Guided by professional practitioner in the outdoor education ID Adventure allows participants not only learn the philosophy, history and the background of the outdoor survival skill but also real life hands on practical application and relevance to our personal and even work life. Combined with leadership training i had before, jungle survival training change me and my fellow participants deep inside. Top quality knife very fast delivery good communication & the price is great, i'l definatly be buying more from here. I can't belive this is only A?8, it's bigger than you think, a quick run-over with the Gerber Saf-T Sharpener,(also bought from B&B), and it was working-sharp, this knife is BIG but really light & agile, as usual, the wife wants one as well!, would highly recomend. I was not expecting a knife that cost 8 pound to be this big, extremely well made and fast delivery, thanks. I was purchasing another product as a gift and decided to treat myself for a cheeky 8 quid, glad I did.
This knife gets 5 stars as for 8 pounds I doubt you could get a knife anywere near as good as this is.
Choose where you sleepKhao Sok Floating RafthousesExploring South East Asia's rich rainforests is a must for nature enthusiasts, but to also come away with a whole set of new survival skills will take the experience to a whole new level. One of the many things that impress visitors to Thailand is the ability of the locals to live off of the land. In addition to knowing a lot about the plants in the jungle, many Thais still know how to make temporary shelters and many other jungle crafts that would make being lost in the verdant terrain… not so uncomfortable. Unlike what is often portrayed on TV survival shows, you will learn how to conserve energy and not take chances.
We offer a variety of jungle survival courses in Thailand, one of which takes place in Khao Sok National Park.
As far as picking wild edible plants go, we would not pick any plant that is uncommon or rare.
Our mission with this endeavour is to help you build the confidence to stay calm if you ever find yourself lost. The floating rafthouses are where we make our base for exploring the exceptional wildlife of Khao Sok by kayak along the lakes shores and forests inlets, or by trekking into the rainforest.
The rooms are extremely basic, constructed from wood and bamboo with roofs made from nipa palm fronds.
For a bath, simply dive into the lake, climb out, soap yourself down (preferably with biodegradable soap) and dive back in again. The air holidays and flights shown are ATOL Protected by the Civil Aviation Authority of the UK.

In the case of firing guns and airguns the customs of your country will require you an import license(Controlled by the National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior). When choosing a place to build your shelter, stay near a source of water if possible and avoid natural hazards like dead trees and cliffs. There's no snow in the jungle, but that won't stop us from showing you every possible shelter option. I know now that life and nature has so much to offer. I find this training shows me there are so many alternative to get food, water and everything else, even in a very limited resources, in the middle of the jungle. Even after a week of survival training by the professionals puts me in a deep consolation and desolation.
I didn't expect this knife to be amazing given that it was A?8, but thought it should have stood up to some bushcraft tasks, it didn't, at all. What you will learn on this jungle survival course will sharpen your senses, restore a sense of enablement and self esteem dulled by years of consumerism, and may even one day save your life!
Today, most Thais don’t have to rely on the jungle for sustenance, though they have retained much of their ability to identify wild edible and medicinal plants. All came from simple backgrounds and fairly poor families and, growing up without access to modern technology, they have developed the skills to live in the jungles of Southern Thailand with the bare minimum of tools. True survival is all about making decisions that affect your longevity, and a focus on safety is paramount to this end.
We will show you how to set up animal traps, but we do not actually use them to capture animals.
This is a comfortable way for you to see the jungle and experience one of the most beautiful national parks in SE Asia. Each has its own raft, interconnected by monkey walkways, ultimately linked to a restaurant raft and to the shore where there are shared showers and toilet facilities.
Prices indicated on this website are shown as a guideline only and may be subject to currency fluctuations, banking fees and other changes outside our control. It shields you from the elements, hides you from wildlife intruders and provides the psychological comfort needed to remain calm and in control -- a survival necessity. Only observation, would like to have the handle part "one finger" longer, as is snug in the hand, but I am not going to complain about a fantastic tool at a great price.
I have used the BLADES AND BOWS website three times now and everytime the delivery and customer communication is excellent. Very sturdy and comes with a sheath, will be making another purchase for another knife soon.

However The knife makes a horrible clanging sound when you try to chop or hack wood which gives me serious doubts about it''s sturdiness, so I haven''t used it for that kind of thing. You will not jump off of any cliffs, cross raging rivers, or scale rock faces to get a better idea about where you are located. In other words, we’d only sample plants that are very common and that are capable of growing back rapidly. This is the preferred destination for survival training as it offers the largest area of old-growth jungle in the region as well as hosting abundant wildlife. A length of rope and some ripped plastic sheeting or poncho can be of great use in the jungle. I promised to my self that I would never give up in life, never give up to all my relation and share more. It gives me ability to set priorities, being organized, aware of my goals, and appreciate everything more in life. Showed it to my uncle (he likes knives) and he begged me to give him it as an early Xmas present. That might make for more interesting TV viewing, but it is not what you will do in a true survival situation.
For a basic rain shelter, simply tie the poncho or plastic between four trees to form a canopy.
After you build the frame, use branches, palm fronds and any other large leaves for your roof. You can fashion a tent shelter by running rope down the center of the poncho between two trees and staking the sides into the ground using sticks to create an A-frame.
Another simple lean-to shelter can be made by tying two opposite corners of the poncho to trees. The other end slants diagonally to the ground and can be secured with stick stakes or heavy rocks.

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