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This list covers just the contingency supplies, since we hope you’d never leave out your makeup, bottled water, or phone on the big day.
11. Mini first aid kit with Band-Aids, burn relief, liquid bandages, and antiseptic: Safety first!
17. Granola bars or other easy-to-carry snacks: Nobody wants a hangry bride on their hands! Oh, loving this list – was desperately trying to work out what I still need to get ready for our wedding day, now I have the list ready to go!

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No matter how much you plan and how detailed your day-of itinerary gets, wedding day hiccups are bound to happen. Include some change in case the bride suddenly decides the only thing she needs is a soda from that machine down the hall.
I was MOH in my sister’s wedding, and a super planner so I decided to get everything listed here to be on the safe side. It’s also great for keeping beaded bodices from scratching or chafing the bride’s underarms.

This kit put out SO many fires & was so integral to getting everyone through little hiccups throughout the day. I gave the kit to the personal attendants to keep track of, minus the mini-booze bottles, mini cocktail fixings & a small bottle of water.

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