The sides and top of the cage are made out of white Elfa shelving you can buy from the Container Store.
To make the cage easier to clean, we put together a 5-sided wooden box which we filled with bedding as a cue to our chinchillas.
Hello, how is that cage working out?can you post a picture and the items used to make your fantastic cage? My biggest question and my biggest problem with my chinchillas the bedding and poo ends up on the outside of the cage so i have to keep them in a contained area of the house where there arent alot of people. While i clean my chinchilla cage a put it in the plastic crate but its cage is a wire dog cage.
I don't think that's smart becuase most dog craates are made from plastic and that can be harmful to your chinchilla. I did the math on an elfa shelving house, and for the price per cubic foot and the effort might as well buy a double ferret nation cage. I'm not sure how these guys did it but I just rested the shelving on top of the 1x1 wooden rods. The other option if you don't overlap the front wire door is to run one of the wooden rods flush against the front of the cage from the inside so you can't swing the door inwards - I'd use one of the wooden rods along the top of the cage so you don't run into it when getting in and out of the cage. I bought the cheapest white shelving I could find (Home Depot or Lowes) and then used an angle grinder to cut off the lip piece and then used tie-wraps to hold the corners and shelves together. I just adopted two 7 month old chinchilla sisters from a private seller and their cage is so flimsey and small I was wondering if you can send me some detailed instructions on hold to build this cage cause my fianc`e is great at building stuff and this looks very inexpensive compared to some of the prices they want for good quality cages out there. I made a cage similar to the one shown except using the cheaper shelving available at Lowes, Walmart, or Home Depot.
Door closing question: The top of my door leans out a little bit since it isn't tied and our cage is 6' tall but the chinchillas can't get to that part of the door so no escapees yet. My only issue with the cage is that the chinchillas like to crawl under it and not come out!!!! We have the largest cage that they sold at the pet store, and in comparison to the cage you show above, our is a piece of junk. If you could send me some more detailed information on how to build this cage I would appreciate it. On the wood edge on the outside of the shelves, how did you attach to the plywood without having any screws or nails sticking out? I have one chinchilla, she's young so she's not quite full sized yet, but I'm wondering whether her cage is too small for her or not. I just adopted a chinchilla today and received the cage that the previous family had her in. We made one like this, a little smaller, but still big enough for 2 chinchillas and it cost us about $60.00. Wooden cages are perhaps the worst idea for chinchillas because they can chew their way out.
The reason a chinchilla does this is because they need to soften down their teeth so they do not over-grow. An exercise ball is an excellent way for your hamster to get exercise every day, while also protecting him from potential household hazards. If you're worried about your hamster getting into something he shouldn't, consider using a hamster ball. Use a scoop or a small box, held in front of your hamster, to remove him from his enclosure.
Do not attempt to trim your hamster's teeth on your own, unless your vet has approved this procedure and given you proper instruction in how best to do this. Never spray the bars while your hamster is in his cage, as this may cause him to be inadvertently sprayed, which would be unpleasant.
Always take your hamster out of his cage before spraying the bars, and be sure that the spray has dried before you return him to his enclosure.
If you're unsure whether your hamster is chewing his bars, check the cage's metal bars for areas where paint is missing.

This version of How to Make Dwarf Hamsters Stop Biting the Cage was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on July 28, 2015. Meet Jordan, a wikiHowian from the US who has been active in the community for over 6 years. That means it's off to a good start, but still has room to grow into a more helpful resource. Meet Alabaster, a wikiHowian of over 2 years who enjoys helping out new users and giving articles bold makeovers for helpfulness and accuracy. These particular plans suggest lowering the frame, but you'll lose so much ground clearance that it would have to be an on-road-only kart, and that's not particularly useful unless you've got a lot of open and safe asphalt to drive on. If you have a truly flat area of concrete to work on, it will make your job of squaring the material easier. We wanted to build something as large as possible, but still be small enough to move around our house as needed.
Holding the whole thing together are 1-inch square pieces of wood that run length-wise or width-wise throughout the cage. The wooden box also has a melamine bottom, but it has pine sides since they're exposed and may be chewed. I love my chins and i really would like to have them in the living room with the rest of us but i dont want the mess they seem to make with their bedding and poo. Make sure that any wood you use is not treated (paint, varnish, etc.) You seem pretty well-informed, so I'm sure you know not to use plastic because of the terrible intestinal blockages that could happen, but just thought I'd mention it.
I have, however, come across another idea taken from sugar glider forums, PVC houses with mesh.
I have really been wanting to build a cage for my chin, as I can not seem to find one that I like or that I feel is big enough for him. He seems to enjoy attacking to molding around the house, he just loves to peel the wall paper on the the walls and eat it. I have seen the ferret nation and critter nation ones but they have ramps and holes in the floor; they're not really what a chinchilla wants.
My one chin only chewed on the plastic during the meet and greet of his new girl, he was upset that he couldnt be near her, the poor dear was so lonely!
Make sure you don't get on with a plastic or painted, because if that is chewed by your chinchillas, then it would cause diarrhea. This will allow your pet to roam freely, while still be safely protected from potential hazards in your home.
Hamsters are very social animals and need to spend some time with their human(s) on a regular basis. Hamsters love to explore, and once your hamster has developed a trust in you as his owner, he'll want to climb on and around you. Hamsters are nocturnal, which means they sleep during the day and are awake and active at night. It's possible that your hamster is bored with his surroundings and longs for more room to play in his enclosure.
That may help him see the potential in the tube, and may inspire him to make his own chew holes. If all else fails, and you cannot move your hamster into a glass enclosure, you may want to consider using a bite-deterrent spray on the bars of your hamster's cage.
To keep your hamster occupied, make sure he has plenty of toys, a big cage, and play time everyday. This causes dizziness and may cause your hamster to have serious injuries, including brain damage. An adult should always hold the hamster and let children pet the hamster under strict supervision. As an Admin, Booster, Welcomer, and Featured Author, Jordan wears many hats around the site. This carrier is not to be used as an actual cage - guinea pig cages must have at least 7.5 square feet of floor space.

Make sure it's nice and big, otherwise your guinea pig(s) will not have much room to move around. Take them out of there a lot and give them some time to play with you & run around somewhere. We decided not to lower the frame since we want an on and off road kart, and made it wider and longer so it can accommodate two people.
When you assemble the frame members, use a square as shown to make your you're getting the proper angles.
It seemed to be a decent size for one chinchilla, but it didn't take long before we started to think about coming up with our own design. Melamine is particle board covered with white plastic that is easy to clean with Windex and a paper towel. These pieces of wood also provide support for wooden shelves (4 levels) that the chinchillas can jump onto. I have an alcove in my bedroom where it would go but I've looked online and all I could find were terribly expensive small cages!
Try to get a cage or another acceptable housing that will allow them to jump up several feet. But, his most favorite snack of all times is the antique furniture that we have around the house. They did this to keep the family cat from being able to get to the little darling and I think that it would serve the same purpose that your wanting. I had adopted him from a family that didnt have time for him anymore and he'd cry at night, until that is he got his girl :D Another alternative is those Snap together wire cubes. Waking your hamster up during the day, whether to play with him or to clean his cage, may cause him irritation. Bite-deterrent sprays use a bitter tasting liquid, like lemon juice or apple vinegar, to make the surface of the bars undesirable to your hamster. They show you a general idea of what angles you'll be dealing with, and suggestions like the front bumper.
The length was determined by figuring out what we could maneuver around the hallways of our home.
To make moving the cage easy, we attached strong caster wheels to the bottom of each of the 4 corners. I was wondering if you could send me a list of things needed to build a cage, where to get them and roughly how much they cost? He particularly enjoys patrolling recent changes and reviewing articles in the NFD Guardian. If you think the article offers complete and accurate instructions, feel free to remove this tag.
Pre-built cages can also be reasonably priced given the economies of scale inherent in mass produced products. Both the melamine bottom and Elfa have a door to allow for entry to and exit from the cage.
And the height was also 4′ mostly because of the size of the materials that we selected (more about that below). I know that chinchilla cages online are very expensive, but they need lots and lots of room to leap and jump. Using metal and wood only, and making the shelves replacable makes it more suitable for chinchillas than any ferret or bird cage.
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