Our greatest priority in preparedness should be long-term food storage, simply because any catastrophic event will affect the supply chain and food will quickly become scarce.
But while food storage has significant value and provides us all with a level of security, there are some realities affecting food storage that we need to both understand and manage. What’s critical to understand is that most stated shelf-life statistics assume an ideal storage environment. A fascinating discovery recently took place in the Antarctic that impacted how we view food storage. This is not only true for any package that could have moisture seepage, but also true for something as seemingly indestructible as a sealed, metal #10 can.
Some companies enclose a packet of moisture absorbing crystals inside, but these are mostly designed to remove any residual moisture in the canned or packaged product. It’s ironic, but a molecule that all animals depend on for life on Earth is one of the most corrosive and destructive elements in the universe. Anyone with any experience with home-canning and food preservation will tell you that certain foods lend themselves to preservation better than others. Of equal consideration are foods that are naturally dry or dried such as pastas, whole grains, beans and grains like rice and quinoa or amaranth. Meats, fresh fish, and other proteins like poultry are the most problematic when it comes to long-term food storage. Once again, the standard rules related to temperature, humidity, light and oxygen apply to any food type. The premium suppliers will provide significant information with regards to packaging details, projected shelf-life and the usual advice about storage and temperatures. It would seem that a sound and robust packaging solution would prevent rodents and insects from compromising your food storage. Next I used a clean rag and wiped the mouth of the jar to remove any salt that could get in the way of creating a seal. Then I pushed down hard enough that the rubber part of the sealer is snug and turned on the sealer for about 8 seconds. So I purchased some 4 level wire racks to have more storage in the old farmhouse we are currently living in. But I am at a loss on how to organize canning mason jars, if I single stack the Jars on the shelf, I feel i am missing an opportunity for storage above the jars.
If you don't have the boxes use luan as mentioned, large pieces of cardboard or plywood between layers.
I agree with everyone else, use the boxes the jars come in or start collecting boxes that work.
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The question we have to ask ourselves is: What is that environment and to what degree can we provide it? The base camp of Sir Robert Scott – the British man who died in 1912 while exploring the region — was discovered. Corrosion is common in moist environments and even the best metal in a #10 can succumb to corrosion in high levels of moisture.
Sunlight deteriorates food products quickly due to the ultra-violet or UV light that dominates sunlight.
Typically, acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits will preserve better given the fact that their natural acids retard bacterial growth.

Unless they are salted and essentially desiccated of all moisture, their shelf life tends to be short and variable. That’s what I thought until I found that some mice had chewed through a thick plastic box to later chew through a very thick layer of foil surrounding some whole grain wheat.
I remember whipping up some tacos with some textured vegetable protein (TVP) with a taco flavor. Any thoughts you have about the shelf life of any long-term food storage is directly proportional to how you store and treat the supply.
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In that regard, the purpose of this article is not to list endless shelf-life possibilities, but to clearly identify the success factors and failure points that affect shelf life for any type of food.
One of the huts had canned foods and other food products that were still edible and free of bacteria after more than 100 years.
If your basement has that tendency, you might want to find an alternative storage location that still provides some level of low to average temperatures without excess humidity. Some long-term food storage companies actually evacuate all oxygen from their canned or sealed products, and some inject nitrogen gas to fill the void and prevent oxygen from entering. You realistically can’t remove oxygen from your living environment, but properly packaged long-term products will strive to reduce or eliminate oxygen to prevent it from compromising your food stores.
It’s one of the reasons beer bottles are usually bottled in brown glass to reduce and diffuse the effects of UV light. On the other hand, a jar of honey discovered in an ancient Egyptian tomb after 3,000 years was found to be both bacteria-free and edible as if it was harvested yesterday. The key is to make sure you’re purchasing a quality product in a quality package so you can do your best to maintain a healthy and viable food-storage plan. Once they had accessed the wheat, their population exploded and then the ants joined the party.
Think twice about what and where you store and once again, packaging integrity is key to keeping these pests away. Our tendency is to tuck them away and know they’re available if and when catastrophe happens. It’s so small and lightweight you can easily carry it in your pocket or purse, backpack or glove box. I tried looking at Costco but they didn't have Iodized Salt(I have to use Iodized, otherwise I shake if I'm not getting enough Iodine in my diet). I cook and bake from scratch as much as possible so this estimate should be pretty accurate.
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