Today may be the day that Jor-El sent his only son, Santa Claus, to crash land in Bethlehem, or whatever it is exactly people believe, but talking about Christmas movies and S-Cla’s yearly Earth-constrained voyages seems quaint and boring when we could be jetting off into outer space! On December 25, 2003 the Mars Express Orbiter entered orbit around Mars and released the British built Beagle 2 landing craft to fulfill its mission on the angry red surface of the planet.
One of the last films starring the famous Bud Abbott and Lou Costello comedy team (they split up in 1957, then Costello died in 1959), despite the title the film is actually about Venus.
Inspired by the ludicrous and bizarrely enduring conspiracy theory that the Apollo moon landing was faked using a TV studio, Peter Hyams’ film tells the story of a faked mission to Mars. Like Total Recall, this John Carpenter film features a Mars that has already been successfully colonized. This Ed Woodian musical oddity is the brainchild of Wayne Coyne, frontman of the psychedelic alt-rock band The Flaming Lips.
Meinert Hansen is a native Montrealer with a long list of credits in film, television and games. The studio picks up rights to the 1940s classic short story collection with John Davis producing. The studio has picked up movie rights to The Martian Chronicles, the classic short story collection by Ray Bradbury, one of the foremost names in 20th century science-fiction literature. John Davis will produce the adaptation of the book of short stories that Bradbury wrote in the late 1940s about humans trying colonize Mars. In three structures, the stories dealt with attempts to settle Mars and the Martians’ efforts to fight the humans off, the colonization of the red planet and a nuclear war that eventually forces most of the humans to return to Earth.
A TV miniseries was made in 1980 by NBC and the BBC that was written by Richard Matheson and saw Rock Hudson leading the cast.
Universal acquired the feature rights in 1997, where Steven Spielberg and Davis, among other producers, tried to get a project off the ground. Davis, via his Davis Entertainment banner, last year produced Gulliver’s Travels, Marmaduke and Predator. Story: Earth sends its first manned probe to Mars in 1999, and a jealous Martian murders the two astronauts when his wife has erotic dreams of meeting them. Author Ray Bradbury's fantastical exposition of events surrounding the first manned missions to Mars, remains seminal to his long and prolific writing career. A hugely prolific artist, Myers had received international acclaim during this time for his work on The Deer Hunter and, thanks to a previous collaboration with Chronicles director Michael Anderson, his agreement to score the multi-million dollar production was secured.
Stanley Myers has been sorely-missed since his sad passing almost a decade ago and this album gratefully contributes to a legacy that is somewhat poorly represented on disc.
Those who enjoyed Jerry Goldsmith's groundbreaking fusion of orchestral and electronic scoring for Michael Anderson's big screen science fiction, Logan's Run (1976) should find much to enjoy in Stanley Myers' score for the director's small screen SF. The Martian Chronicles was a revelation for me as a kid, perhaps the first truly great scifi book I ever read. Collected from a group of short stories Bradbury had published in the 1940s (with a few short vinnettes that tie things together) it contains a staggering number of classics, just highlights of the genre. This also isn’t the first time The Martian Chronicles was optioned as a feature- Steven Spielberg and Davis tried to get it off the ground in 1997 with Unviversal. The story follows Los (Nikolai Tsereteli), a young scientist who builds a rocket and flies it to Mars, where he discovers a race of Martians divided sharply between a posh ruling class and a subjugated working class.
Floyd Graham, the pilot of the Rocketship X-M, which experiences a malfunction on a mission to the Moon.
Costello plays Orville, the oldest orphan in an orphanage, who through wackiness winds up under the employ of Lester (Abbott) at a rocket facility.

This absurdity tells the story of the people of Mars’ attempts to bring Xmas to the red planet. NASA’s manned space program is in dire straights (still topical!) and they need a hit, badly. Beginning in the distant future of 1999, the story concerns the troubled attempts to colonize Mars. Police officers Melanie Ballard (Natasha Henstridge) and Sergeant Jericho (Jason Statham) arrive on Mars to transport a prisoner dubiously named Desolation Williams (Ice Cube).
He has worked as both an illustrator and concept artist for films such as Upside Down, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Leatherheads, The Spiderwick Chronicles and 300. Members of a subsequent expedition are hypnotized into believing that they have landed in the childhood community of their leader and have been reunited with deceased family and friends, and they are poisoned by the Martians. Once considered unfilmable, Bradbury's thematically linked short stories (many of which were originally collected as The Silver Locusts) eventually receive much attention during the late 1970's as science-fiction found a mainstream audience like none before. He was among a few contemporary composers who knew how to successfully fuse electronic music with elements of more traditional orchestral composition, which would, no doubt, add to the accessibility of Bradbury's teleplay.
Beyond being an enjoyable listening experience, The Martian Chronicles demonstrates Myers' deftness at exploring compositional ideas and avoiding logical conclusions.
It deserves to be well-received, presenting a gifted composer at the height of his career and affirming that Bradbury's antipathy towards the "boring" production was not entirely well-founded.
Ray Bradbury’s collection of short stories was set in a future where mankind finally made its way to Mars but it showed that no matter our advances, people will never change. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that John Davis (Predator, I, Robot) will be producing but doesn’t have much more info than that.
It was the ESA’s first planetary mission attempt and initially everything went swimmingly, the Mars Express more than living up to its name, reaching Mars just six months after its launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan (Cosmodrome? Orville accidentally launches the rocket with the two men inside and they land in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Momar (Mom Martian) and Kimar (King Martian) notice their two children, Girmar (Girl Martian) and Bomar (Boy Martian) watching an interview with Satan Claus (the real Santa Claus) on Earth television. Despite sharing some inevitable similarities in their set-ups (both films even use the name Mars I for the ship), the films are actually quite different in their approaches.
When they arrive they find the mining colony where Williams is being held completely deserted.
As a visual effects concept artist and matte painter, his credits include Silent Hill, Across the Universe and Stranger Than Fiction.
Reworked into a three-part television mini-series by screenwriter Richard Matheson, with additional unaccredited rewrites by the author, the story of The Martian Chronicles (1980) became an extravagant production with a widely-renowned cast and sterling direction. Entrusted with the task of setting the fictional, unfamiliar world alongside that resembling our own, contrasting the devastation of the alien home-world by human disease with the eventual destruction of Earth, Myers' produced a memorable score that rightly receives an album release here, albeit one that's long overdue.
Here this is as much due to his reading of the visual source material - he binds the three episodes of the series together with a fantastical motif for human endeavour (think ascendant horns and equally lofty trumpet calls) that accurately depicts the subject matter - as it is to his long-standing experience.
Being idiots, they take the drunken revelers to be Martians, freak out, and head back to the ship, where they cross paths with two bank robbers. There are other aliens who visit the planet, and Draper gets himself an alien slave sidekick whom he names Friday. Advised by a Martian sage, Momar and Kimar decide to kidnap Santa and bring him back to Mars to spice shit up.
When the project’s leader, Colonel John Wilder (Rock Hudson), arrives leading a third crew they discover that all the Martians have died of chicken pox.

When Quaid visits Rekall, a company that implants faux memories of a virtual vacation in your brain, he accidentally unlocks a dormant part of his personality and finds himself the target of a Mars administrator named Cohaagen (Ronny Cox), whom Quaid used to work for before his memory was erased.
Turns out the miners discovered some manner of ancient Martian doorway and have all become possessed by Martian ghosts. John Wilder leads a third expedition and learns that a chicken pox virus brought to Mars by the first two expeditions has almost eradicated the Martian population.
1951’s Flight to Mars, starring schlock veteran Cameron Mitchell, has many story similarities with the film.
When they reignite their engines the crew accidentally blows off course and crashes onto Mars (that makes sense).
They launch again and this time actually leave the planet, landing on Venus, which is inhabited entirely by sexy ladies (including La Dolce Vita bombshell Anita Ekberg). Helmed by cinematic nobody Anthony Hoffman (this remains his sole credit), it stars Val Kilmer, Carrie Anne Moss and Tom Sizemore as a crew monitoring the attempt to terraform Mars.
He recently worked as a senior concept artist on the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham Origins.
In realising the importance of a successful marriage of music to picture, The Martian Chronicles was lent the disciplined talents of a true composer, Stanley Myers.
The Beagle 2 was expected to land on Mars’ surface several hours after being released from the Orbiter, but it was never heard from again and its remains have never conclusively been located since. On the planet they discover the remnants of an ancient civilization and a population of hostile cavemen.
One has to wonder why they didn’t just call the film Abbott and Costello Go to Venus. Simpson, are covertly removed from the ship before take off and whisked away to an Air Corps base where a Mars set is built on a TV stage.
After accidentally crashing on the planet, they find themselves menaced by their own malfunctioning helper, AMEE (Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion), a refurbished ex-military robot, as well as a population of flesh-eating bugs created by their terraforming process. Colonists arrive on Mars to settle, among them priests seeking God, and a lone Martian masquerades as the most desired persons of various settlers.
The film was hustled through production to beat the bigger budgeted Destination Moon to theaters, which forced the filmmakers to omit several planned scenes and replace some of the model work with ill-fitting stock footage. Another Martian named Voldar thinks Santa will poison their traditional Mars society and sets out to murder St. Things progress according to plan until a journalist played by Elliott Gould starts sniffing around.
Global war on Earth reduces man's natal planet to radioactive waste, and most of the settlers returned there prior to the holocaust. Directed by Brian De Palma and written by Jim and John Thomas (creators of Predator), the film aims for slightly lofty things, big metaphysical ideas in a blockbuster package. Wilder struggles to assemble the remaining humans on Mars, who cope with their loneliness in different ways and will not leave their piece of Mars, before Wilder meets a Martian of past or future who tells him the secret of simple Martian life and convinces him to abandon the Earth lifestyle. Totally plausible, I suppose, though presumably its landing parachute malfunctioned and it simply became a $40 million pancake. It stars Tim Robbins, Gary Sinise, Connie Nielsen and Jerry O’Connell as a NASA rescue crew sent to investigate the disappearance of a previous crew led by Don Cheadle.

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