already built into the equipment. Having panels on your roof on a hot summer day is like wrapping your RV in a heating blanket – forcing your AC to work even harder. A little partial shade on the corner of a panel can cut off the output of the entire panel. When we purchased this AC in 2013 this was the most power efficient low-profile 15,000 BTU air conditioner on the market, but that’s not necessarily saying a lot.
The Penguin on the other hand has a single motor, spinning both the inside and outside fans continuously – requiring more power even when the compressor is cycled off. An AC is actually cooling air when the compressor is on, and just blowing a fan to circulate air when the compressor is off.
How much time an AC spends with its compressor on will vary dramatically based upon the outside heat and humidity.
It will take a lot solar panels to generate the same kilowatt hour of power you can buy for twelve cents! The front AC’s more efficient blower is starting to really demonstrate a power savings, but this is still a ton of power consumed. A 2,000W system, give or take, is a good start if you want to run an RV roof air for more than just a few hours a day.
You are looking at potentially 8x 8D batteries, and over 1,200lbs of lead on board if you go this route, and more if you want excess capacity to get through cloudy days. A few hours of generator time will top off your batteries and cool you down on a hot afternoon. Rather than run a generator 24×7 to keep boondocking off the grid, go find a cheap RV park and pay for 50A service. It is an awesome project – but it shows just how hard it is to go 100% solar once air conditioning is in the mix. A swamp cooler works by combining warm dry air with water from a tank, producing cool moist output as the moisture evaporates. But retrofitting this sort of small residential-style unit into an RV is a major engineering undertaking – you need to find both a place for an interior wall mounted blower unit (or two), as well as a ventilated basement area for the outside unit.
We’ve fantasized about a mini split in our bus, but the overhaul that would be required would be prohibitive.
This will require a substantial amount of setup and teardown, but it will let you optimize your rig for shade and your panels for sun.
Desert buses are actually known for having 6+ inches of roof insulation to help keep the interior cool.
And if you do go all out building enough solar into your rig to keep cool during a hot summer, you’ll actually have power going to waste much of the rest of the year. Which is plenty to supplement the energy depletion that solar alone just can’t keep up with. We have 500AH of lithium batteries and 1400w of solar  and they have 700AH of lithium and 960w of solar.
It reduces prices up to 40% in the early afternoon, when electricity demand is peaking and electricity typically costs the most. But in the last two years, the sudden price increase no longer took place even though demand remained largely unchanged. Leprich argues that this merit-order effect has to be taken into account when discussing the cost of photovoltaics. However, as it starts to cut into baseload power (rather than just peak power), those savings will go down.
Solar, at any hour of the day, is quickly becoming cost-competitive in many regions (not even including massive externalities related to coal pollution, nuclear waste risk, and climate change). That means, it costs 10 times the price of traditional sources, 100 times the price of nuclear energy or 5 times the price of wind energy! These new plants were planned and construction was started prior to the decision to close nuclear plants. It is part of Important Media -- a network of 20 progressive blogs working to make the world a better, greener place.
Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries. From lawnmowers to entire power plants, the gas engine is being replaced by batteries for a more efficient way of powering items. Electrical items provide the same mobility as traditional tools, but they’re quieter, produce less heat and tend to be more efficient in their usage of energy than their fossil fuel-burning counterparts. You only need to plug the battery in to the wall to recharge it, which means that there’s no reason to run to the gas station. This 90-degree turn brings a significant amount of waste into the equation due to the heightened amount of air resistance experienced. They can use the most efficient path for air to travel, which is straight from the back to the front, which means that they require less energy to operate. Gas lawn trimmers are heavy, while electric trimmers tend to enjoy less mobility without miles of extension cord.
When they incorporate the use of lithium-ion batteries, they can continue to run long enough to trim branches and cut down several trees. This means that you have to deal with costly maintenance of the combustion system, while still needing to maintain the actual parts of the mower responsible for trimming your grass. They share the same pitfalls that tools using combustion engines do, but they apply to a much larger scale. This requires utility companies to constantly monitor and regulate how much energy gets produced to reduce waste. This allows their plants to run continuously, which in turn allows for less electricity to be wasted.
He is the creative director for the BatteriesInAFlash blog and mastermind of all technology with the company. The coil takes your 12-14 volts and turns it into 20,000 volts so that the electricity can jump the gap in the spark plug. Thus, because there is no need for electricity, you can use it even in remote areas where there is no electricity. Thin panels with no airspace underneath them will get hotter still – this is one of the reasons we decided not to go thin and flexible on our roof.
Most RV roof airs are not low-profile, and even low-profile AC’s can cast substantial shadows much of the day. The poor cooling efficiency and lack of insulation means that it takes a lot more power to keep the interior of an RV cool than it would to cool a modern well-insulated house of the same (small) size.
When we were stuck in Yuma during the summer once, we managed to come up with an excuse for a shopping trip nearly every single afternoon – just to find some cool air! There are roof mounted and portable swamp coolers you can get for your RV, but they come with a big catch…Swamp coolers only work when the outside humidity is less than 40%, and the dryer it is, the better they work.
Eliminate windows, use awnings to keep the sun out of any you do have, and make sure to use double-pane glass too. As voltage goes up, the cable size required to transmit the same amount of power goes down.
This setup got us through a horrible hot summer when our engine broke down, and we lived in a parking lot for 6-weeks with only a 10A power plugin –we could supplement off battery through the heat of the day, and re-charge overnight.
We run our AC only at night time and let the batteries charge back to 100% during day time. Costs continue to drop fast and, as I wrote on our solar power page (and I’ve even seen utility company CEOs note), if you take into account how long it takes to get a new baseload power plant up and projected costs then, solar is already cheaper. OF COURSE when you start selling that photovoltaic you can have priority over other sources and the APPARENT overall price of energy in the energy market decreases. With enough capacity in their batteries, they can handle large, rugged lawns while adding significantly less noise pollution.

By Dan Vester Would you like to reduce your Electric bill by 20%, 40%, even as much as 70% by getting Free Electricity from your power company? The flexibility of not needing 30A or 50A hook-ups has been very freeing, and given us so many more choices for driveway surfing and better views. If prices on the exchange drop, so does the revenue, so the amount reported as the surcharge increases. Zach is recognized globally as a solar energy, electric car, energy storage, and wind energy expert.
If you’re designing for versatility and traveling all over (like us), then this is a lot of space and resources to dedicate to just one climate.
Here are two examples of 48V DC mini split systems: Green Energy and Hotspot Energy, and even an RV roof top model by Kingtec Solar. Our camper is 9m2 and we can safely run our AC 8-10 hours of the night and wont drain the batteries over 50-60% of the capp. Leprich says that “energy-intensive industrial firms are the ones who buy power on the spot market, thereby directly benefiting from the price reductions brought about by photovoltaics. It is estimated that the retail rate would drop by around 0.15 cents per kilowatt-hour if these price reductions on the exchange were passed on. Flexibility is what is becoming key now, as it allows utilities to tap the cheapest sources of energy when they are the most obvious choice. The CD shows you step-by-step how to get into a special program currently being offered by almost every electric company throughout America! Whether you rent or own your home, live in an apartment, condo, or a shack, whether it's 500 square feet or 10,000 square feet, it makes no difference.
If you pay an electric bill, you will very likely be able to get on this program in your area.
Not everybody will save 70%, but who cares, saving even 20% would be well worth it, wouldn't it? If your electric bill was suddenly and substantially reduced, think what the savings could mean to you and your family: A new (or newer) car than you have now.
When CNBC heard about "How To Get Free Electricity From Your Power Company -- Legally !!!" they were so intrigued that they flew Reporter Chip Wallace and his camera crew out from New York on special assignment to interview Dan for 90 minutes at his home in Dewey, Arizona. Amazed and impressed with what they learned, Chip and his crew immediately flew back to New York and interviewed prominent Electric Industry Leaders to verify the information revealed in the CD.
I own a comfortable, middle class home, and I don't generate my own electricity or pull it from the ether with some magic machine.
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How to properly describe your home and energy consumption when contacting your power company to maximize the amount of free electricity you'll be getting.
The one step that you ABSOLUTELY MUST do correctly or you may not get all of the free electricity that you otherwise would be qualified for.
You really shouldn't even talk to your power company until you've completed this step, as it gives you an incredible advantage over 99.9% of the other applicants for this program who don't perform this simple, but critical, step.
I can't emphasize enough that it's in your best interests to do this step prior to contacting your power company so that you dramatically increase your opportunity of getting free electricity, and to maximize the amount of free electricity you'll end up receiving. 4 separate methods you can choose from to increase and maximize the amount of free electricity you'll receive once you're in the program. Using any one of these methods can easily make the difference between getting just 20% of your electricity free or getting up to 70% of your electricity free. It dramatically benefits them -- you'll learn why, and how you can use this knowledge to put cash into your pocket, month after month, for years!
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