The Artful Dodgers of Wrangel Island, arctic foxes steal as many as 40 snow goose eggs a day and cache them for their pups.
A barrier beach of marine rubble stretches toward desolate Cape Blossom, at the southwestern tip of Wrangel Island. The summer thaw delivers plentiful food, like this washed-up walrus, to the bears of Wrangel Island.
An arctic fox pup, just beginning to show its white winter coat, plays with a lemming carcass. Go behind-the-scenes with our storytellers and join conversations about photography, art, and journalism. El uso de esta pagina web esta sujeto a nuestras Condiciones de uso y las compras a nuestras Condiciones de venta.

Download wallpaper New Zealand, South Island, Westland National Park, Fox Glacier, Lake Matheson, lake, mountain, forest, reflection for free with resolution 1920x1200 pix.
Due to unpredictable Alaskan weather, we advise dressing in layers, which will allow you to stay warm and dry as the outdoor environment changes.
But in summer on the rocky shores of this seabird rookery they share the bounty with surprising ease. Wrangel’s foxes subsist largely on these snow-burrowing rodents, whose numbers fluctuate wildly from year to year.
This young owl, having nose-dived into a river, uses its wings like oars to propel itself across the water. In September, with mating season under way, bulls engage in frequent head-butting confrontations to establish dominance.

This popular cruise highlights abundant wildlife, a tidewater glacier, spectacular scenery, and includes a light lunch on board with a stop at Fox Island for a grilled salmon dinner. Even on warm summer days, temperatures can be cool on the boat when it is underway or stopped at a glacier.
For this event, please also bring comfortable walking shoes and a jacket or rain gear that can shield you from light wind or rain.
Check at your hotel front desk for transportation options to and from the Small Boat Harbor.

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