Are you tired of opening your monthly electricity bill only to see it is higher than the month before?
The HoJo magnetic motor uses magnets and magnetic force as the impetus for constant motion.
Ironically, the largest endorsement given to the johnson motor comes from the electrical companies.
The HoJo Motor provides an option for those who are tired of placing all the power into the hands of those who need it least: power companies and corporations. In the Spring of 1980 Howard Johnson (the inventor of the HoJo Motor) went along to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) located in Alexandria, Virginia. Over the decades there have been thousands upon thousands of patent applications for various diverse machines purporting to generate free energy. The law of conservation of energy is fundamental concept physics and basically it states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. One of the requirements for obtaining a patent was that you must present the office with a working model of your concept. We have seen throughout history that those who possess genius are capable of performing and undergoing fantastic feats which for the ordinary person would be unthinkable. Einstein, Tesla, all of the great scientists throughout history becomes immensely successful simply through their constant and diligent application to their task of discovery. Johnson himself spoke about bending the laws of physics and playing with them rather than being restricted by them.
Johnson likens his HoJo Motor to a nuclear reactor that extracts vast amounts of energy from a dormant resource. The HoJo permanent magnetic motor is the result of Howard Johnsons many years of design and invention both for the military, the air force and in the motor industry.
By using the simple repulsion and attraction force of magnets, Johnson was able to create a motor that we now can use to create cheap or free electricity. These HoJo  motors are not commercially available at this time, and it remains to be see if they ever will be. Solar power, which was once considered the ultimate solution to our power woes, is subject to the behavior of the sun. The race is on to see who can create the first commercially available permanent magnetic motor. With fossil fuels running low and energy costs shooting up, it is simply natural that people prefer off grid living. I saw the magnetic generator described the other day as a perpetual magnetic generator and that got me wondering so I browsed through my dictionary and thesaurus and had some fun. The magnetic home generator can quiet truthfully be described as permanent since it uses permanent magnets in its construction. I am not sure that eternal, everlasting or infinite magnetic generator quite fit the bill though. Never mind though it is simply a play on words but in this day and age we are all trying to find ways to save money on our electricity bills.
We all need electricity and so we try to find alternative ways of making electricity or energy in any form. The periodic magnetic generator is just one of the many alternative home energy devices but it works and it will not cost you a fortune to set up you may even be fortunate enough to find a perpetual magnetic generator for sale on line somewhere. As a last thought do check the perpetual magnetic generator videos on you-tube and other video sites. You can reduce your energy consumption by producing it yourself with one of the blueprints available for building an small magnetic generator device that provides alternative energy. With the changing of times it has become important to have a look for new methods and sources for generating energy. Field studies on the least expensive techniques of creating electricity have finally shown that a small  magnetic generator is one of the cheapest techniques to use.

Manufacturing inexpensive electricity thru a small magnetic generator is a technological discovery. It is a fact that magnets have a special characteristic of polarity which makes them work uninterruptedly. The users of magnetic generators do not attract raised costs of electrical bills, which sometimes take a larger share of peoples gainfully acquired incomes. This is an interesting video and is probably been patented by now since this video was actually from 2008.
In terms of efficiency this particular magnetic generator is estimated to generate at least 4 times more power than a regular generator.
Do you cringe at the thought of your hard-earned money lining the pockets of wealthy power companies and corporations? Not only does the device create free electricity for the home, it is also portable and weatherproof. The release of Howard Johnson’s revolutionary technology has produced a backlash of negativity from the electrical companies and corporations who do not want to see this information reach the public. Department of Commerce and their role is to promote the industrial and technological progress of the nation and to strengthen the economy.
He presented a patent that described how it is possible to generate motive power using only the energy contained in the atoms of permanent magnets.
To them it is not an arduous task but an easy almost effortless fulfillment of their thoughts and aspirations.
The power within the atoms of the permanent magnets is just as immense and powerful and can be used to generate energy and motion. Patent for his HoJo motor, he was required to bring one in to prove that this device actually worked.
For the time being, those that wish to create their own energy source using this motor will need to build it themselves.
With nearly every government in the world being opposed to free energy for it’s citizens, as it means a huge loss in income, this will be quite a task. If you think about the permanent magnet, you will note that its electrons are constantly flowing, from one pole to the other.
There are schematics and blueprints online that show you exactly how to build a perpetual magnetic generator so check them out and see for yourself. Even those people who are not particularly talented in mechanical matters can follow easy instructions that guide you through the process.
Discovering new techniques of less expensive energy generation is essential for us to become independent of the power corporations and help the environment.
There is not any competing energy generating source that is less expensive than power produced by magnetic generators. Magnetic generators do not rely on solar, wind, or any other external forces for power generation. Under the right configurations, a magnet will fire a force hundreds of times stronger than its base strength. If you are going on a camping trip, you can take your HoJo motor along to enjoy the convenience of mobile energy, or use it to power a cabin in the woods. As one of the greenest energy units available, consumers can feel comfortable using it around children, pets and loved ones. One has to wonder why those providing the public’s electricity would react so adversely to this technology if its success did not mean failure for themselves. The U.S Patent Office is continuously on the lookout for anything unusual and new that might possibly give the US a technological edge over other nations. The notion is that they do not work because they would violate the first law of conservation of energy. Johnson had discovered how to build a motor that would work without any input of any other resource or electricity.

Strangely, though even he does not fully comprehend where this vast store of energy is coming from and he suggests that it comes from the spinning magnets.
Johnson did as requested, and was awarded three different patents on his incredible device. After all, if the world’s residents are able to create their own energy, what will happen to the global economy?
However, it is these exact plans that have caused others to create simpler versions that are easy to build, yet are just as effective in creating energy.
So if you think that eco energy is all about solar, geothermal and wind sources, think again.
If you then put a series of magnets close to each other, pole to pole, and then put another magnet such that it repels the corresponding poles (the old North pole repels North, and South repels South), theoretically you can get perpetual motion from the energy generated. For example, there is a revolving door that generates electricity every time someone passes through them.  There is a similar concept involving train station or subway doors. Development of such technologies, therefore, should be supported all the more, especially by common citizens, for the time when they will be most needed. The production of cheaper energy is a crucial requirement of our life since, the price of energy is ever sky-rocketing and the whole world is suffering due to it.
For instance, solar and wind energy are very dear re space required for installation and gigantic 1st value of acquiring obligatory equipments. Magnetic generator will certainly scale back your spending on electrical bills between 40 and 80 percent. Simply put, the HoJo Motor, also known as the johnson motor or HoJo magnetic motor, is a generator capable of producing completely free and clean electrical energy.
In fact, in order for an applicant to receive a patent, he or she must provide not just one, but three fully operational products. The bottom line is most certainly the bottom line for these companies and corporations, which is why they attempt to squash the efforts of individuals trying to release this product to the public. The movement of the water flowing over the wheel generates electricity that can be used to power our stove which in turn, heats a pot of food that we consume. He even goes so far as to talk about the possibility of a hitherto un-found and unnamed atomic particle.
Though he died before the HoJo motor become commercially available, his work has not been in vain. Since these systems are expensive to set up, many have completely disregarded solar power for the time being. Obviously, the common family cannot afford these expenses, even if they will save lots of money on energy costs over the years.
To date, a good example of this principle at work is in the so-called HoJo motor, which holds a few US patents and is currently being developed for practical applications. You will be able to recoup your initial investment in as little as two months and begin reducing your carbon footprint simultaneously. Unlike these possible choices which depend on climate conditions, magnetic generators can be use anywhere and it produces the most satisfactory results.
This reduced cost improves people’s standards of livingand people’s saving accounts!
Created by Howard Johnson, ‘the father of Spintronics’, the johnson motor has the potential to rewrite the book on energy creation, distribution and sustainability.
Apparently, Howard Johnson himself kept his plans secret due to facing constant threats from large energy companies. But perhaps one of the coolest devices is a pair of running shoes which generates electricity as a person walks or runs.

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