To make sure you can conduct more varied and specific research and tests, Park offers an array of additional accessories to further customize your AFM. Ideal for taking delicate MFM measurements, the non-magnetic sample holder prevents interference from the magnetic field of the standard sample holder.
QR-код — это двухмерный штрихкод (бар-код),предоставляющий информацию для быстрого распознавания её камерой на мобильном телефоне. The Xcalibur machine has been in development for the last 5 years and is the latest addition to the AscensionEnergyprogram now comprised of 5 separate technologies under one basic subscription price.The Xcalibur Magnetic field Generator is based on the Dotto Ring technology that was developed in the 1970?s by Giovanni Dotto as an Age Reversal Device. The original Dotto Ring is a Thermo-couple that creates a hot and cold magnetic field equivalent to 5X the field strenght of the Hunza valley. On Wed afternoon, June 15th, 2011; 30 minutes before the full lunar eclipse, I heard a knock on the door and a clump outside the door as boxes were being dumped on the floor. The Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator has more flexibility than the original Dotto Ring and is much smaller and more portable.This is the second generation device, the first one I had briefly in the summer of 2007 for six months. See the drawing below with some modifications in the operation.This is what I think will happen. Changing the steam flow into the machine changes the power output but has no effect on the speed. Changing the excitation on the generator will change the voltage at the terminals but just a little.
The second magnetic field is the one set up by the current flow in the three-phase stator winding.
The strength of the magnetic field will depend on the current flow in the winding and the speed of rotation will depend on the frequency of a supply.
It is the interaction of these two magnetic fields that create the forces in the generator that transfer the energy to the electrical circuit. The magnetic fields do not line up perfectly unless the machine is producing no power output. The angle is called the load angle or torque angle and it is related to the power output of the machine. The force between the magnetic fields it the force between the shaft and the electrical system. When the fields are perfectly lined up with no angle between them there is no force and no power is transmitted. If more steam is admitted the angle increases (so does the sine of the angle) the force opposing rotation increases and the machine speed stays constant. The power output cannot change; the steam flow into the machine determines the power alone. In the operation of an individual synchronized machine there are two things that can be altered the governor valve and the rotor field strength, both affect the load angle.
Increasing the steam flow increases the load angle and the power output of the machine increases. If the steam valves are closed to allow less energy in than that required overcoming the friction losses the rotor will tend to slow down. There is a limit to this phenomenon. If the load angle of the machine reaches 90°it has reached its maximum power output for the strength of the magnetic fields.
However, lets not forget the millions of Newtons force that the magnetic fields can produce. The first key to explaining the behavior of a synchronized generator is the idea of load angle; how it changes with field strength and how it changes with load.
It consists of a generator and inductor and a load with a voltage fixed across it by the system.
A couple more important things to recall, the voltage drop across X (Vx) will lead the current by 90°and Vt and Vx will add to give Eg,so long as we remember that when we add AC stuff we have to use phasors. Electrical Corner StoreCheck out our new #Electrical Corner Store with selected Electrician's Books, Testing and Safety equipment and other electrician's stuff!

Science at GlanceOur mission is to be the leading provider of scientific information in the field of power and engineering in general. The unit provides an easy way to get scanner position, cantilever deflection, driving signal, bias, and other data to use to improve the quality of your work.
The field can be changed from -300 gauss to 300 gauss, and is parallel to the sample surface. It mimics and amplifies the frequencies found in the Hunza valley in Northern Pakistan, where the inhabitants as opposed to the citizens live up to 150 years according to more legends.
The proteins convert the magnetic energy into electrical energy to run the processes of the cells.
Here is this huge machine which runs are a constant speed whether the 4 – 24 inch steam valves are wide open or shut tightly the machine speed is constant.
Reactive power flows are not supposed to be taking any energy and yet they change as the steam valves open and close. It has nowhere near the effect that changing the excitation would have on the machine when it is not synchronized or connected to the system.
The same arguments hold for generators with more poles however, the pictures and words to describe the interactions get more complicated. It is field that is constant in strength and rotates around the machine at the speed of rotation of the rotor. If a three-phase supply is connected to three windings displacedaround the core of the generator, the winding will generate a rotating magnetic field.
In a synchronized machine it isthis force that keeps the rotor turning at the speed determined bythe frequency of the system. This is the no load state. The governor valves are open and allow just enough steam into the machine to overcome the frictional and windage losses of the unit turning at the synchronous speed.
If the strengths of either magnetic filed is increased the power output of the machine remains constant but the increased forces between the fields pulls the rotor back towards its no load position and the load angle decreases. The magnetic fields will go out of alignment and a force will be generated to pull the rotor in the direction ofrotation. If the power input to the machine pushes the rotor past the 90°position the retarding forces on the shaft start to decrease not increase.
And the rotor takes an extra revolution it will undergo severe mechanical stresses as the horrendous magnet force put torques on the shaft first trying to brake the machine and then trying to accelerate it.
A single generator in a large system has little effect on the frequency and the voltage or the system. Highly specialized for design of LV high power busbar trunking (<6300A) in power substations, buildings and industry fascilities.
Every day, the generation and usage of energy produces more pollution than any other single industry.
You can then easily observe changes in the magnetic structure using one of our magnetic force microscopy (MFM) options.
The original Dotto Ring was a big bulky Thermo-couple that generated a magnetic field with both heat and cold at the same time on a copper-nickel ring that would move vertically up and down. Dotto studied an area in Northern Pakistan called the Hunza valley where the average lifespan was over 120 years old.
The premise is that the device created magnetic induction or energy transfer directly into the DNA. Even with the limitations of the original device, I noticed during that brief period that both my eye color and hair color changed from hazel to blue and auburn to a brighter red. Check out these great prices on slightly used or just opened once only items.I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals ! Check out these great prices on slightly used or just opened once only items.I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals ! The magnitude is directly proportional to the field current (as long as we do not saturate the magnetic circuit).

The magnetic field from the stator current and the magnetic field of the rotor lock together and rotate at the same speed around and around in never ending circles.
If the governor valves are opened more steam is admitted and the rotor starts to accelerate. The rate of energy flow or power output of the machine is proportional to the strength of the magnetic fields in the machine and the sine of the load angle.
Most large steam turbines in CANDU plants have the capability of motoring at least of a time period.
In a four-pole machine the mechanical shift of the generator shaft is one half of the load angle. The generated voltage Eg is directly proportional to the strength of the magnetic field of the rotor.
Most people attribute the longevity of the Hunza’s to the food and the water found in that particular area. The DNA is a spiraling coil like a caduceus, as you age the coil shortens and tightens as a function of conservation of energy. The Chinese system believes you have a limited amount of pre-natal Chi and that once it is exhausted you die.
This is the best device on the market that I am aware of for DNA activation and can be used re-motely as a radionics device.
Dan Winter claims that more Gravity=Life, charge compression through the heart chakra leads to an increase in life force energy. The resistance of the windings is small compared to the inductive reactance and can be ignored in a circuit designed to give one a feel for machine operation rather than a look into the minute detail. Christ would describe it as going the eye of the needle of zero point energy without the attachments to the physical plane. The feeling that people are growing younger around you and that you are growing older is another function of loss of energy within your genetics.
You could say it is a sum total of all my experiences over the last 21 years, starting with my relationship to Preston Nichols of the Montauk Project fame. The Hunza valley has a unique juxtaposition of a mountainous glacier area next to a hot valley.
The few experiences that people have had with the machine so far are a sense of timelessness and a return to innocence. Dotto states that it is the thermal unbalance of the region that creates a magnetic field stronger than the surrounding area.
Magic is a function of living in the higher planes and being anchored in the lower planes at the same time. The Xcalibur magnetic field generator is the beginning of a new world and is the latest addition to the AscensionEnergyProgram.
The process of moving through ascension is essentially accumulation of energy which could also be described as an increase in magnetism or the aura. The concept of the halo is a visible aura emitting from a person that has become holy or unified. Esoteric religion describes and teaches the use of Quantum mechanics, String theory and the Grand Unified Field theory application to become an ascended being, someone that moves out of time and becomes immortal beyond the effects of entropy. The wage of sin is death after-all, which is simply a dissolution of the physical body and a failure to alchemize or fire the DNA coding.This machine produces a magnetic field over 10x as strong as the planetary magnetic field. My hypothesis is that the garden of eden had magnetic anomalies that were much stronger that is currently available and was the main reason for the average lifespan of over 1000 years reported in the bible.

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