Wedding emergency kits are a popular choice for ultra-prepared brides, bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party. The lucky guy who received this DIY zombie survival kit from his crafty girlfriend will have all the chocolate he can eat once the brain-hungry plague sets in.
In the heat of the moment, are you really going to remember how to dress a wound, soothe a severe burn or deal with a person who’s in shock?
Missing from most survival kits are the less-obvious but still-essential elements for preserving not just life and limb but sanity along with them.
Nothing but time can heal broken hearts, but there are some salves that can at least help bridge the gap between a breakup and happier times. Because nothing ruins an otherwise good pancake breakfast faster than some lackluster syrup. Good for burgeoning and top chefs alike, this kit comes with an apron, coasters, cookbook, and more.
Spread this on your morning toast, dollop it on a warm pastry, or use as a delicious crepe filling.

The fanciest way to display kitchen essentials like vanilla, sea salt, and other cooking basics—and not-so-basics. If dragging yourself out of bed on the weekends isn’t your jam, getting your foodie friends this set means you can binge Netflix all day without the residual guilt. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 24 perfect gifts that’ll suit serious foodies, but also anyone who appreciates small luxuries. But it could be argued that liquor, candy, zombie-fighting charts and instructions for fitting into a foreign culture help you survive, too. Typically full of items like gum, breath mints, bandages, sewing kits and stain removers, they help take care of any last-minute emergencies. It contains sea salt, black pepper, cayenne, onion, basil, wasabi, cinnamon, oregano, garlic, thyme, curry, ginger and dill. If you’re not exactly a first aid expert, perhaps this talking first aid kit is for you. With this kit, at least you’ll have the absolute essentials, so if the roof blows off, you might not even notice.

The First Day Survival Kit by Veidekke Bostad, which is actually a real estate company in Scandinavia, has you covered with disposable plates and other items that you’ll need. Don’t pick something just because it sounds fancy or exotic; pick it because it’s something you know your friend would love. And a small percentage of the population will be prepared with items of a less practical, but more fun nature. The Public Toilet Survival Kit comes with two antiseptic wipes, a pair of disposable gloves and a toilet seat cover, so you’re prepared for even the worst of public bathroom conditions.
This little Sardine Can Survival Kit has 25 items inside including a fish hook, razor blade, matches, pencil, gum, thread, safety pin, compass, fire starter and even a tootsie roll. Good design and packaging go a long way in that department, as do simple things that’ll brighten up a kitchen, become an entertaining MVP, and—of course—things that just taste awesome.

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