As a prepper, one of the first things you probably thought about was how to store food the right way so that is lasts a long time.
Since air has oxygen in it, the compounds in foods packed in air will oxidize the and spoil faster. When choosing a container to store your foods in, make sure that it has an airtight seal and is food grade so that the materials that the container is made out of doesn’t infect the food being stored.
Here is the list of foods you should stock up on in order from shortest shelf life to longest shelf life.
Also, compare the foods on this list against the Top 50 Items that Disappear From Store Shelves During an Emergency, and consider stocking up on many of those items as well since they are what people buy first when disaster strikes. There are many sourdough starter methods out there but I found a simple one that just uses water and flour. I am definitely going to keep my sourdough starter going and use it in some other recipes for fun. Several items I used in this post are things I store in my food storage such as canned artichoke, whole wheat, water, and shredded cheese.
This entry was posted in Long Term Food Storage, Short Term Food Storage and tagged artichoke, pizza, sourdough, starter on May 13, 2013 by Food Prepper. One of my goals in my food storage is to have, and learn to use, a wide variety of different whole grains in my food storage.
Spelt is much lower in gluten than whole wheat and also much higher in protein and other nutrients. Because spelt is lower in gluten than whole wheat it can be tougher to use for making yeast breads by itself, loaves may come out much denser than normal.
Spelt not only works great in non-yeast-ed baked goods by itself but it is also a great wheat to combine with other whole grain flours. This entry was posted in Long Term Food Storage, Storage Items and tagged spelt on April 11, 2013 by Food Prepper. White sugar is an item that stores very well for long periods of time and is great for making comfort foods when you need them. Optimal methods of storing white sugar should address 3 things: protection from moisture, protection from light, and avoid high temperatures.
I purchase white sugar in bulk bags and pour them into a 5 gallon food-grade bucket with a Gamma Lid for easy access. I have a 45 gallon plastic garbage can with a loose lid that I filled with white sugar about 7 years ago. To build up to the amount of white sugar I have in my food storage, I bought a 10 pound bag of sugar every month. I have been told that powdered sugar stores really well also but we don’t use powdered sugar very much. This entry was posted in Long Term Food Storage, Storage Items and tagged sugar on February 4, 2013 by Food Prepper.
KAMUT (ancient khorsasan wheat) is a very special wheat that I have really loved using this past year, 2012. I usually only use KAMUT flour as a portion of the flour in yeast breads because it is low in gluten.
KAMUT wheat can also be cooked as a whole grain for cereals, salads, or soups but I have yet to try this. KAMUT wheat has not been modified like most modern wheat and the farming of KAMUT is highly controlled for the highest quality wheat.
Like other wheat, KAMUT can be stored almost indefinitely if stored properly, this makes it great for preppers and your food storage. I recently started participating in a Grain Mill Challenge and I made some KAMUT recipes that you might be interested in (click the image to see the recipe).
This entry was posted in Long Term Food Storage, Storage Items and tagged kamut on December 20, 2012 by Food Prepper. It is so easy to store whole grains for 10 to 30+ and they are so healthy and life sustaining for us, it’s no wonder that they are part of most food storage pantries. This past 2 years I have decided that it is a good thing that I have decided to learn how to use these whole grains before an emergency happens in which I am forced to use them. One of the biggest focuses of my learning to use whole grains has been using the flours I make from them in my grain mill.
I am really considering buying an oat roller for myself but that is a $120+ investment so I will have to save for a while. If there is one thing I have learned about making bread in the past 2 years is that I usually have to make a recipe a few time before I get it right. I used freshly rolled oats again for this recipe since I have my friend’s oat roller on loan. I also used Kamut flour in place of the whole wheat flour because I like the taste of Kamut and spelt flour over whole wheat in pastries and cookies. The best advise I can give to someone wanting to learn to use whole grain flours more is to just pick out some recipes and give them a try. This entry was posted in Beginners, Long Term Food Storage and tagged flour, grain mill, whole grains on March 22, 2012 by Food Prepper.
When I used to think of popcorn kernels, I just thought of watching movies with freshly popped popcorn but now I also think of cornbread and uses of cornmeal. I always grind popcorn kernels on the finest setting in my friends WonderMill grain mill, which I get one soon, for the best results. Popcorn kernels are great for long term food storage because they keep for a very long time, plus they are cheap to buy.
Here is a recipe that I found for a basic cornbread that tastes great and uses whole grain flour that you can make from stored grains of your choice. I hope you give freshly ground corn meal a try, you may never buy store bought corn meal again. This entry was posted in Long Term Food Storage, Storage Items and tagged longterm, popcorn on March 12, 2012 by Food Prepper. When cooking I usually use vegetable oil or canola oil but as I have decided to put cooking oil in my food storage I wondered if buying bulk vegetable oil or canola oil would be wise. I then moved on to Crisco shortening which I found out stores longer because it stores in a solid state instead of a liquid state like most cooking oils. Coconut oil is a bit more expensive than other oils but its storage life is well worth the extra price when it comes to building up my long term food storage.
This entry was posted in Long Term Food Storage, Storage Items and tagged longterm on November 16, 2011 by Food Prepper. I highly suggest that first item you buy for your long term food storage, after you have a short term food storage established, is hard red or hard white wheat.
This entry was posted in Beginners, Long Term Food Storage, Storage Items and tagged longterm, wheat on June 21, 2011 by Food Prepper. I accidentally left out the salt in some bread I made a few months back and learned that 2 teaspoons of salt is a really important part of the recipe. You may not use salt much in your cooking but it is definitely an item you should store a little of for the long term food storage for that little bit here and there that you do need it. This entry was posted in Long Term Food Storage, Storage Items and tagged longterm on January 14, 2011 by Food Prepper. Once you have a good short term food storage started, it is time to start thinking about the long term food storage. Hard red wheat can out last you if stored properly and it gives you many of the nutrients you need to sustain life. This entry was posted in Beginners, Long Term Food Storage and tagged longterm on January 3, 2011 by Food Prepper.
On the other hand, companies have taken to placing code dates on products that really dona€™t need them. Canning is a simple, low cost way to preserve food, and is particularly useful if you keep a garden.
NOTE: Water bath canning is only acceptable for certain foods, like preserves, jams and jellies. The problem is that this preservation process requires the ongoing expense of electricity (freezers are electricity hogs) and theya€™re highly vulnerable to failure. The process of dehydrating, or the removal of moisture from food, has been around for thousands of years. Freeze-drying is a highly specialized process that involves flash-freezing food, then dehydrating it inside a vacuum. The mistakes most people make when storing food are usually things like choosing the wrong types of food that don’t have a very good shelf life, or not storing them in the right conditions and the food stocks go bad and become inedible.
Here is a list of foods that are tasty and nutritious, have a great shelf life, and would be ideal for long term food storage. The place where you decide to store your food should be cool, dark and dry with as little temperature fluctuation as possible. To protect your food that isn’t canned or in a jar from oxygen you should put it in sealed mylar bags. Finally you would place all your bags of food inside some food-grade buckets as a final protection barrier from moisture and pests. The USDA states that each 10°F drop in temperature doubles the storage life of seeds, while a 10°F rise in temperature halves the storage life of seeds.
There are supposedly several benefits to using sourdough (aka natural yeast) rather than commercial yeast, I won’t get into these benefits but you can research them for yourself. I used freshly ground whole wheat flour from my WonderMill grain mill and in about a week I had an active sourdough starter.

It took a little guessing to adjust the flour and water of the recipe for the addition of my sourdough starter since it was not a sourdough recipe.
The topping for this pizza was probably the best I have tried yet, Spinach Artichoke with a homemade sauce.
We have also started a vegetable garden this year and our spinach is already starting to grow.
I suggest you give it a try and become familiar to the way mankind did before commercial yeast was available. It is considered an ancient grain like KAMUT but it has a has quite a different taste and grinds up much finer than KAMUT wheat.
The plus side to being lower in gluten is that spelt is easier on your tummy and many people who are gluten intolerant can eat spelt with out the side effects they get from other wheat products.
Chef Brad created a whole grain flour mix called WonderFlour to replace all-purpose flour in most recipes. After 2 years of being stored in the original packaging, the white sugar may start to clump a bit but it is still just as good to use. Probably the most important of these 3 is to keep your white sugar protected from moisture exposure. Because of this, KAMUT is superior in nutrition and is easier to digest than modern wheat. KAMUT is also considered a high-energy wheat and it has higher protein levels than modern wheat, which keeps your body going longer.
A good example of KAMUT’s ability to be stored for a long time is the story of how it was re-introduced to the world.
I store it in 5 gal food-grade buckets in my basement storage room, which is always below 76 degrees even in the summer.
Fresh ground KAMUT flour, like all whole grain flours, will begin to loose it’s nutrition fast. I recently found a resource that has opened my eyes to how many different things I can make.
I hope my friend will let me borrow it some more so I can get more familiar with it and how to use rolled oats. Many of us have made the Weight Watchers Pumpkin Cakemix Chocolate Chip Cookies but I have always wanted to remake them with whole grain flours. Sure your going to have some failures but you’ll start to find some that you can do well.
It grinds good in my Wonder Junior hand grain mill but it grinds supper fast in his electric grain mill, I am so glad I have both. I bought a 50 pound bag of popcorn kernels from Kitchen Kneads in Ogden, Utah for about $40.
Freshly ground corn meal also has all the nutrition that gets lost in corn meal processed commercially and while sitting on a store shelf. From what I have found on the internet these 2 cooking oils last up to a year if sealed, once opened they last less than 6 months.
Coconut Oil has a melting point of 76 degrees, so as long as it is stored in a room that is cooler than that it will stay in a solid state.
If you ever end up having to use your long term food storage you may be using freeze dried foods and white rice that lack nutrition so it is nice to have ingredients that add healthy nutrients to your body. Wheat can be as whole cooked kernels in many uses as cereal, in soups, in salads, as a side dish, mixed with rice, and much more. It is best to find a bulk foods seller locally since it is expensive to ship 45 pounds of wheat. I also suggest that you begin experimenting to learn how to use it instead of waiting till you need it. You will not need much salt in your storage so this will be an easy item to store, plan on storing 5+ pounds of salt per person for a year supply. I suggest you start with few good staple foods and branch out to other items when you have a good supply of the few items. There are several ways to store water, and we may cover that in another post, but find one that works for you and your available storage space. It is my opinion that wheat will give you the best bang for you buck when it comes to longterm food storage. Beans you buy from the grocery store, in the plastic bags, will have a shelf life of about a year or more.
I prefer to buy commercially packaged # 10 cans of pasta, the packages at the grocery store usually only last 2-3 years.
Many food manufacturers use the a€?best bya€? code under the guise of preserving freshness.
Acidic foods like tomatoes are well suited to canning and can last for 5 years or more on the shelf. The simplest and cheapest way to dehydrate is to spread food on a sheet or place it on racks in the sun.
When combined with vacuum sealing, dehydrated foods can last for decades, making this a great option for long term food storage. It is the best way to preserve a vast majority of foods for very long periods (decades or even a lifetime), but it is unsuitable for most home applications. Families should have enough survival food stored to last each person at least 4 days at a minimum. The trick for proper food storage is to not only have enough food to last the duration of the emergency but to have a well balanced selection of nutritious food that is properly stored and has a long enough shelf life to still be good when the time comes that you may need to rely on it. The best way to do that is to start storing food that naturally has a long shelf life on it’s own. Even if your food is already sealed in its original plastic, oxygen will still be absorbed through the plastic and cause your food to deteriorate. Do not use buckets or any other plastic container than is not designed for food, especially ones that have contained any kind of paint or other chemicals.
Don’t simply store your food and forget about it or you will probably ending wasting a lot of food when it expires.
I never made protein bars, but I have made granola (recipe on Freedoms Phoenix) that is a great source of protein - and yummy, too! You keep feeding it flour and water every 12 hours and about 3 days in your starter will start getting bubbles in it, this is captured wild yeast.
I’ve mentioned before that I am an artichoke lover, and I am always on the lookout for a new artichoke recipe. So far I have found spelt wheat to work great for pancakes and cookies and I hope to explore some new foods this spring and summer with it. He sells pre-packaged WonderFlour but you can also make your own with a good grain mill, click here to see the video for making WonderFlour. If you store your white sugar with optimal storage methods, it will put off clumping much longer. I have also been told by multiple people not to use oxygen absorbers with storing white sugar, it will cause it to clump faster. My basement storage room, where I keep my sugar, stays cool enough for almost everything I store. From this, I can tell you that a non-sealed container is a good idea for long term sugar storage. Khorsasan wheat was commonly used by ancient Egyptians and was found in an Egyptian tomb in the mid 1900’s.
I always have a Gamma twist-off lid on the bucket of wheat that I am currently using so that I can access it easier. I like to grind my flour the same day I use it and I don’t keep my leftover whole grain flour more that 2 weeks from the day I milled it, the flour is still good but I like fresher flour. That is why this past 2 years I have been slowly learning how to use these different grains.
I feel a lot more confident that we could live off our food storage now than I did when I first started. We now have pancakes twice a week and my 2 year old gets mad that we don’t let her have more that 3. So if a bread recipe doesn’t come out quite right, you might give it another try or two. This recipe is much different than that recipe because of the amount of rolled oats but it was quite similar in many ways as fare as taste and texture. Its a whole lot better to figure out what works well now that to try to figure it out later when you have to. Electric grain mills are much better for every day use and hand grain mills are great for power out emergencies. Popcorn kernels and cornmeal have multiple uses and gives you more variety of things to eat long term. I have heard that amaranth flour works good too but i am not sure how long amaranth grains store for, I will have to look into that.
With this short of a shelf life they might not be the best for my long term food storage, though I will probably always keep an extra bottle on hand just because it is cheap. This is a little bit better for storing but not quite as long as I would like for my long term food storage. The labels on coconut oil says it will last 18 months plus but as I have searched the internet everyone says it is good for several years past the expiration date. I have bought wheat from local places like: specialty kitchen stores, Bulk food stores, Costco, LDS cannery, and even Walmart. Salt also has many other uses that you might want to store extra for, like these 46 Smart Uses for Salt.

Also when cooking dry beans or making homemade soups, a little salt makes a huge difference in the taste. There are some food items that store well for several years and provide the things your body needs to survive.
Storing water can be done with water jugs, 300 gallon water tanks, or everything in-between.
Second, many foods (especially food storage foods) require water in the cooking or preparation process. As with wheat, beans have a high protein content and are a good source of other important nutrients. You may get 1-2 years on well packaged brown rice (not a good long term storage item but not bad for short term storage). Many recipes call for milk and I for one don’t have a cow or plan on ever having one, unless it is butchered in my freezer. Canning may be intimidating at first, (there are many different ways to can: water bath, pressure cooker, oven, wax), but it mainly involves making sure the jars are properly sterilized and the lids have a good clean seal. Wax canning is not recommended for long term food storage and for this reason has largely fallen out of favor.
Additionally, food frozen without vacuum sealing (wea€™ll get to that in a bit) is subject to freezer burn.
To be on the safe side, storing enough food to last a few weeks to a month should be sufficient for most people, but is ultimately up to you and your situation. I found out about WonderFlour while taking the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge and it was fun to play with. As I mention before sugar that has clumped together is still good to use, its just a pain to break apart. Most sources say that white sugar will store almost indefinitely under good storing conditions. I try to keep 2-3 buckets full of white sugar in our food storage, which is well over a 2 year supply of sugar for our family.
The sugar still tastes great but I just can’t stand scraping it out every time I get into it. For rotation, we now wait until one of our three 5 gallon buckets is empty and then we start buying one 10 pound bag of sugar every month again, until that bucket is back to full. I also found that I like using whole grains in my diet and it has made our family healthier, plus it’s good on our budget. I can make steel cut oats in my Wonder Junior hand grain mill but I haven’t tried it yet.
You can pop it for a snack or grind it into corn flour for cornbread or combine it with other flours to put in breads and other baked goods.
Quality First International Inc says they have had coconut oil stored for 7 years and it is just now showing small signs of going rancid, now that is more like it. The draw backs of using coconut oil are that it is hard to measure (you just can’t pour it into a measuring cup) and I it is not good for frying because it has a lower temperature burning point.
Another benefit of salt is that it is really cheap (see Shelf Reliance for #10 cans of salt).
Many foods meant for long term food storage are commonly bland in taste and salt can help enhance their flavor. You may also want to invest in a way to purify water for drinking, if money is an issue you can always boil water when the time comes to use it. If you plan on using it for bread, you will want to invest in a good grain mill at some point.
Beans can be uses by themselves or as an ingredient to a meal, you can even make bean flour with a grain mill and use it to thicken soups. White rice does not have a lot of nutritional value but will give you a good item to mix up your meals. Thirty years or more?Wea€™ve been conditioned to believe that food goes bad quicker than it actually does.
Many of these canned foods will last much longer than the expiration date if they are stored properly in cool conditions and could probably last up to 5 years. It’s also a good idea to buy oxygen absorbing packets and put them in the sealed mylar bags to absorb any oxygen that is already trapped in the bags. This way your survival food storage will always be fresh and you won’t be wasting your money every few years replacing all your expired items.
What would I do? The answer is simple, I can capture my own wild yeast by creating a sourdough starter. I have heard of people keeping sugar for over 5 years this way without having any clumping issues. I haven’t decided what to do with what is left in the garbage can yet but I have started to use my sugar from the 5 gallon buckets instead, for now. I can get bulk grains for cheap, I got 45 lbs of hard white wheat for about $20 at Costco the other day.
I use powdered buttermilk in this recipe because it stores well and I keep a few containers in my food storage, an unopened container can keep for over 2 years.
This made one huge loaf, I think I will double the recipe and make it into 3 loafs so they will be a little smaller. I would suggest storing your popcorn kernels in a air tight can or bucket with oxygen absorbers if possible for longest storing freshness. They also said that refined coconut oil goes rancid much faster so buy Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for the best unrefined coconut oil that will last the longest. For most uses coconut oil works great and I am going to start using it on a more regular basis. Wheat was designed, by God of course, with an outer shell that protects the inner part of the grain and all of it’s nutrients. I will address grinding flour in a future article but I use a Wonder Junior hand grain mill to do it. I just picked up 25 lbs of salt, which might be enough salt for our family for a year, at Costco for about $3.50.
Packaging your own wheat leaves room for error and doesn’t really save you any money. Another item you may consider buying is a pressure cooker, we hope to post an article on pressure cooking grains in the future. You may also add cracked wheat to your rice to give it more nutritional substance, that is assuming you have a hand grain mill to grind it to cracked wheat. But many people see this a€?expirationa€? date and assume the product is unfit or unsafe to use. It doesna€™t make the food unsafe to consume, but it can alter the texture and flavor of certain foods.
I have substituted the whole wheat flour for spelt flour or Kamut flour at a 1:1 ratio and it still works good. I used freshly rolled oats that I made from whole oat groats using a Marga oat roller I borrowed from a friend, I’m sure this made all the difference in the taste. Wheat flour can also be used for deserts, soups, meat extender, thickener, and the list goes on and on. At this price I will probably pick up another 25 lbs bag and start rotating it in our everyday use (I actually have three 25 pound bags now). I buy my buckets of wheat from a local kitchen store or from Costco, there are some sources online to buy it also but the shipping may be high due to the weight. If you just had wheat and water and a way to cook, you cold survive for a long time but probably not comfortably.
If you have a pressure cooker you can cook beans in it after a 1 hour pre-soak, got to love a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker can also come in handy when making cooking rice, cooking time would be lowered to about 5 to 7 minutes. Instead of a can a beans of beans lasting five years, the manufacturer has it down to two years or one. However, commercially-packaged frozen food, especially fruits and vegetables, is minimally processed and devoid of preservatives and chemical additives.
I’m sure my stored KAMUT will last my life time, except that I will eat it all before then.
If you haven’t got the hint yet, a pressure cooker and a grain mill can be very great tools in your longterm food storage and I suggest you consider them both at some point of you prepping.
And since commercially-packed produce is frozen immediately after picking, most of the vitamins and nutrients are preserved as well.Despite these benefits, freezing alone is not a viable long term food storage option for survivalists. Maybe using almond flour and egg white but I can**Q**t figure out what would hold it together. I would suggest that you also buy you white rice food storage in commercially packaged 5 gallon buckets.
And the food industry suffers from low profit margins and strict regulations, making a tough job even tougher.

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