Refer to the third picture for directions to determine how much of GIRON you need to purchase to cover radiation area!
GIRON Magnetic Shielding Film, which does not contain Nickel, is unlike any other magnetic shielding material available on the market today. MCL61 is novel magnetic shielding film made from an amorphous cobalt alloy for shielding of low-frequency magnetic fields. In comparison with MUMETALL® new MCL61 has many advantages: MUMETALL® is soft and sensitive, on bending, to shocks and on processing it looses the attenuation very fast. Global EMC have ‘in depth’ knowledge of magnetic near field shielding materials and techniques. Protection against disturbance of Earth’s DC field for sensitive equipment (Ferro-dynamic disturbance).
Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. I understand from the diagrams that the magnetic field is redirected through the shield (and not canceled out.. Within reason yes, BUT the laws of Physics and Murphy will (simultaneously) follow you doggedly no matter how hard you try to shake them off. FWIW - long ago, knowing that it had been proven that you cannot statically levitate an object using permanent magnets, I tried to do so regardless, using constructional methods that might be expected to work were it not impossible :-) - ie dished monopole "bowl" with other poles underneath and a monopole-outside ball.
You can achieve levitation with a stationary magnetic field if your target is a suitably shaped rotating magnet.

You CAN achieve static levitation if you include a diamagnetic material in the "magnetic circuit".
And superconductors are strongly diamagnetic, but unfortunately all the ones discovered to date only work at very low temperatures. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged magnetics shielding or ask your own question. Word choice for salutation in a formal email to your PhD adviser, Is *Dear Boss* appropriate? How to deal with misconceptions about "premature optimization is the root of all evil"? Suitable for high field strength applications requiring high saturation and good permeability, it is both thin and strong, and unlike Mu-metal? it is very tolerant to bending or shaping without losing its shielding properties. Important: Its difficult to glue the film free of creases, best cover the area with solid wall coverings. To ground it, every strip has to be screwed with a chopper disk, that penetrates the polyester film.
All of our ‘on site’ projects have met performance targets in terms of ‘quiet zone’ specification. Would there be less attractiveness in the immediate area beyond the shield in contrast to a corresponding area around the other pole?
Best suitable for strong levels of magnetic fields above one miliGauss or higher, with high saturation and low permeability alloys.

Wall, ceiling, floor: Best use a high-viscous assembly adhesive, that adheres to non-absorbent substrates.
Can I achieve something similar to the concept the image portrays of shielding part of a magnetic pole? The Meissner effect in Type 2 superconductors isn't as complete as in the Type 1 superconductors(all high temperature SC are type 2). Excellent for small shields on magnets, motors, speakers and appliances such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners etc. Because the cobalt strips are only 20 µm thin, 50 mm width and sharp like a knife, we laminate it for protection. The sheets of MCL61 should be overlapped, level out the overlappings, paint it over with any commercial synthetic dispersion paint. Please pay attention that the film is a steam brake on wall areas!
With a width of 61 cm big areas are shielded faster compared to 15 cm width MUMETALL®-strips.
Works with AC or DC magnetic fields (0-1000 Hz), and will tolerate temperatures from 32° to 122°F.
Laminated with a 0.005 inch glass reinforced polypropylene tape which is UV sensitive, cover if installation is exposed to direct sunlight.

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