Another one from Sparkfun, which is quickly becoming a serious UAV parts supplier: the power monitoring sensor board that Dean Goedde uses for AttoPilot. Price-wise, it compares well against Intelligent Flight's 100 Amp Power sensor for Dragon OSD ($42.50), which has less resolution and is somewhat larger, especially the thickness. As bGattie points out, Hall effect sensors are HUGE and thick, and I think they suffer from zero offset on the extreme low end of current.
While 130µ? of a Hall sensor is higher than 500µ? of my design, it's important to look at what this penalty is in the total cost model of size, weight, performance.
I appreciate the detailed reply - Oddly - I noted to Spark-fun last year that their sensor options did not include any Current-measuring boards (They now have 3). Note that I stipulated the measurement effect was "immeasurable" - which agrees with your characterization of it being "Noise". Assuming you get very little voltage diff across the shunt - what do you use to bring the voltage into the range of a 5v ADC? Current architecture of drone autopilots is wrong , Drone hardware architecture needs to be completely re-engineered. You can measure magnetic fields or sense the proximity of a magnet with this hall-effect analog sensor.
The 1108 is a Hall-effect sensor that provides a voltage output that is proportional to the applied magnetic field.
UPS, the UPS brand mark, and the Color Brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. A Hall effect sensor is a sort of a switch that turns on or off if it is close to a strong magnetic field (close to a magnet). By default the digital socket on pyMCU works as an output so to read a value we have to set it to be an "input".
Electronic compass circuit used in the main kmz52 magnetic field sensor integrated in the market, is there I do not know, but a different application also circuit more complex does not count eagle prepared with schematic drawings, PCB drawing, measuring and testing on fluoroscopic images there. KMZ52 extremely sensitive magnetic field sensor, employing the magnetoresistive effect of thin-film permalloy. The FIELDS investigation is an advanced suite of six sensors measuring critical electric and magnetic fields in and around reconnection regions.

UCLA and the Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IWF) provide the AFG and DFG sensors and electronics with calibration support from the Technical University of Braunschweig (TU-BS, Germany). The EDI determines the electric and magnetic fields by measuring the drift of ~1 keV electrons emitted from a pair of Gun Detector Units (GDU). The SCM will measure the 3-axis AC magnetic field up to 6 kHz and will be used with the ADP and SDP to determine the contribution of plasma waves to the turbulent dissipation occurring in the diffusion region. The CEB (not pictured) provides power, control and data processing for the suite of FIELDS sensors. This magnetic field sensor can be connected directly into an analog input of one of our USB joystick interface boards. If you want to add motor current and battery voltage measurement to your autopilot, this is a good way to do it.
The sizes for AttoPilot sensor on Sparkfun website were wrong, and Sparkfun is fixing them. This is not a proposed design, but rather fully field proven and suitable for use in very small models.
I am now selling them to him at cost or a slight loss, to use this as an advertisement for AttoPilot in hopes that maybe 1:100 people might buy an AttoPilot system through this advertising.
It can work as a motion or rotation sensor reacting to a part that moves back and to the sensor. This sensor board gave somewhere above 200 when there was no strong magnetic field and around 0 when it was placed close to a magnet. Two kinds of magnetometers provide redundant measurements of the magnetic field and structure in the diffusion region. The Spin-plane Double Probe (SDP) consists of four 60-meter wire booms with spherical sensors at the end. Analog output, so you'd want to add it to a port with an ADC (ArduPilot has six free ones so it would work well with that). See spec sheet posted on Sparkfun for "installation" details: The 12 gauge lead is fed through hole, and area up to shunt is solder flooded top and bottom of PCB.
After all, if just 1 person out of 100 ends up buying an AttoPilot system, then this was a good advertisement, and more people are likey to buy it as an impulse to try it out.

When reading digital value we have 0 with no magnetic field and 1 when the field is strong enough to trigger the sensor.
For Raspberry you will quite likely need an extension board providing 5V logic as such voltage is used by Arduino - and Arduino compatible sensor boards and shields. The integrated compensation coils allow magnetic field measurement with current feedback loops to generate outputs that are independent of drift in sensitivity. The University of New Hampshire, in collaboration with the Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IWF) and the University of Iowa, provides the The EDI GDU and electronics.
The Axial Double Probe (ADP) consists of two 12-meter antennas deployed axially near the spacecraft spin axis.
Oddly expensive at $26, given what's on the board, but perhaps that reflects the low production run. The GND-to-GND is also a low resistance solder flooded path through the large via hole in center pad. So of the three resistors from Vdd to GND it goes 4.7k 10k 1k with the output tap between the 10k and 1k in the SOT-23 packaged part. Despite the simple appearance, there is a fair amount of engineering and development in this design. To boot, making it low cost will enable more people to gain value from it in the ArduPilot. The University of Colorado, the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and the University of New Hampshire provide these sensors and the associated electronics.
The shunt and 73.2k resistor values were precisely chosen to take full advantage of ranges of shunts and resolution of the INA-169.
Because I like to fly 10 ounce MAVs with little fuselage space, this super thin sensor works great.

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