View detailsDescription: The snap fasteners are Placed 25mm (centers) apart giving a good secure closure. To formally introduce, we are no designers, no highflying architects, no technocrats, and no geeks. Measuring Tape Floor Mat: This colorful floor mat woven from used tape measures is an alternative to regular black or grey rubber floor coverings.
Measure Tape Pin Brooches: These cool pin brooches are made from measuring tapes and comes with a button. Tape Measure Watch: The watchband is made from a measuring tape and closes securely with a silver colored button. Tape Measure Earrings: These are handmade set of earrings made of measuring tape and stainless steel. Tape Measure Hairclip: Handmade with a white tape measure, it is perfect for any hairstyle.

Measuring Tape Belt: This cool belt lets you know the real-time data and if your diet and exercise are having any effect or not? 3D Geometric Sculptures by D Smyth: It's an incredible 3D geometric sculpture created by weaving tape measures. Measuring Tape Pencil Case: If you have lots of pencils around everywhere and you are looking for something cool to store them, then you can make a measuring tape pencil case. Measuring Light: It's a pendant lamp made of coiled measuring tape where measuring the tape transforms from functional tool to a graphic pattern.
Damon Baker shoots Lily Cole in a London fashion special for the June ’12 issue of S Moda magazine styled by Alberto Murta. Size : Approximately 18mm wide tape for convenient stitching with plenty of room for Sewing Machines.
Instead, you simply sew on the fabric strip to easily attach multiple snappers in the correct position.

Snap tape makes a good option for making baby clothes, such as baby grows an all-in-ones, as you can use snap tape closures for quick and easy access that is more durable and secure than Velcro.
It also makes a great option for costume closures, particularly where quick costume changes are necessary. It is available in every colour and fabric type, so you can always find snap tape that matches the clothing for which you are using it.

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