Dominique, a Bulldog puppy poses for pictures as the American Kennel Club Announces Most Popular Dogs in the U.S. For instance, it's not uncommon for Laplanders to savor reindeer and the Japanese to love fish-eye soup. However, as different as people are across the world, according to a recent DuPont survey, we're not so different when it comes to the colors of our vehicles. World-Wide Auto Color SurveyAccording to DuPont's Nancy Lockhart, a color marketing manager for vehicle paints, the company's 2009 survey was a first-ever attempt to measure color preferences on a world-wide scale. DuPont is, of course, a major automotive paint supplier and conducts its annual study to help the auto industry forecast shifts in consumer tastes. Apparently, DuPont color wizards will remain busy coming up with various shades of silver, black, white, and gray. Statistics averaged for the rest of the world put silver clearly in the lead, followed by black, white, and gray.
This color was chosen because we winter now in Florida and white seems to reflect the heat. Black is my least favorite - - remeinds me of a hearse and shows dirt, even dust - always looks unclean. If I could choose the color of my car (which I most likely won't be able to cus I have to get whatever I can afford) it would be green, because that is my favorite color.
Driving a white car makes me feel like I'm driving my washer or dryer or refrigerator, THOSE THINGS should be white! Whether you already live in one of these popular styles or you are looking for a new abode, look at a few of the most popular iconic American home design styles. DuPont Automotive has studied color preference in the United States for more than fifty years.

These colors (or non-colors, some might say) stand as the world's favorite shades, although their ranking varies. On the exterior, the classic colonnade porches and symmetrical details are borrowed from the British detailing of the early 18th century, when immigrants decorated their own homes. These "real" colors occupied the same popularity slots in the world-wide average, but only managed to tally single-digit percentages. Showing North America's greater acceptance of color, the popularity of these colors ran higher compared to the world-wide average.As one might expect, there are other regional differences regarding color preferences. The early 19th century brought the Tudor style to America and is reminiscent from European medieval homes in England. India's third most favorite color is red.What Colors MeanMany books have studied the meaning of individual colors, so this article cannot thoroughly cover all there is to know on the subject. Dormer windows, bedrooms that have plenty of light, and old world styling in wood detailing are symbolic for these details. However, here are some things to think about: As one might expect, the meaning of colors change from culture to culture. These differences help explain why some colors are more popular in China than in France, and vise versa.There are many cultural-specific examples, but red stands out as one color that clearly means different things depending on one's culture.
Victorian styles borrows many French inspiring details around the windows, doors, and have ornate details and attention to detail in every part of these classic style homes. A turret, projecting bay windows, towers, and stories of windows that look out over wrap around porches and balconies are gorgeous.
Therefore, while a red sports car makes sense in Italy, it doesn't make as much sense in China.Another example is white.
White often symbolizes purity in Western cultures, but in some Eastern cultures, it is the preferred color to wear to a wake.

While early log cabins were predominantly located in mountainous American rural areas, today modern log cabins are becoming a popular staple on ranches and country estates as well as in the mountains.
Funeral directors take notea€¦Factors like these help drive the popularity of automotive paint colors the world over.So, here are a few questions for you to answer: 1) What color is your vehicle?2) Why? The sturdy built homes are known for their rustic appeal of wood species such as red cedar, bald cypress, and white pine timber woods. The interiors boast panoramic window views of the outdoors and can be in a single or multi-story floor plan layouts. Log cabins were once modest dwellings but now are featured amongst some of the most expensive homes in America. Ranch style homes can borrow architectural styles from the Craftsman bungalows to Prairie style homes with their large overhanging and low slope rooflines. The interiors gave way to the now popular “great-room” floor plan concept – where clearly defined rooms were not as important as entertaining and combining living, kitchen and family areas took priority.
If you live in a Ranch style home you probably enjoy panoramic views and sliding glass doors looking out over your backyard. Urban cities love their brownstone and urban loft living, while the American farmhouse style has made farm living a popular and nostalgic architectural style as well.
Is it possible to get a house plan for the one shown under colonial style?Thank you very much.

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