Pigeons live in close association with people and usually roost and rest within or on buildings.
Pigeon droppings are unsightly and can cause problems by making pavements and steps slippery, particularly in wet weather. Nesting material, droppings and dead birds may block gutters and drains leading to water damage to buildings. Food supplied by the public leads to the arrival of more pigeons and increased breeding rates. In cases where pigeons have gained access to a property and have caused a potentially serious public health problem such as pollution of a water tank, the Council may be able to take enforcement action against the property owners to remedy the problem.

There are simple steps that you can take to help deter feral pigeons from visiting your garden. Ledges can be protected by fitting specially designed spike strips or metal coil, or converting the ledge to a slope. Any audible deterrent will not be pigeon specific, but is just as likely to scare any bird within its effective range.
If you are experiencing a problem with your neighbour feeding birds and they are a tenant, such behaviour, especially on communal grounds, may be covered by tenancy rules. Pigeons deprive other birds of food and spread mites and other parasites throughout their ever-increasing number of breeding sites.

Those designed for use on agricultural land are unlikely to be suited to urban or suburban context. Sekarang tak perlu repot lagi, dengan Pigeon Food Maker bunda akan lebih mudah dalam berkreasi membuat makanan karena dalam satu set terdapat beberapa alat dasar untuk membuat makanan seperti pemarut, pemeras jeruk, penumbuk dan penyaring. Although the sneaker is mainly black, the colorway is still reminiscent of the Pigeon SB that released in the early 2000’s.

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