Any external electric field will induce an electric field within our bodies.A  What happens is that our bodies act like an aerial and will pick up fields from any thing that is plugged into an electric socket such as electric blankets, alarm clocks, bedside lamps and from your ring mains wiring which is alive all the time unless you switch it off from the main fuse box. In my own experience it would be commendable if you could achieve a body voltage below 300 mV especially where you sleep or sit for long periods of time.
This body voltage measuring kit has been designed to enable you to test the influence of induced electric fields on your body throughout your home, computer workspace and sleeping area.A  Instructions that come with the kit explain various methods you can apply to reduce your body voltage, enabling you and your family to live in a healthier and more environmentally friendly home. As you can see by the picture the body voltage sensor goes into the bottom right hand hole marked COM and the test lead in the hole just above. Again if your body voltage has overwhelmed this scale by showing 1 to the left of the screen you will have to turn the dial again to the right to take measurements in the 20 Volt scale. Your intrinsic body voltage should be in equilibrium and harmony with the Eartha€™s natural voltage.A  You were born with bare feet. Start by unplugging power cords from devices, appliances or extension sockets that are not essential at that moment and plugged into outlets in the area of measurement. Place some earthing material, as in your kit, on your computer chair or under your bed sheet or mattress. Another way to tackle the problem of the electrically polluted bedroom is to place an earthed protective under sheet under the mattress. I hope you will have fun and enjoy experimenting with your body voltage measuring kit to create a much more healthy and friendly household environment. By many regulations, sound level meters need to verify their accuracy before and after measurements.
6, Large-screen LCD display multiple data can be displayed simultaneously: DC current and % values, thermocouples, temperature values of thermal resistance and the corresponding indexing values, etc. 7, The operating performance is superior keyboard configuration, set the value corresponding to the output bit  setting change keys and LCD display. The TECPEL DCM-036A is compact and light weight designed AC Clamp Meter provides you the ability to work easily in narrow places, and makes it convenient to keep track of your measurements for further analysis. The product is an all-in-one package that includes the data logger unit, sensor and software. The "CO2 Recorder TR-76Ui" is a three-channel data logger designed to simultaneously measure and record CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity. TR-76Ui is a three-channel data logger designed to simultaneously measure and record CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity. The recorded data downloaded from TR-76Ui units is read in the Multi-Scale Graph where the data of three items, CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity, can be simultaneously viewed in graph or list form, as well as, printed out. It is also possible from the graph window to calculate and view the highest, lowest and average readings for a desired range (time period).
One data set consists of readings for all three channels: CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity.
This function enables the TR-76Ui software to calculate the atmospheric pressure from the altitude at the measurement location. CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity measurements are shown on the large easy-to-read LCD screen. While CO2 measurement is always displayed, the display pattern for temperature and humidity can be selected from an alternating display of two or fixed display of either one.
It is possible to connect a TR-76Ui unit directly to your computer with a USB cable.Moreover, it is possible to gather current readings from the TR-76Ui connected to your computer and view those readings in the computer display. By using our Data Collector TR-57DCi (sold separately), it is possible to gather and check recorded data on the spot.
While the TR-71Ui measures and records two channels of temperature, the TR-72Ui is designed to simultaneously measure and record temperature (1 Ch) and humidity (1 Ch). By using a Data Collector TR-57DCi with infrared function, the collected data can be easily displayed in graph form without physically gathering the loggers, enabling the immediate on-the-spot checking of continually-changing data.
The "TR-74Ui Illuminance UV Recorder" is a data logger designed to simultaneously measure and record four items: Illuminance, Ultraviolet Light (UV), Temperature and Humidity.
The product is an all-in-one package that includes the data logger unit, sensors and software.
Simply by connecting to a PC via a USB connection and carrying out a few easy steps, the measurement and recording of data can be started. Not only can recorded data be easily downloaded to a PC via USB communication, but it can also be collected from data loggers via infrared communication to our T&D Data Collector TR-57DCi (sold separately).
TR-74Ui Illuminance UV Recorder is a data logger designed to simultaneously measure and record four items: Illuminance, Ultraviolet Light (UV), Temperature and Humidity. In addition to Illuminance, Ultraviolet Light (UV), Temperature and Humidity, the TR-74Ui is also capable of displaying Cumulative Illuminance and Cumulative Amount of Ultraviolet Light in the LCD display.

High resolutions of up to 0.01 lx make it possible to measure even under less light conditions.
The recorded data downloaded from TR-74Ui Units is read by the Multi-scale Graph and the data of four items, Illuminance, Ultraviolet Light (UV), Temperature and Humidity, can be simultaneously viewed in graph or tabular form as well as printed or output. At the longest recording interval of 60 minutes, a Unit can record one year's worth of measurements. Battery life varies depending upon the type of battery, the battery performance, the measuring environment, and the frequency of communication. If the computer has more than one USB port, it is possible to connect multiple TR-74Ui Units to one computer at the same time.
Connecting more than one TR-74Ui Unit at a time can only be done if using Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Moreover, it is possible to gather current readings from the TR-74Ui connected to your computer and view those readings in the computer display.
Depending on your recording needs you can choose from one of 15 different recording intervals (1 second to 1 hour).
Using our specially designed low energy consumption circuit this unit can run on one Lithium battery for five to eight months of continued use. Battery life will depend on the recording environment, recording interval, communication frequency, and ambient temperature. The easy-to-read large sized LCD displays current readings, recording condition, battery life warning, amount of data readings, and unit of measurement among other things. The compact design allows the user to place a TR-5i Data Logger almost anywhere without worrying about space.
The low energy consumption design of the TR-5i series provides continuous operation for up to 4 years. Recording mode (One-Time or Endless) and Infrared Communication settings will be displayed in the LCD.
A Your body voltage will also increase from over head and underground distribution electric cables. When your body voltage registers higher than this a number A ~ 1 will appear on the left side of the screen. Thata€™s why I have included that little piece of pink earthing material in your kit.A  So with your Multimeter either plugged in to an electric socket or clipped on to your radiator, take your body voltage reading again on whatever scale it takes.
You should see a reduction in body voltage.A  If there is still a significant body voltage reading then the source is either from electrical wiring in the walls, ceilings and floors or from power lines external to the building such as if you live near a transformer or overhead power lines. Such a sheet is of particular value because it helps to shield the sleeper from electric fields wherever they come from a€” indoors or out. This instrument use Low friction ball vane wheels to make sure high accuracy in high and Low velocities. Output signals including DC voltage, DC current, ohms, analog transmitters, thermocouple, RTD, frequency, pulse, Switch On-OFF,  are widely used in measurement and calibration for industrial field and laboratory application, it is one of necessary tools used to test and calibrate industrial automation systems and instruments. In order to use it properly, the normal usage is only one conductor passed through the probe.
Making atmospheric pressure settings for the measurement location ensures more stable and accurate CO2 measurements.
By using a correction factor for the atmospheric pressure at the measurement location, more reliable CO2 concentration measurements can be achieved.
Furthermore, it is a practical device without difficult manipulation skills needed; customers can use this data logger in an efficient way.
This capability allows for quick and easy collection of recorded data and monitoring of current conditions; it can even send warning E-mails. The recorded data is then downloaded to your computer via our exclusive software whereby colorful graphs and tables can be easily created.
In addition to these, the TR-74Ui is also capable of displaying Cumulative Illuminance and Cumulative Amount of Ultraviolet Light in the LCD display. The TR-57DCi enables the user to gather and check recorded data on the spot without having to manually gather the data loggers.
This versatile data logger can be applied in a wide range of applications, from business to personal use. In order to record measurements consecutively for 1 year, the battery should be periodically changed.
Current temperature readings are flashed alternately on the main unit's display giving you up to the second readings on an easy to view display.
No need to worry about where you place it, as the battery will allow you to measure and record over long periods of time whether the unit is in transit or in a distant place.

The above battery life test was carried out using brand new batteries and in no way do we guarantee a battery's life.
Also, its durable body with waterproof and dustproof capacity makes it possible to be used in harsh environments. At a recording interval of 10 minutes that would equal about 111 days, and at an interval of 60 minutes that would equal about 22 months of non-stop consecutive recording. It may appear sooner than noted above.*Battery life varies depending upon frequency of communication, infrared communication settings, blinking of the warning LED, and measuring environments such as the ambient temperature. If a measurement exceeds one of the set limits, the warning LED and message will be displayed.
IP Rating : IP67 Waterproof and dustproof to resist moisture, dew-point temperature and dust.
The International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology has guidelines for preferred body voltage levels at sleeping places.A  (Bau-Biologie SBM 2003).
When you do this you will see you will be able to measure your body voltage in the lower millimeter range with the dial on 200m.
Your body voltage will either increase of decrease depending on the electrical equipment around you.A  With your surprisingly high body voltage relative to your outside experiment, now attach the banana plug holding the pink grounding cloth into the spare hole by your test lead.
With over 20 years’ experiences, our products have been accepted by some well-known international customers. The supplied software enables the user to download data recorded by TR-76Ui to PC via USB connection, whereby data from all three channels can be simultaneously viewed in graph or table form.The product is an all-in-one package that includes the data logger unit, sensors and software. At the longest recording interval of 60 minutes, recording can continue consecutively for one year. By making use of two alkaline batteries this low energy using compact lightweight unit can be left alone to record continuously over long periods of time. It is possible to change batteries in the middle of a long-term recording and not lose data.
Because the warning LED and message will remain ON until the data is downloaded, there is no way to miss any important warnings. The reading will usually be on the lower end of the scale but differs during different parts of the day as natural changes in Earth voltage follow a 24 hour circadian rhythm. When you touch the pink cloth you should see a large reduction in body voltage maybe up to 90% or more. 9 (above) and you will see that radiations coming from above the bed are dealt with just as effectively as those, which originate below. The clamp meter is often equipped with a device plugged in between the power outlet and the device to be tested. And with our exclusive circuitry we have created a model that brings you the accuracy of more expensive models at a price you can afford. If there is any reduction in your body voltage when you touch the pink material it means that your radiator or household electrical system is correctly grounded.A  If not then seek the advice of a qualified electrician. With the small jaw size it can fit into tight space in circuit panel or wire bundle to take the reading5. If you have placed the probe near an underground electric cable or overhead cable the reading will be very much higher so move away and try again.
It also measures  AC Amps, AC Volts, DC Volts, resistance, continuity, and diode check. The high frequency response at 20 kHz is useful for waveform monitoring on an oscilloscope.6. A filter circuit is designed to eliminate the effect of high frequency noise and harmonics for AC current measurement.7. The portable anemometer provdes fast accurate reading with digital readability and the convenience of a remote probe separately.
Combination of hot wire and standard thermistor, deliver rapid and precise measurements even at low air velocity value. Microprocessor circuit assures maximum possible accuracy, provides special functions and features.

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