Although the disciples were convinced Jesus was anointed for that task, the message Jesus shared with His followers before His death did not sound like good news.
Imagine the Messiah giving his strategy for ‘victory’: it starts with His arrest, beating, and death by crucifixion under the Roman authorities.
What is more likely, everything we experience and understand about the world being wrong in the case of this one person, or a book being fictional? Why are you focusing on Christianity when you’re supposed to be talking about life after death?
Is he implying that Christians are to have the same interests and activities as anti-christians?
You might ask Andy Bannister if Rexdale Christian and Missionary Alliance (Toronto) would be interested.
There are some empty churches I would like to to see filled but I’m still afraid the seating capacity is way too small.
In fact, all of Jesus’ disciples went from abandoning Him to dying for Him. How did a group of devout Jews, who previously had been ready to die for Christ, first abandoned Him, and then, three days later, recommitted their lives to Him because of a belief they had neither anticipated nor desired.

Jesus’ message is that man is spiritually dead and separated from God because of sin.
Our culture is fascinated by near-death experiences, a hope that people who’ve peered over the edge can give us a glimpse into the mystery of death. The war hadn’t even started and Jesus was already speaking of defeat.Then it climaxes with His resurrection from the dead. He went from being a nobody from Nazareth to being the most famous person who has ever lived. Three days after His death, Jesus’ family, followers and over 500 people witnessed a resurrection experience. On the cross a battle that only Jesus was anointed to fight played out, Jesus took our sin and evil on Himself.
The skeptic argues that a near death experience is caused by the activity of a still living brain. What we really need then is not the testimony of a near death experience but a death experience.

His story has held the number one best seller’s list for the last two thousand years with a message that quickly overtook the Roman Empire and eventually the world.
By placing your trust in Jesus as your Messiah or Savior, we share in His victory, and our spirit is restored to new life and relationship with God. Jews typically believed in an afterlife that began with a general resurrection of the dead at the end of the world.
The message Jesus shared from the grave is not only that there is life after death but real life is found in relationship with God, which can be experienced right now and then perfected when we meet God face to face. They had no concept of a crucified Messiah returning from the dead shortly after being crucified. Jesus lived, died and lives again, proving that His message of life after death was first hand knowledge.

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