For complete portability, I'd say use a small motorcycle battery, and a battery tender permanently hooked up to the terminals.
That's awesome reminds of something I did 20 yrs ago with battery charger and car stereo head, amp, big azz kicker box. Was rereading this morning and wanted to point out, with the right case these things are not as fragile as people think. It comes with a stock app called G'zGEAR that includes earth compass that shows direction of parks. A walking counter that auto calculates pace, it figured my height and weight and age by my pace and was very accurate. As for power I use a hand crank redcross radio with USB port to charge my droid while camping. There are so many great apps it would be worth while to post them here, especially the app2sd ones. SAS Survival Guide - Lite The definitive guide to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea. SAS Survival Lite is the FREE version of the complete SAS Survival Guide, available now in the app store. For over twenty years, the SAS Survival Guide has been the definitive guide to surviving any situation, anywhere in the world. You can use the Winter Survival Kit app to store important phone and policy numbers for insurance or roadside assistance. If you become stranded, the Winter Survival Kit app will help you determine your geographic location and contact emergency services.
Survive Pole Shift Information to help you prepare for, and survive a long-term global disaster. Learn about Solar Storms of 2012 and Coronal Mass Ejections, the Galactic Alignment as we head into the Dark Rift.
Learn the truth about the Ancient Aliens, government Alien cover ups, UFO's and evidence of Alien Life on earth. Learn about the mass animal deaths and the ancient prophecies that predict the end times are near. Currently, the marketplace prototype supports publicly-facing apps on personal iOS devices. When I did a search on the market for compass, there were 5k+ on there so surely has to be one for everybody. On my laptop I can pull up but on my Tbolt which is actually wifi tethering the internet to my laptop that URL just stalls, weird.
4G I can talk, surf and use my Tbolts internet while connecting up to 8 other devices so I know that's not it.
Coronal Mass Ejections and Electromagnetic Pulses both affect electronics by Faraday's Law of Induction.
Generators often work my moving a coil of wire (a circuit) through a magnetic field, and thus generating current. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.

Even the Police have some new small Faraday bags for confiscated cell phones a€“ to preserve information.
Back in 2004, The Congressional Study EMP Report indicated potential casualty rates of 90%. To avoid a total collapse every American should have some EMP hardened equipment or at least a Faraday Cage to protect the most important survival electronics.
A Faraday cage is a sealed enclosure that has an electrically conductive outer layer and a non-conductive inner layer.
Tip: if you can call your phone, then wrap the box in another layer of aluminum foil and try again. The principle is the same (as Pasta box)a€¦ just that this one is larger and can be opened every time you want without tearing up the foil.
But chances are that you have a normal bird cage, which will work as a Faraday cage if you place some foam (for example) in it.
If it does not work, it probably means that the holes are too big so youa€™ll have to wrap the cage in aluminium. Line the trash can with cardboard (or carpet padding), including the bottom, making sure there are no gaps. You can fit here a lot more electronics including an old laptop with your survival books and maybe a very small generator or a small solar panel.
You dona€™t want the nails (which the box already has) to connect the aluminum foil with the inside of the box. Just line the inside with cardboard (including the lid) and put in the electronics you wish to protect from EMPa€™s.
I want to have several Faraday cages for various electronics I wish to protect against potential EMP. The challenge is in building a cage I can easily open to get at the item when I want to use it, and easily close back up when done.
I thought about using thin-gauge aluminum sheeting like you can buy at a home store, but it's expensive (relatively) and making it conform to a box is problematic.
So I thought about making a box with draw-tight clasps, spraying it with a glue, gluing aluminum foil to the box and VOILA!
Then, an inspiration: Why not use aluminum foil tape instead of trying to glue aluminum foil to a box?
Below are pics showing the process; the reason for making the box whole and then cutting it in half was to create mating surfaces that would allow the aluminum foil tape to ground against itself creating a complete envelope.
I know that the cell phone test is not proof against EMP--it's just proof that it won't work if the cell phone rings.
My job takes me all over the Springs, so we can probably arrange for a meetup close to you.
I'm looking for reloading stuff, civilian and military comms gear, mil surplus, optics, firearms, etc.
Dustin isn't the only person who's done this, though, and you can customize it any way you want.
He stenciled on the design and put the volume knob right in the middle of the radiation symbol.

Try the Quad Ammo Box Speaker by Laika on DIYStompboxes that's powered by a Ruby Amp and enclosed in not an ammunition can, but a wooden crate that housed small arms primers.
Then run the power plug outside the can and you can keep it plugged in when not in use to ensure a full charge.
Some of the apps wont be of much use out side the armed forces, although the idea's should be. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. Maine has become the first state in the nation to pass legislation ordering its grid to be hardened against an electromagnetic pulse. If you dona€™t wrap it completely in aluminum foil youa€™ll be able to call yourself from another phone. According to Radasky, that country during the cold war hardened some of its critical infrastructure against EMPs, such as water works. I drove to just under a cellphone tower where I had max signal, put a a cellphone in the box, closed it, and guess what? My son thinks there's just too much of a gap where the halves meet, but there can't be much. They are great for ammo, tools, first aid kits, geocaching, preppers, and for storing anything else you need protected from the elements. But if you want to use it as more than just a container, why not turn it into a portable set of speakers that you can take with you anywhere? We also take the time to build and mount a sealed MDF speaker box in the can so that the sound is crystal clean and has a ton of power :-) Hope you guys like it!
In this case, the box was perfect and I couldna€™t call my phone because there was no signal in it. Remember to isolate the bottom of the box (with wood, cardboard or plastic) and to keep away the electronics inside from the Aluminum Screen.
If you dona€™t use on a daily basis what you want to protecta€¦ just keep it in its original box and wrap it with heavy duty aluminum foil. Then, he added the audio jack and mounted the speakers, using a foam egg carton for sound insulation.
I charge the battery with a simple 12 volt charger than can be found at any hobby stores where model trains are found.
Anyway, the phone test is 99% accurate, because the phone signals are a bit higher in frequency than an EMP. If you want to be 100% sure that you made an EMP hardened Faraday cage then you should place a small turned on radio. One of the toggles powers the amp on and off, and the other toggle turns on the ambient led lights that I have installed on the bottom of the box (not need, but a cool extra feature). If your doctor says you have a 5% chance of dying a€¦ wouldna€™t it be crazy not to do something about it?

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