It seems that Haruna-chan, a self-proclaimed genius, built yet another contraption that allowed her to store Eu’s mana into this little portable device. Anyway, the person we need to focus on is Chris-chan, a Mahou Shoujo that is forced to live as a man from time to time, but we all know her as Ayumu’s hallucination; Miss Fairy. However, this transferred Eu’s curse on Haruna, the one with the device on her person when it happened. I think Eu-chan deserves a little bit of worry-free time after all the things that she has been through.
It turns out that she was a real person, and that she was waiting for someone with a lot of mana, someone who could build a device to store all that mana and someone with a ring that can control all that mana.
It seems that Ariel might unleash yet another Mahou Shoujo monster upon the earth, merely because she knows Chris’ weakness. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Sera-chan was away with the rest of the vampire ninja’s, Haruna was her usual self and Eu-chan was still eating and drinking as time passed on. Ayumu was doing ridiculous, perverted and pointless stuff because Anderson told him to, and he ended up hurt because Haruna-chan thought he was doing perverted things to Eu-chan. But I think that things will start to change for the worse soon, now that his enemy is getting closer and closer. That was a pretty big surprise, especially since it’s the first thing you see when you start watching the episode.
This means that Haruna-chan has to write notes, just like Eu-chan used to, to avoid that extreme pain.
Haruna is a big girl now, so shouldering a friend’s pain for a day or two wouldn’t kill her.
It had a lot more gag-type comedy in it, and I actually enjoyed that, even though this week’s episode wasn’t all that ‘positive’.

Yeah, pretty normal, until Eu-chan suddenly got sick because she ate too much, and I quote; “forbidden fruit”.
Ayumu panicked because it seemed like she was suffering, which is why he called Anderson to help him out. One thing is certain, and that’s that Ayumu is once again standing in the middle of it all.
I think it’s time for Ariel to take responsibility for once and step in herself, instead of letting other people clean up her own mess. The thing that surprised me here is that those idiots actually managed to cure Eu-chan, although Haruna-chan ended up catching the common cold, which in turn led to Ayumu getting his ass kicked again by Seraphim.

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