As a parent and a teacher there are so many things I want to instill in my children while they are in my care. Sometimes we dismiss these questions, assuming the answers are obvious, but asking these questions is one way kids demonstrate their natural curiosity.
Whether you are outdoors exploring new areas, trying out a new science experiment, or playing with new toys, give kids time to investigate and tinker. Instead of rushing to the final destination or project creation, allow kids to formulate questions and test them.
Kids ask some big questions. Help them turn those questions into solutions by encouraging genuine problem solving. Does their drink thermos leak everyday in their lunchbox?
Whether they are problem-solving with a real-world problem or playing with an educational toy, let kids learn through trial and error. Finally kids are naturally curious, so the best way to encourage curiosity is to let them be kids! Let them be silly and active. Seeing how much my girls enjoyed playing with the littleBits kit definitely inspired me to share ways we can all encourage curiosity in our kids.
And the kits come with excellent guides for getting started and for creating your first projects.
Okay, I know this was a long post, but can you tell I’m passionate about developing curiosity and littleBits? After taking a look at some of the projects young inventors have made with the littleBits kits, stop back by and tell me what you think your kids might create first!
Disclosure: We received this littleBits Premium Kit to assist us in sharing this post with you. When one spends time far from home without the benefit of onea€™s trusty automobile, one learns to deal with public transportation. Time was becoming an issue now, so I volunteered to check out the boat situation while Lisa and Bev waited for Allison. The big decision Friday morning was whether or not it was worth paying a taxi to get us back to the airport.
Our initial mode of PT (public transportation) was the Metro Train.A  The first challenge was buying the paper magnetic strip card, which gave access to the train terminals. Here Lovey was experimenting to see how different amounts of pressure would make her servo move. As adults we often see a solution before our kids do, or we think we know the best way to accomplish a task. Here Lovey is trying to figure out how to make a chain that includes all of the pieces from our Premium Kit. Join in when you can, and watch as their silly antics and play lead to new discoveries and prompt even more questions that continue to move the learning process forward.
This led her on a path to see if she could use the vibration motor to create a flower garden with a bee and other moving insects using our premium kit. All of the pieces are modular, so they will all work with one another to expand the learning potential. I was so intrigued to see that there are local chapters that do things like share weekly design challenges, workshops and events with other littleBits inventors.
I hope you find plenty of great ideas for fun learning activities and things to do with kids. Being a life-long Texan, my experience with the various modes of public transportation has been very limited. I finally found the boat and explained our situation to the captain who told me he could wait a couple of minutes, but no more.

Being a life-long Texan, my experience with the various modes of public transportation has been very limited.A  In my comfort zone distances are measured in time, not miles. With four heroic leaps, we all safely landed on the deck of the boat and gave our tickets to the attendant. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. Of course, there are many other characteristics below those two, but I think if kids grow up to be kind and curious then all of the remaining skills I hope to teach them will come naturally along the way. Over on the littleBits project page you can see how littleBits creators have come up with all sorts of solutions. By telling a child our ideas before allowing them to discover their own, we are eliminating a valuable and rewarding part of the learning process. With the pro library you can guide kids through meaningful hands-on lessons and promote STEM and STEAM skills with littleBits. Allisona€™s sister Lisa joined us, and the four of us met at Bush International Airport Monday morning and had an uneventful flight to the Reagan National Airport near D.
Being the intelligent, highly educated adults we were, we noted that the Trolleys ran every 15 minutes, and realized that we must have just missed one. For instance, Beaumont is approximately 90 minutes east of Houston and Houston is 3 hours from Austin. Now that we had a full working knowledge of public transportation, we made our plans for the next daya€™s sightseeing.
We missed the boat.A  By the time Allison figured out how to return the bike without losing her deposit that ship had sailed -literally!
Instead of waiting for an activity to come along, a curious child will actively investigate and come up with their own activity ideas. See how they’ve used littleBits to protect bikers at night with this safety backpack, kept unwanted visitors out of their room with an intruder alarm and more.
But trust me, the smile and sense of accomplishment kids feel after figuring out a challenging problem on their own is well worth the time! I missed the ultimate photo-op: Allison coasting downhill on a red rental bike toward the docks!
Barring unforeseen circumstances, I know that I will leave when I so choose with a reasonable expectation of my arrival time. It was much easier and much closer (and cheaper) than expected.A  However, we were careful not to make this driver as happy as the first one. And by following those inquiries, a curious child develops a continuous stream of active learning and play.
If your a classroom teacher, you could interact with global chapters to try a problem-solving challenge. Ia€™ve discovered that when depending on public transportation these estimates become less certain. This kit was a perfect starter set for us, and I can’t wait to expand with some of the additional kits available in the library.
That evening we rode the Trolley to our dinner reservations at Gadsbya€™s Tavern, a truly unique experience. The cab fare was just under $10, and since I was riding shotgun, I gave the driver a ten-dollar bill.A  I clearly communicated this to the back seat so they could add a small tip.
That evening we rode the Trolley to our dinner reservations at Gadsbya€™s Tavern, a truly unique experience.A  Our only transportation problem by this time was realizing that a busy Trolley takes longer to run its route.

It is curiosity that encourages a child to follow his or her passions…and isn’t that what we all want for our kids?
After finding the B&B and unloading our bags, our host gave us a tour of the house, which exceeded our expectations. Curiosity is the force that creates new ideas and leads an adult to take risks so that they can ultimately create their own success stories.
I later asked Allison how much we ended up paying the taxi driver, and she answered with $12.A  Slightly confused, I asked, a€?In addition to the $10 I gave him?a€? To which she replied, a€?WHAT!?a€? Apparently, I had not communicated with the back seat as clearly as I thought, and we made one taxi driver very happy. Finally, Bev had the good sense to read the information sign a bit more carefully and calmly pointed out that the Trolleys dona€™t start running until 11:30 a.
Sadly, Bev had hurt her foot earlier, so we headed back to the Metro station and home.A  This time when we got to King Station, we rode the Trolley home. We had seen a couple of buses go by, but buses are not free, and we were waiting for the free Trolley.A  With a slight sense of urgency, we started looking for the next bus.
A Main engine beds are oak longitudinals inboard and outboard in conjunction, rubber dampened adjustable motor mounts are bolted to the beds and used to adjust the engine alignment as well as secure it to the vessel. A Exhaust system is raw water cooled cast iron riser and flexible silicon wet exhaust hoses double clamped to the FRP water list type muffler. Bev was the first to board the bus only to find out that our passes were not acceptable, only exact change.A  We werena€™t prepared for this, so we frantically started collecting our cash.
We all made it on except Allison, who finally waved us on with the hollow assurance that she would meet us there. ELECTRICAL SYSTEMSBatteries: Northstar AGM batteries, one group 27 and four 8D's - 2 battery banks with Blue Seas rotary type switches. The pass that works on both trains and buses is a plastic card, which must be purchased at a different machine than we used; and 3. Shurflo Silencer on demand fresh water pumpBilge Pumps: Four Rule 2000 gph "One each primary and secondary pumps in each of the fwrd and aft bilge", with indicator lights in cockpit and Nav. A The only water we have ever found in it is from Skip or I knocking over the dog's water bowl.
A The only water we have ever found in it is from Skip or I knocking over the dog's water bowl.
A With her Bristol Finish bright work, her modern electrical systems, her Yanmar diesel engine, and her beautiful interior comprised of modern light weight materials with numerous wood veneers and inlays, the vessel offers the lines of a classic schooner with the comfort and reliability of a modern yacht.
A The hull has been sheathed with FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic), the decks are covered with Dynel, and the Awlgrip paint is flawless.
A Continuing aft is the athwartships galley with the sink and stove to port and the fridge and freezer to starboard. A Next is the main saloon with a convertible settee to port followed aft by the enclosed head with telephone shower, to starboard is an aft facing navigation station followed by a quarter berth.
A The joinery and finish of the interior was excellent, numerous species of woods and veneer were used, as well as an inlaid chart table.

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