ATV Visual & Body Modifications Post any visual modifications you have done to your ATV vehicle here. I have a 2007 Polaris Ranger 700xp that I am looking to cut the roll cage all the way around to make it detachable by unbolting at those cuts.
You can cut the end of the template to fit excactly on different diameters or angles of tube. If there's one thing I love about this hobby it's looking at pictures of others trucks, seeing the creativity and innovative ideas they come up with.
I built a quick hammer form today at work with a nice reverse curve and radius but the final product didn't really turn out as well as I had hoped.
I was wondering if I could get some advice on the best way to approach making these gussets.
Ryan, I just posted a sequence of making this type of gusset on the Rally Anarchy forums a few days ago. After repaying my buddy at Tires Plus with food, we hung out in the parking lot and figured out how to disable the seat belt buzzer and get the lights to work. I pulled the interior yesterday, gave it a good long cleaning and scuffed it up for it’s bi-annual application of herculiner. I sandwhiched the piece of metal inbetween two pieces of wood and clamped it in a vice, then used a plastic mallet to hammer the metal over the form. The reverse curves gussets are made out of either 2 or 4 pieces, where with the straight ones I can make in one piece and weld the seam on the backside. I will be building the cage in his alltrac and right now I am building a stand for my brake that I am building the lateral x support similar to non intersecting door bars and going to build some taco gussets for it as well.

I have a fried that does custom wood workig so I may have him make me 2"-8" radius pieces in half inch increments so that I have a variety of hammer form sizes.
Went under it and found some parts that need to be replaced such as the steering damper, sway bar links, transfer case seal and rear axle seal.
I guess we were at it for a little while the battery ended up dying and I had to push start it.
I try to make sure everything is clean and pretty on the cars every year, but last summer was spent building the new Ecto, and I completely neglected the Jeep.
When I first got it, I drove it around town all summer long sans rollcage, with the windshield folded down. Now I am debating risking life and limb to drive a wildly unsafe, and amazingly awesome, Jeep around town, putting off replacing all the rollcage parts as long as I can…. I would like to be able to use the forms for a while and the white oak I picked up at lowes started to split at the edges. That way depending on the width of the door bars and other gussets I have a form for everything. Knowing that the customer wanted some form of interior re installed, the roll cage was integrated into the body. The previous owner had a lot of work done to it and provided me with receipts for thousands of dollars worth of work rannging from the clutch, to brake lines, and frame repair. I wanted to take a look at the parking brake and find out why it wasn’t working properly. Once I had the liner on I touched up the paint on the ends of the rollcage, painted my center console forest green (the blue has just gotten too nasty and faded), and retouched the bumpers.

I fell in love with that go-kart, zero-blind spot sensation, and I felt I lost a little bit of it every time I added something to the jeep. Before you register please ensure you are familiar with our terms of use and related policies. I was thinking about modifyinng my Wraith's cage to look like a standard monster truck chassis. Man what a difference a little touch-up work on the dings and scratches make for my perception of this Jeep! I have called several dealers and they all don't seem to be able to tell me who builds their cages! Door bars are just plain intrusive on a street car so the inner rocker panels were also sectioned. I felt like I was getting boxed in, and that my gloriously-simple topless vehicle was becoming just another ordinary car.
A hefty piece of box steel was then welded in place connecting the front of the cage to the back while offering some additional side impact protection as well. Essentially all that will be seen after interior is installed will be the rear X and harness bar.

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