Appeal to more buyers and engineers by adding content to your profile in Client Center. ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of standard and custom magnetic shielding alloys, evaluation kits, AC magnetic pickup probes, zero gauss chambers, and magnetic shielding products for wiring applications. Scan to visit our Web siteScan this QR bar code with your smartphone app and it will take you to our company Web site. Since 1941, Magnetic Shield Corporation has been the premier supplier of custom magnetic shields, room and wall EMF shields and magnetic shielding material.
Magnetic shielding, (also known as magnetic shields, magnetic screens and EMI shielding), prevents magnetic fields from reaching areas where they would cause magnetic interference.

We are the oldest company devoted exclusively to solving problems of magnetic interference and have been involved with thousands of applications.
Lab Kit Brochure LK-5Our Lab Kit Brochure gives information about our magnetic shielding evaluation kits for Science, R&D, Design Engineering, and Construction. The system includes magnetic field coils optimized for uniform field generation accurately printed on flexible circuit board. Our trademarked Mumetal®, CO-NETIC® and NETIC® alloys offer the same high permeability as Hipernom®*, HyMu-80®* and Permalloy®*. Products for wiring applications include weave cables, braided sleeving, flexible conduits and corrosion resistant wire.

Shielding alloys in foil, annealed foil, stress annealed sheet and continuous strip forms are available. We want to be your Preferred Source for answers dealing with the problems of Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). Processes used to custom manufacture products include shearing, slitting, assembly, rolling, laser and water-jet cutting, EDM, machining, turning, punching, stamping, forming, welding, annealing, prototyping and tooling.

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