To a first approximation, the Earth's magnetic field resembles that of an enormous bar magnet.
Several features of the Earth's field vary in a predictable way across the surface of the globe and might, in principle, be used in assessing geographic position.
A second geomagnetic parameter that varies across the surface of the Earth is the strength or intensity of the field.
Inclination angle: The angle at which the magnetic field lines intersect the surface of the earth. Earth's metal core acts like a giant magnet that emanates a magnetic field with two poles, north and south. In addition, every several hundred thousand years, Earth's magnetic field reverses - a compass that would have pointed north would instead aim south. Full reversals of the magnetic field usually take millennia to finish, based on those frozen rock records.
Scientists analyzed data in sediment from the floor of the Black Sea and compared it with other data from the North Atlantic, the Southeast Pacific and around Hawaii.
Earth's magnetic field stayed reversed for only 440 years, during which time it was just one-quarter as strong as it is today.
The brevity of this flip overall suggests "it might represent a so-called aborted reversal," Nowaczyk said. Earth's magnetic field helps protect the planet from energetic particles streaking out from deep space and the sun.

Such radiation poses a particular threat in our modern world, so understanding these reversals is helpful to better understand the threats from space.
First thing that I thought of as reading this article was the Hopi Indians and their prophesy.
From warmest December on record to blizzards, wild winter sets records across the northeastern U.S. A bar magnet or a compass when hanged from their gravitational center, they come equilibrium at north-south pole direction of the earth.
15 in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters,could shed light on how and why magnetic field reversals happen, and how they leave Earth vulnerable to solar and space radiation, the study scientists said. These two magnetic poles very roughly match where the planet's geographic north and south poles lie, which mark the axis on which Earth spins.
These flips are captured by magnetically sensitive minerals in cooling lava that are literally set in stone pointing to where the poles were at that particular moment in Earth's history.
However, scientists now find that 41,000 years ago, shortly after modern humans first entered Europe, the magnetic poles flipped and flipped again in less than a millennium. Surprisingly, they found the Earth's magnetic field took about 200 years to flip, during which time it was just one-twentieth as strong as it is today. The magnetic poles then flipped back to approximately where they were before over the course of about 270 years.
During the Laschamp reversal, Earth was significantly more vulnerable to radiation from space, judging by higher levels of radioactive beryllium seen in ice samples from Greenland, Nowaczyk said.

If this is actual fact, if you apply the "shift" to their prophesy of the Earths reversal and the emergence of human kind into cycles "worlds", it draws somewhat of an comparison.
The flip-flop overall is known as the Laschamp event, after the area in France where evidence of it was first discoveredin the 1960s. These magnets can, in principle, cancel each other out, causing the magnetic field overall to weaken or flip. I'm not going into it, but science, religion, & prophecies all point to the same things regardless of what culture, race, color, heritage, religion, etc. If we have proved that the Earth reverses, but don't know exactly what kind of effect if will have on life, land mass, oceans, animals, plants, etc.. The reason for this magnetic field  is not explained yet however, most of the scientists believe that, earth's magnetic field looks like magnetic field of a bar magnet. Everything, anything, and nothing are all possibilities, we all just need to wake up and see it because things are pretty clear that the Earth is changing rapidly and faster than ever recorded.

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