On Time MedTransoffers a full scope of services to its elderly and disabled customers throughout all County's. My husband, as a first responder, also has a disaster supply rule: check things that you might need in an emergency and make sure they work before you are in the actual emergency.
The Zippo Fire Starter comes in a water resistant case with waxed tinder sticks and can be used to start fires in an emergency.
As we had no hiking trips or disasters during the review period, we put the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter to the test lighting our barbeque.
I received the kit which included the Zippo Fire Starter (comes with 4 tinder sticks), an 8 tinder stick replacement back and an informative disaster resource guide. This is an awesome idea and its great to know that such a product not only exists, but is offered by a reputable company like Zippo.
This seems easy enough for even ME to use and I once singed off half my eyebrows lighting the grill.
I’ve never eaten anything of this type before, and yet – I had a good feeling about survival food rations. Note 2: Any food will do this, but this item slightly more than most, you’ll definitely want to eat this with water, otherwise you’ll get a case of the cotton mouth, plus you’ll feel thirsty.
This entry was posted in Survival Food Reviews, Vegetarian Food Reviews and tagged BOB Food, Compact Emergency Food, Emergency Food, Emergency Food Rations, Food Rations, Lemon Flavored, Mainstay 3600, Ready to Eat Survival Food, Survival Food by Jason Wagner.Bookmark the permalink. From the transportation of children with special needs to the transport of the elderly for family visits or holiday outings, On Time MedTrans stands ready to provide local and long distance Ambulance, Gurney and Wheelchair Van services. The tinder sticks are also water resistant which means this would be perfect for land or water emergencies, except for the whole burning down your life raft part.
I started this review last night and wrote the part through where I talked about working at the hospital.

A vacuum sealed pack of life sustaining survival food, which requires no cooking, not even the boiling of water, hell – a knife isn’t even required to open it!
As you can see, this survival food product has almost every single nutritional corner well covered!
You’ve got to remember that these are very small individual squares, with each square constituting a meal, and the squares themselves being only 1×1 in size. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good, and better than the vast majority of non-survival foods. The items that you can eat at your FOB, and also be thrown into your backpack or bug out bag when you head out to hunt or patrol!
Addendum: I never knew how great these survival rations could be, and while they were made specifically for marine environments, they work, in spite of that, or perhaps for it, exceptionally well in any survival situation.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. He is also the reason I am reviewing the Zippo Outdoor Line Fire Starter, he’d been wanting to check one out and boom just like that, the opportunity arose. This product would be great for a home or work disaster kit, car kits and a vital part of any camping or backpacking kit. He liked that it lit easily and kept the tinder stick lit for quite a long time, even though a gust of wind blew through during the trial.
While they might not taste like Girl Scout cookies, it behooves me to give it high taste marks for the reasons of its long storage life, excellent nutrition and all of that great stuff. And finally, this can be sealed, which, of course adds to the experience and is convenient. Amongst the few shortcomings include the less-than-impressive amounts of protein, and even in that area it’s not a total loss.

This is a survival food review, not an article, but it still bears mentioning: Five years assumes optimal storage conditions, but perhaps in extra ideal conditions these could indeed last longer, but I cannot make such claims without having tested it.
Everyone should work a job with a disaster closet (even better – multiple!) once in their life. The bright orange case with a flip-top lid mimics the classic Zippo style and is easy to use. This *is* a cool stocking stuffer and one of those things everyone should have in the house and glove box. And while it’s true that these cannot be stacked, if you want to store these in a vertical space saving manner, then you’ll only need to neatly box them up.
This fleet is licensed and inspected annually by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Transportation and the Office of Emergency Medical Services.
911On Time MedTransprimary role is to provide non-emergency ambulance transport its patients in medical situations that are not life threatening. This mode of transport is used extensively for patient discharge from hospitals or taking patients from nursing homes to medical appointments.
If the patient is determined to be in need of medical attention, ambulance transport will be requested.Wheelchair TransportWheelchair transport vehicles are staffed by one medical transport specialist trained in CPR, first aid, and sensitivity to the physical needs of the elderly and disabled.

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